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Scarlet Creative- Greenlily cottage collabor88 NEW!

If you’ve been pondering getting a new home for the new season – look no further. Scarlet Creative have Greenlily cottage out at collabor88 and its pretty fantastical! For just $188L it’s all yours, well worth it. Take a peek at the event and you’ll see why I fell in love with this authentic little home. Actually its spacious although it’s deceptively small looking for outside. Meandering corridors with surprises built-in – feature galore.

Scarlet Creative Greenlily Cottage

As is now usual with Charlotte’s builds there are lots of fabulous textures used. This is the first for a longggg time that I’ve seen her utilise wallpaper, its faded, its shabby and it really adds a warmth to the space. At the rear fo the build is a beautiful and useful glazed conservatory area. I can totally see myself living in this grand old cottage. Thanks Charlotte ❤


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Its all in the details

Scarlet Creative Laurel Dovecote

New round of collabor88 is open yippeee! Its one of my favourite events and I’m always chomping at the bit to get in, but never can for a few days. I’ve got this to show you from Scarlet Creative though, and it’s just glorious. This is the Laurel Dovecote house, fits a 1024 plot, is 140Li, there’s a demo above the vent so you can take a look around. Lots of peeling plaster on the walls and warm sanded floorboards inside.

Laurel Dovecote NEW!


The bedroom is a galleried affair and would easily fit a bedroom set . I totally adore the details on the windows, especially the exterior view. Of course as the name says, its cot a dovecote above which is such a pretty feature. Go seeee!


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Dysfunctional ?

Dysfunctional Designs - mesh house 14 prims!

I was at Dysfunctional Designs the other day – positively NOT looking to buy yet another home ! Then I came across this sweet build. Its called the seafarers cottage and boy oh boy its SO low in prims your eyes will water. Just 14Li ! Its got so many features too, see below:

This cottage is approximately 14 land impact and 15×15 footprint (the outer posts/walkway) and contains 3 roof options, 5 exterior options, 9 interior options.

Inside you have two living spaces, downstairs which I’m currently using as a lounge, then a staircase up to another level which I’m going to use as a bedroom / artists loft. Running around the middle of the building is a useful gantry, I’ve set out an Autumnal bench and will find a few other bits n bobs to decorate it no doubt. Unbelievably this is priced at just $195L !

DDD market place

DDD store

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High or low ?

Scarlet Creative NEW!!

You might now be actually able to get IN to collabor88 – gawd it took me days ! Such a popular event and no wonder with so many brilliant designers with wares for sale. One of my favourites is Scarlet Creative, and I’m lucky enough to be able to share with you the release for this round. This is “Treegazer”, and there are two versions, one with the supports made out of tree’s and one that fits snug to the ground. It’s so classy, please make sure you pop up to the demo area and check this build out – I know you’ll be there for ages as its got SO much to marvel at ! A really grand entrance and porch area, leads into the main build, everywhere you look there are tiny little details to spot, the woods used, the window frames and the astonishing cornices. It’s pretty fabulous and you’d be missing something unique and special if you didn’t at least LOOK !

Scarlet Creative collage

I did get a little giddy when I first walked into this home, my eyeballs were spinning from side to side, up and down – looking at it all – there is a lot to see its a BIG space.

Scarlet Creative - two versions with or without tree legs NEW

Couldnt resist playing with my windlight settings – funny how such a pretty house can suddenly look a little more ominous with a cloudy background huh?! Thanks Charlotte ❤


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I’m just checking out old LM’s before I delete them and I mainly seem to be doing this however sometimes as I’m free-falling I do spot homes, shops, weird stuff, stuff you never ever want to see and then occasionally you stumble on a pleasant surprise.


Found these beauties on a platform in the sky.


Absolutely super Kawaii!  Everything about these builds makes me think of Unicorns and rainbows, Princesses and waterfalls, cartoon characters and plushies.


I took so many pictures it was hard to choose which ones to use in the end.  I also forgot to check the windlight setting but it was pretty close to my normal Nams setting and no picture editing at all.


You actually get two homes for the price of one, this one with the green stripes and the other with the blue and  patterned wallpaper and of course if you check the first picture you will see a difference in the outside paint work.


