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Never give up (Freebie & New Mina Hair).

Just as I was about to give up, log out and go do something else I came across this quality Freebie jacket from Virtual Diva and it was a case of “YESS finally”.


I think a brilliant and very stylish find.  You get all the standard mesh sizes and also a Fitmesh version.  As soon as I put this on I knew that this old freebie find I still had would be perfect with it but it and it also shows that if you pick the right sizes then you can layer it even with other mesh clothes.  I have to confess that by the time I found this jacket my SL time was running out, I have RL work to do which is always a pain in the ass lol, but I quickly scanned the shop and then just as quickly logged out as all I could see was POSES and the last thing I need is more poses so I can’t tell you much about the Virtual diva shop at this moment other than you got to pop in grab this GG and if you need some poses then you may want to loiter…..OH Wait I did notice I’m pretty sure that if you also wear your group tag you get a discount on the poses so you may want to remember that or check it out when over there.

Yes more Mina hair but Mina Nakamura is a lady who has managed to find not only a niche she can fill and one that provides her and hers a living but also allows her creativity to flow but to make sure everyone knows her name she pulls out all the stops to bring out so many new designs and have a precence in so many of SL events.  That means that to get this particular hair, Luisa, you will have to go to The Seasons Story but don’t panic as although this is a very popular event it’s on till the end of the month so plenty of time to let the crush die down and you can enjoy all the offers and new items that are there.


I like to keep my poses very simple so you can see the clothes clearly and I love this pose and the camera angle because it shows how the Mina hair is formed and shaped.

OK I’ve just got about time to LM grab and then grab a quick-lunch before I have to get some RL work done.

PS Thanks for helping me clear my yardsale freebies out, I’ve spotted that people are buying but for some reason not taking the items, chances are they probably don’t know that they have actually bought them but in anycase this morning as soon as I logged in I sent all the bought items on to the buyers and I’m hoping tonight to get the yardsale restocked and I’ll let you know when it is.

Virtual Diva

Mina@The Seasons Story

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coldLogic anselmo jacket & adler leggings salmon NEW

My real life home is surrounded by trees, consequently my gardens are FULL of leaves ! Each day I go out and kick them around, no point in raking them up as tomorrow they will be back *sigh*. Anyhowwww in SL its a different matter, I can rake them up to my hearts content. So I got busy on our home sim Dreamworks (come visit if you like!) I snagged this sweet leaf raking set from mien at the Autumn event. 150L for six poses, you get the leaf pile and rake also, love it ! I snuggled into a new release from coldLogic too, gawd my dream come true, spots and a warm jacket, perfect for some glamorous gardening huh? Now you might think I’m wearing pink as usual, but actually this colour is called “salmon” its a beautiful shade that’s very gentle on your skin tone (and of course is almost pink !)  The leggings come in a bewildering yet brilliant selection of sizes and types, different cuff styles, some for wearing under a dress/skirt , the jacket has a really soft look to it and deep ribbed hem & cuffs, it also comes with an optional under shirt . Two packs of this (or singles if you wish) dark tones and lights.

DUH! Boots

A little note about my boots in this post. I popped over to DUH! after seeing someone asking about non – slink shoes and boots. I wanted to check to see  what was on offer, and found these terrific little boots. The spiked ankle boots were only 25L and are unisex .(some more boyish colours are available) Totally brill and pretty. The longer length boots are colour change but you can buy single tones as well. A simple style with a chunky wedge heel, a great addition to my wardrobe. I seem to recall the pack was 40L or thereabouts, such good value.

coldLogic Baket coat johns leggings - mien shrooms pose NEW - DUH Engineer boots multi colour HUD inc.

One more coldLogic outfit for today, and I almost swooned when I saw the jacket, isn’t it to.die.for ! Heavy knit with a cable pattern, hand on heart my nana knitted one JUST like this for me years ago. I’m also wearing another newly released pair of leggings with it, these just might take over from my old Jane piggies tights. (Never thought Id say that) What I really liked about the new releases is they are just so easy to wear, slam it on and you’re good to go – no fussing, no editing. With the range of sizes on offer in the leggings its sooper simple to wear them with just about any pair of pants or shoes. My shroom basket poses is also by mien and at the Autumn event, six cute poses all holding a basket of mushrooms – uhm I think it was 150L. Nice event btw, deffo worth a visit.

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

One word Autumn Event


DUH Blog

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Jacked (Freebie)


I know Zan has a couple of Brianna Passiflora’s full pack outfits but she is a lazy cow and hasn’t blogged them yet, but because this mesh jacket is a gift for St Patricks day I thought I’d better get it done soon.  You will find this just outside the front door of Brianna’s shop Brii but her mens wear it hidden on the top floor. There is a dress for women and boots as well.

