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Sweater Time (Promo $99L limited time)


Just what I wanted – a sweater dress for the cooler weather. This is from ArisAris and comes with a Hud that gives you six colour/pattern options. I’m wearing mine rather modestly with some woollen tights by Sweet Tea. Popped over to DUH! and snatched up a pair of the fur-trimmed snow boots to go with it at a ridiculously inexpensive $25L! (other colours also available)


As you can see above there is pattern and colour options to suit everybody and most mesh body fits are included in the pack.Limited promo price of just $99L !

ArisAris offer

Sweet tea tights


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Monday Mania & Peplum tee’s

Happy Monday ! Some great news today from SF Design…there is a dash of bright & shiny newness…Ive been *bothering* Swaffette about a meshy type top with a colour change HUD…the guys got what about the chicks! Welllllllllllllllllllll she’s made one and its a corker…”the peplum tee” is just divine…check outt the intricate pattern on the lace fabric…and the fantastic shape of the peplum…the creases and shading are brilliant ! But but but…what I like soooo much comes with a HUD , so you can change its colour…and theres oooodles of colours to choose from…*happy sigh*…I especially love this red, charming tone and so good for Winter, the crisp white is also another fav…thanks Swaffette ❤

As its Monday…we are also treated to a Monday Mania bargain…and this week its the Kurta outfit…mmhmm you heard correctly..a whole outfit for the bargain price of 25L ! You get a fabbo pair of trousers in a dark denim twill type fabric…cant actually believe these aren’t mesh? The prim cuffs are So well done..they just look seamless…you also have a white shirt…or you can wear the shirt with the vest…the trousers come with a belt printed on or without depending on how you want the shirt layer to be worn , tucked or not…grab it up while you can…25L for today and only from the Monday Mania board…

SF Design