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Guys !


Caught up with Player last night and noticed he was wearing a really cool outfit, apparently it’s from a store called  Splendeurs, and is a complete look in a box kinda thing. The outfit comprises of mesh jeans, mesh jacket and a shirt with collar up. The jeans are a really nice shape on him and I loved the tone of the denim.


You can also purchase the boots He is wearing right next to the outfit…natty Union Jack faded pattern on them and a superb leather look texture make them a real winner…I know Guys often say they find it hard to choose a total “look”, so this takes the worry out of it…buy it all-in-one! Had a mooch around the store and noticed a few other items worth a look at…complete outfit is just 450L and the boots 300L…steal !



Mesh Sweetheart

I was tipped off about a stonking big gift out by a new-to-me store called Yasum …its GINORMOUSLY generous..and really gives you a chance to see some great mesh gear at no cost…for the chicks there is the red dress…bolero…and shoes, plussss necklace & earings !

The really cool thing also about the chicks outfit is, they give you all sorts of alpha’s. One to cover the dress, bolero & shoes all in for just the dress, one for just the shoes etc etc..what a jolly good idea !

Player was stoked about the suit, one of the sizes fitted him like a glove, and I think you’d agree, he looks verrrrry handsome in it *swoons*. The shoes also came with the suit..and I feel they have a slightly retro vintage look about get this gift..just head over to Yasum, join up to the “Best of SL Magazine” group (there is a group joiner right by the gift) and voila..take your gift. Thanks Yasum, nice one!

Mesh outfits: Yasum

Pose: magnifique