Although this is a single floor, nothing going on in the attic here, it’s pretty darn spacious but not the oversizing you get from just bad design, the ceilings are tall and exaggerated because after all this is for Princesses and Unicorns and for a BIG chandelier to hang down.  There is more than enough floor space, and of course the ground floor level as well, for all the furniture you really need.  Of course though even though this is on offer on the MP you can also see it inworld for yourself.


Both of the houses have the painted sky ceiling.

OK I’ve not bought them as I really really just can’t use yet another house/home/skybox/dome and on and on in my invent.  If I told you how many I own you would think I was a Home Hoarder (and I am) so it wasn’t the price tag that put me of it was simply the fact I have no more room for another room.

So far this is the only build available from Ethan Caldwel’s shop Epicuria but he’s managed to get so much detail and texturing into a 31 prim build I have high hopes for more of this quality and low prims.


Epicuria Marketplace

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Lavender brown dilly dilly

Scarlet Creative for collabor88

Ok so I know its Lavender blue in the song but I just couldn’t get it out of my head  when I saw this sumptuous new build by Scarlet Creative for collabor88 ! This is Lavender Brown the latest in the range from Charlotte. Its a little more in Li but SO worth it for the avalanche of details and interior design. Actually you do get two versions in the box, the original and a lower land impact one. I’m gonna let you into a little known secret, shhhh don’t tell a soul ok? I think Charlotte is a perfectionist…mmhmmm deffo…this is the THIRD version of this I saw ! The ceiling bugged her…so she re did it..and re did it again…until she was perfectly happy with what she saw. Thats why when you get a Scarlet Creative item, you know that a LOT of thought has gone into what you see. Every nook and cranny , each texture, every beam, all poured over to be just perfect.

Scarlet Creative NEW!

As you wander inside, it’s all a bit breath-taking to be honest. My eyes were darting about – from floor to ceiling. There is so much to look at. The wooden floors flow easily around the rooms, two different wood boards have been utilised to make it look effortlessly graceful and seamlessly shabby. It’s just glorious, seriously , go take a peek yourself. I kept on staring at the cracked plaster on the walls, it reminded me of my home in France so very much. Theres a grand fireplace that’s going to be a real focal point for the winter months ahead. See if you can find the sliding bookcase door ! You can grab this up for just 188L @ collabor88. Thanks Charlotte ❤


Scarlet Creative Blog


Kusshon Hunt (Freebies) and a godsend from Scarlet Creative

Kusshon FREE gifts - Scarlet Creative NEW!

Scarlet Creative has this adorable cottage on offer at collabor88 , for just 88L ! Its low Land impact and stylish looks make it such a winner for me. Id been hunting about for something “woody” for Autumn and Winter, then this appeared in my inventory yay! (Thank you Charlotte <3) Seriously, you should get this, even if at the moment you don’t have a place for it. It wont go out of fashion, it wont date – it’s just SO well made and SO beautiful that at some point you will get to inhabit it. As with Scarlet Creatives other builds it’s a bit like a tardis. Nooks and crannies that are prefect places to slide a table in, or a chair. Windows galore so its airy inside without losing that cosy feel. I think it’s the wood textures that always make the builds feel so warm. The side table and umbrella pot are hunt prizes at kusshon btw – more below.

Scarlet Creative NEW - 88L

To be honest I couldn’t be sure which way round was front, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference, which means it’s really up to you to position it as you want. I can envision this is so many settings, forest glade, shabby on a beach, sunk in deep lush meadows, its versatile.

kusshon Gambler set FREE -

You really shouldn’t miss the sale at kusshon ! The older sculpted gear is reduced, and I actually still use a lot of them. They stand the test of time but things move on I suppose. Theres also a hunt on yippeeee ! Its pretty easy to find the pumpkins that are scattered about inside and out. The gambler table has always been a firm favourite of mine, many poses & wearables, its a fantastic piece and free if you can find it.

kusshon FREE bench - coldLogic NEW - ArisAris NEW

coldLogic has another release of separates, and I popped over to snap up these superb pants (and a few other goodies I will share later) Plusssss my new furry jacket from ArisAris called “feels amazing”, omg I LOVE it. It comes with a texture change HUD, you get six colours for the price of one jacket, of course some neutrals but also a vibrant PINK one “squeeee”. It has a delightful satin bow at the front and turn back cuffs on the sleeves. Btw the bench Im sat on is also a free gift at kusshon, join the group and grab it while you’re there – its got male & female poses .

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


ArisAris market place store

ArisAris blog