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Star Gazing

Scarlet Creative - Atlantic Gazer- collabor88

Gosh I’ve been trying to catch-up with all the goodies that are around at the moment – I’m not winning ! I really want to highlight this magnifico home by Scarlet Creative, it’s just 88L at Collabor88 ! 79 Li, and soooo beautiful, you really can’t resist , can you? Its called Atlantic Stargazer, and is mesh. If you go to Collabor88, take the teleporter up to the next level where all the builds are on display for you to take a peek at. I really enjoyed the half wood front door, its like drift wood. Inside are many twists and turns, little rooms, airy rooms, at every turn something different. My favourite space is full of light and windows, see if you can guess which room it is!

Scarlet Creative for collabor88 - Atlantic Stargazer

Be sure to look up ! The details don’t stop at floor level, check out the amazing skylight in the ceiling. It’s a social kind of build, plenty of nooks and crannies to place chairs and benches, heaps of windows to admire your views, sunrises and sunsets. Thanks Charlotte ❤


Scarlet creative blog (for more info)

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How Low Can You Go! (oops My Bad)

Julia clean useGreat timing as I had just been to Creative Decay to snag all the Group Gifts, freebies and cheapos when Evhalyn Serpente sent out a group notice asking for someone to blog her latest creation from Creative Decay, so knowing the quality of her builds I quickly responded and she sent me this.  The home is called  Lofted Solitude and has been specifically designed to not only sit on a plot of 512 plot (or bigger) but with so much designing and yet so few prims! a total of 23 prims  means that those on a restricted prim allowance can not only have a stylish home but also free up a lot more prims to decorate.

Julia Clean1The use of split levels, slotted partitions, built-in shelving, glass wall and cutouts has made this a very detailed home and again all of this for 23Prims even a door to a patio area.  This is intended for land, nothing to stop you placing it in the sky of course, and the outside of the home is also detailed to look less box like.Julia Clean11The neutral colours of grey/beige etc allow you to splash the colour about.  The 2 hanging chairs in the background come with the home but they are extra prims but pretty good AOs so if you can spare the prims you will love them.  I do like my photos but I have to say I don’t think I’m showing how big this home really looks inworld so trust me it’s wide and long and a very generous size. Comes in a very hand Rez box which is easy to use.

Not only must you check out her inworld shop because she has some great group gifts, some freebies and some cheapies but also the demo area which I remember so well because Faith and I spent quite a while there not long ago looking at all of her homes and we both loved so many of them we couldn’t make up our minds which one we liked most and ended up buying nothing as weird as that sounds.  Lovely low primmed, well textured, modern but not harsh homes.

Non Clean1This is one of the Group Gifts I’ve managed to unpack (joining the group NOT  free, it is 99Lds) and it suits it’s name Darth. Big and scary and yet something which is begging to be created into a home.

Snapshot_014I’m stood about a third of the way in when I took this photo and I’ve placed a chair so you can get some sort of perspective. The 2 line are the door to the final room which is glassed and a click on the class will make it either trans or opaque.  The only other home I managed to unpack was the 20Lds crime scene home.  Lots of room, space, dingy, dirty and  a great prop for RPing.

I can also see that Creative Decay have sign boards up for the Him and Her Hunt which starts on the 16th and 2 lucky boards, can’t get much better than that.

TreeAnd finally something a bit different.  I was rummaging in my invent for items to furnish the Lofted Solitude home and came across this from one of my Fav shops, End of Daze.  They not only do great retro, modern clean well textured  furnishings and accessories  but they have a whole selection of wall decals of which this is one.  I’ve slapped it on a bare bit of wall and what a lovely wall filler for only a prim it is.  Big with muted colours it looks almost 3D.

SORRY I made a mistake because it turns out that it is 99Lds to join Creative Designs.  Honestly if you can spare it then the freebies and discount you can get are worth it BUT the Mini VIP IS a Freebie for all (Phew my ass is saved).

Creative Decay MarketPlace

Creative Decay Inworld

End Of Daze (EoD)

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A small Question with a large reward…sound interesting?

You might recall that for the Home & Garden Expo I interviewed Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative…above is just one of her many gorjusss homes, that you can see inworld. ..

Anywayyyy Charlotte let me know about a survey she is running for the next few days. It’s really simple and takes about 20 seconds to do…shes wanting opinions on which of a certain number of homes already built, she should make using mesh. Of course by utilising mesh in the will save ooodles of prims yay!

Sooo…all you have to do…is go over and look at the homes contained in the list…pick which you’d love to see remade using mesh…et voila…to thank you for voting you will receive a brand new sparkly mesh home *gasp*…YES  really ! This is only open until the 5th of June…so grab a virtual pencil and go vote! Thanks Charlotte ❤ (Steve, Zan and I have all cast our votes..betcha cant guess which we picked!) Dont worry about the web doesnt collect or harvest any personal info, but..if youre worried you can also send your vote in a notecard form direct to Charlotte.

Scarlet Creative mesh survey

Scarlet Creative store