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Cart Sale !!

cart sale Mooh & ArisAris Wedge shoes for SLink Med feet NEW!

Popped over to the Cart Sale at The Wash – you’re always bound to snap up at least a bag full of things. Everthing is 10L – steal! Early this week Id mooched over to a new-to-me store called MOoH ! and treated myself to a bag from one of their gacha machines, so when I saw them at the Cart Sale I knew Id be buying something ! This is it, aint it sweet? A knitted romper, with lotsa stripes and such a great fit – just 10L . Actually MOoH had quite a few snazzy outfits on offer, so headover and check it out . Btw, if you’re looking to get some new mani’s & pedi’s for your Slink feet & toes, it’s definitely the place to be – I got SIX new sets @ 10L a pop ! My necklace and bracelet are by Chop Zuey, also 10L each – it says on the box they are for guys, but because they had a resize script in them , I just shrunk them down to fit me.

ArisAris wedges for Slink medium feet

My new shooz are from ArisAris and I’ve been meaning to show them off for simply weeks. These are for the SLink medium-sized feet and blimey you get such a lot for your cash. They come with an amazing HUD that gives you sooo many options.

ArisAris HUD

As you can see it would be almost impossible not to find a variant that suited something you were going to wear. I’ve been tromping about in mine for a few days, love them ! Thanks Ariadna ❤

ArisAris Store

ArisAris market place

ArisAris blog

The Cart Sale

Hair by Pollen

MOoH! inworld store

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Swirls & Leather go together.

Pink Cherry NEW!

In the last few days I’ve had some totally fantastic new releases to peek at from PinkCherry…the sort of styling that makes my heart go pittypatter! First up is this darling jumpsuit…when I saw the name “jumpsuit” I was thinking to those 1980’s tight-fitting type…but oh no…its more fluid….flowy….and SO pretty as above ! Lots of colours to choose from, I really liked this rich chocolate brown with gold swirrrrrrrl .

Pink Cherry White Leather NEW!

Yesterday, moments before I was about to post about the jumpsuit another new release dropped into my paws called “Saatchi”…oh oh OH! Leatherrrrrr…..diamonte studs…..”squeee”, again quite a few colours in this. I’m still fascinated by all things white at the moment…so I chose this delicious silvery white version to show you. Check out the back view when you go over to the store, its different and gives this little dress a hefty dash of o.O appeal!


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A Glam Echo

Oh I do love  a little glamour for the weekend..and [Echo] have dished it out in spades with some new releases…above Im showing you the rather glitzy new mesh hat…absolutely adore the tone of red…lush!

Also new in store is this darling little dress…its got a sort of rumpled edge too it…and lovely detailing on the bodice..(other colours available)

Just had to share with you this glorious jumpsuit…I chose the classic dove grey & off white combo…so chic! My rather stunning necklace is another new release from [Echo] definately a statement piece…thanks echo ❤