Brii Underground Wear

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Coffee Break

kokolores Pink Cherry NEW

I found a lovely little cafe to sit at today, and whilst I was there relaxing I took a few happy snaps of this new outfit from Pink Cherry. Heres a close up of the beautiful leather jacket. Lovely detailing all over, especially like the cuffs and “split” effect at the shoulders to show a lighter fabric tone. o.O little tip for Friday – KoKoLoReS has two make up packs out for Fi*Friday! One is full of lip stains and the other is eyeliners. I’m wearing the nude lip colour along with the bonus black liner…dont miss them!

Pink Cherry - Slink Shoes

The outfit comes with these gorgy beige mesh skinny pants also – Ohhh and for some reason, as if by magic, a pair of Slink Shoes appeared in my hot little paws last night that goes SO well with this ensemble *faint*. They are called llse and I bought them in the tan tone, lovely vintage appeal to them. These are for the SLink high mesh feet, which you do need to buy to wear these.

kokolores Pink Cherry

I adore these types of outfit, so easy to wear and perfect for the season but will also take you through the rest of year as seperates yay! Each clothing piece comes with its own alpha layer and a full alpha for when your short on layers – uhm – like me ALWAYS ! (I counted five alphas last night gawd)

If you head over to PinkCherry make sure to check out the latest new pieces – some totally to-die-for coats !




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Something different

Bubblez - NEW
Phew I was getting a little bit OVERLY Chrismassy ! Thank goodness Bubblez released this “Lana” outfit to calm me down. Sultry and ooozing sex appeal, this shorts and bustier bra set will set a few pulses racing. Three items in the box, big baggy velvet jacket with a zebra striped lining inside the hood, love love LOVE the halter style bra-top ! and some shorts with suspender braces dangling down.

Bubblez NEW!!!

Check out the jacket details, really lovely texturing and shape at the rear…havent taken this off yet ! Thanks Milo ❤


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House Crasher

Warbug FREE mesh jacket (also for guys!)

So, Zan has this new house. I absolutely love it, but…its not big enough for all my stuff ! Anyyywayyy I noodled on over to her place this morning, got myself nice and comfy in front of her fire and enjoyed a few stolen moments of P & Q. If youre a member of the Virtual Vagabonds group (and if youre not – WHY not! Link is in my groups list via my profile if you wanna) you may already have this snazzy-ready-for-Autumn mesh jacket, as a notice went out about all the gifts,dollarbies and cheapies to be found at WarBug. I sauntered over and snapped up a lotta gear, including the above. Its mesh, its deeeelicious and at just 10L whats not to like ! Guys, it also contains one in your size, brill huh?! Lovely fit and great Autmnal colours. Hurry over there and take a gander, the boardwalk is full of goodies and fun items to fool around with.


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End of the Summer…almost

coldLogic NEW!!!

Where did Summer rush off too? Ho-hum, at least we had a summer this year! England is usually awash with rain but this year…SUN! I’ve so enjoyed the long sunny days and warm evenings, its been glorious…now there is a slight chill in the evenings. Not cold, just you know…you need a cardi or wrap over your shoulders if you’re sitting outside? Just in time – as always – coldLogic has released a bunch of dresses, which come with…guess guess guess !!! Yessum, a little jacket *squeee*.

coldLogic - karr -NEW! Riley Argrace NEW!

Of course the sooper cool thing about them is, you can also wear the frock without the jacket, and if you treat yourself to a quantum pack, you can mix & match up a storm ! Take a look at the back of these pieces, yes that what I call “coldLogic Magic”, theres as much detail and gorgeousness ALL over each item. Perfect crinkles and rumples that give everything a fantastic realism.

coldLogic NEW!

The colour palettes are superb, everything from smokey grey to vibrant lemon! Of courrrrse there are also some slurpable rich chocolates – I adore sooo much. This sort of colour will take you right into Autumn …ohhhh lets not think about Autumn yet ! Check out the strokeabubble stitching detail on the jacket…and stud fastening on the cuffs…top notch babies.

coldLogic - stiles - NEW!!

One last item from me today, and it’s just my absoloote fav because its juicy and FUN…This is stiles, and the pattern on the hem of the dress is just  lully. Peacock feathers and some dead zesty filled colours to choose from. Head over to the mainstore to grab up some goodies, demo’s available in store or from the market place store. I must mention the shape I’m wearing in these photos also, its by Anna Shapes and is called  Leticia. It’s a really lovely shape,  ever so sweet face and it fits the coldLogic pieces in a “small” size perfectly. The totally fab news is, its out for sale at the Designer Circle for just 80L! A real steal, this round of Designer Circle ends on September the 14th, so pop over and grab it up ! I’m also SO pleased to report that Argrace have released newwwwwww hair *triple decibel squeal*…yesyesyes, two new do’s, this one I’m wearing above is called Riley, costs 250L per pack of five tones. Love it !

coldLogic mainstore

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog for all info


Designer Circle