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Welcome to my Boudoir – Free Pj’s

Its Fameshed’s sixth birthday – wow where did the time go! To celebrate Neve have a set of pj’s out for you as a gift – Hud with diff colours & patterns included – SUPER CUTE!

While you’re there check out Neve’s newest release – the Sass shorts and Surge top – Lil bit of retro styling to the shorts and oh boy – juiced colours and patterns in the packs! For the non floral prints you can actually make part of the top transparent. Mesh body fits: Physique, Hourglass,Isis,Lara, Freya.


Fameshed Cam shopping

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Beautiful…Dirty…Rich (FREE)

Gorrrrjus group gift out for you @ BDR ! The La Bohemia skirt and top also comes with a Hud (seen blow) I was fooling around with my windlight settings, it’s NOT this red! The Hud will show you the true colour. Great fit on my Slink physique body – in the pack you will find:

Maitreya Lara,Maitreya,Slink physique, Slink Hourglass.

Lovely selection of options to go with your group gifty! Have a look round the store heaps more to see and really affordabubble prices.

BDR Store

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Enter colour

LUXE Paris - Maggie complete outfit with boots NEW!

Winter doesn’t have to be dreary, grab yourself some warmth and brightness with LUXE Paris ! Theres a whole load of new treats out at the moment that will bring a splash of happy to your season. I chose a couple of outfits to share with you, above is a complete look – meaning you get the whole thing, boots included. “Maggie” is all snuggly  yet dead stylish. The neck shape on the cape is gorgeous, the buttons adding even more dash. Great fit with the jeans over my Slink Physique body, other mesh sizes included.

LUXE Paris Depeche mode dress

I got a bit dizzy over this dress “depeche mode” – its got a lot of my favourite elements. Polka dots, a tight belt, red & black – whats not to love?! It’s so retro and elegant, fits perfectly over my mesh body which is a real winner as I ! My shoes were a fifty linden deal from Reign last week, you might be able to grab them still in store, but they would be full price now probably.

LUXE Paris Fashion House


Elua (hair)



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Skating about – Christmas Expo

Neve cords NEW - Christmas Expo Ollies Follies Hippo's - Tiffany Designs Corina sweater - Plant Pets ice skating ring

More news from the Second Life Christmas Expo – have you been yet?! If you haven’t you’re really missing a lot of FUN. Anywayyyy couple of items I wanted to share with you today, adorable hippo’s, yes yes festive hippo’s is a “thing”, sooper cute (and low prim) remember though – a hippo is for life, not just for Christmas ! Ollies Follies have got these adorable little beats for sale at the expo, some to hold, some to use as décor and some that fly right around your head. My sweater is from Tiffany’s, its called “Corina” and is a super big and baggy style thats perfect for the season. Leggings are from Neve, previously blogged but still welded to my legs cause they rock. You can just see Iam stood on an ice rink yes? Wellll Love Everlasting Plant Pets have this fantastical ice rink up for grabs. All sorts of coloured skates available with a unisex skate animation built right in.

Christmas Expo - Plant pets ice skating rink

Heres the aerial view, its an enormous set that will really complete your winter landscape. I love that it isn’t hard linked – meaning you can have as much or as little as you like on display. Its really a photographers dream set, so many spots to take photos and the bench is stuffed with lovely poses for single pringles and couples. You also get an “extras” pack with more of the same to splash about – brilliant!

Christmas Expo - plant pets skating rink decor

One of my fav things in winter are the chestnut sellers we get popping up in town – I adore those tasty treats, and here they are in the skating rink! Sweet details all around this set, so keep an eye out to spot them.

Love Everlasting Plant Pets @ The Expo

Ollies Follies @ The Expo

Neve market place

Neve store

Neve blog

Tiffany Designs @ the Expo

Christmas Expo Blog – all landmarks and info

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All in Red

Kittys Lair sweater Etchaflesj jeans

Oh Haiii ! Gosh its been a busy old week…moving home..surrounded by packing boxes (secondlife type moving btw) and I’m still playing catch up, wanted to show you some of the glorious gifts I received for my V Day ! Player was in the mood for red…and so carefully selected a collection of pieces he just knew Id Love…I really should give up shopping and just send him? The mesh “busty” sweater from Kittyies Lair is purrrfect…if you can’t afford those Lola boobies..then grab yourself one of these…they come pre-packed so to speak..with some breasts underneath. Gives a great shape to a traditional sweater and with a huge range of colours & patterns to choose from…very reasonably priced too. Jeans are from Etchaflesh…this pair is called “Death becomes her skinny fit”..ohmaiiii I damm adore these…so snug..xs size fitted like a glove. I noticed they have a bigggg range of jeans so go take a peek…the fit over shoes and boots is exceptional !

Kittys Lair sweater -apple fall group gift chinese take away (wearables & decor items)

Join up to apple fall’s group and you can bag yourself this darling gift of chinese takeout…you get the animated wearable chopsticks avec box plussss 1 prim boxes to scatter about your home…love it ! If youve not perused the apple fall store before youre in for a big treat…fantastic decor, furniture and homes …plus a recently added discount section with some gotta-grab-items in !

Similar shoes

Final thing…and its a big cheer for Similar shoes…check out the foot detail on these…isnt it amazing? This pair is named “scilla” and I own them in red hurrah! Very simple to adjust skin tone with some presets thrown in to help…plus pedi colours..once these were on my trotters I  couldn’t stop zoom-perving my feet ! A really good classic pair of heels…and totally stunning..I think this could be the beginning of a love affair *swooon*….


Kitties Lair

{apple fall}