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Free love

Free gifts - top & skirt - lip glosses - teeth- eyes

Got a couple of free gifts for you that I thought Id share before they get removed . NYU, Umboshi & marukin have opened their stores all together on a beautiful little patch of SL. To celebrate they have some gifties for us yay! NYU have set out this darling little outfit, comprising a skirt with braces and a t-shirt to wear underneath, Umeboshi have some juicy lip glosses and eyes (mesh and traditional), there is a group gift there to collect (free to join) of more glosses. Marukin have two poses as a gift, really really cute ones ! Head over and check out the new stores and collect your pressies.

NYU, Umeboshi & marukin

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Oh no I dont !


DOLLARBIE sweater - FREE bunny headphones

Had a notice through about a cute dollarbie sweater and thought Id go investigate the store. Glad I did because {PSYCHO:Byts} is one of those kinda places that have little bits n bobs you want to own ! The sweater is 1L and has some snazzy sleeve detail and thumb holes that make it a little more edgy. I DONT  hate Christmas but I DO like this sweater ! Picked myself up these sweet lil bunny headphones for free while I was there. Totally love the mouth held mice that were for sale too ! Go take a look, its different.


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Happy Sunday !

ArisAris FREE!

What a great day Sunday is, lovely weather, day off work and to add to that…a fantabulous group gift from ArisAris . This nifty little dress is called Cadency, and if you’re into wearing the Lola breasts, it also comes with an applier. Absolutely love the waterfall effect on the rear of the hem line…and the traditional plaid pattern fabric is lovely. So easy to wear , just pop over, join up and its yours ! The group is free to join and there is a board to click just inside the store entrance, thanks Ariadna ❤

Aris Aris

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WoW Skins CandyMetal Acid Lilly_004

Hola everyone ! I have some amaaaazing deals and items to show you today..Firstly Id like to say a big “thanks” to WoW Skins…who have allowed me to share their skins with you…I just popped over to the main store and WoWser…theres a lot of goodies. Above I’m wearing the “Cindy” skin, in mid tone…it comes in other skin tones from light to dark with a seriously huge amount of makeup options…single pringles just 400L, fat pack of it all 2000L….Join the group and you get access to the lucky boards (fahhhbulous prizes on them) and take note of the greeter when you arrive, it tells you of some deals…two skins are currently only FIVE lindens (named Diva & Eva) *faint*…If you like my outfit..the good news is it’s a gift hurrah! Latest round at the Acid Lily Gallery..and CandyMetal are giving this gorgeous mesh dress/ top and leggings away…(just join the acid Lily group to grab it)

WoW Skins CandyMetal Acid Lilly_003

Plusss they also have these sooper striped cardi & tank sets at just 50L per set….and a flowing mesh floor skimmer skirt in coordinating tones for 65L . Btw…both my hair styles are from are having a MASSIVE sale at the moment..not sure when it ends…both styles were just 100L…upstairs is the main hair room, but also check out the discount room, you’ll find two lovely styles theres for just 20L !

WoW Skins

Acid Lily sale

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Wooly Pully

Wooly Pully aka sweater..I cant resist them…ever. So when I heard that a  newww store was opening called voxxi, I dashed over to check it out…and tadaaaa got myself a new sweater. It’s the opening gift, so I’m not sure how long it will be there for…guys theres a fabbo mesh shirt out for you too ! The girlie gift is marrrvelously sweaterish…and lilac..and fits like a glove…Im wearing it with my newwwwww shoes from ArisAris (see post below) love the contrast of the bright cheery pink of the socks and the sweet lilac on the sweater…gorjus! Scoped the rest of the store and there looks to be a lot of loveliness for males & females…go take a peek !