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Say Cheese! Its Fifty Linden Friday

Up with the larks and raring to go for FLF ! I headed to erratic and snapped up the “liceria” dress. Be careful though – just two colours are on offer, this sand one as above and a really pretty rust tone. Maitreya fit only btw. This week I’ve been looking at eyes – and finally bought some from IKON, I’ve always worn their eyes, what I didn’t know is that they have a new fitting system. Blimey fit your eyes without going into edit mode! I’m wearing the “Triumph apex” only $150L a pair. I also bought the new Avaway bracelet set – rigged specifically for Maitreya bodies, I’ve got a boat load of their pieces primarily because I loathe editing stuff to fit and obviously because its beautiful ❤

All the FLF items


Navy+Copper – Phoebe – L
*AvaWay* EMILY Bracelets & Rings Set Maitreya – new at Fameshed
IKON Triumph Eyes (left) – Apex
IKON Triumph Eyes (right) – Apex
*AvaWay* Sindy_Maitreya_GIFT Ring_L Ringfiner – old gift
*AvaWay* EMILY Necklaces Set Maitreya
erratic / liceria – dress / sand (maitreya)

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Simple “n” Cute. (Freebies).

Breathe easy as this is a rush job which basically means less insane rambling and just the basic details.

Faith, she who must be obeyed, wasn’t too happy with my conky eyes in my last picturelol so here I am again.


As it happens it’s given me a good excuse to not just use one of the other shades in the colour hud but show you another great FREEBIE and yes it’s the EYES! LOL.  These are old GG’s from Mayfly but I did get a notice that there was NEW Free mesh eyes sadly I had so little time I just regrabbed these “London” ones and when I get back inworld with some time to spare I’m going to hunt down the newer gift eyes.

Mayfly eyes come with a comprehensive hud but even though it’s packed with so many options the Hud makes it so easy to customise your peepers.  It’s a NEW LM for Mayfly so if you want to pop in and you have the old LM bin it and grab mine.

PS Mayfly eyes do not on the whole come with system eye colours you MUST wear the Alpha and then the mesh eyes.


I pick up a lot of FREE hair in SL but I usually end up binning most of it cos I am spoiled with all the Mina hair I get but this hairis a cutie! Comes from Malo as has a small 3 lightly Ombre shades in it.


Ignore the jumper, it just an old thing I threw on, and check out the skirt.  Sweet “n” simple just like MOI!  Comes from Luas, now I quickly logged in to make sure I got the LM right and I spotted different GG’s at Luas, Luas is a large U shaped shop and I suspect there is at least 2 tables and above them on the wall is the GG’s so if you go just for this sweet skirt but don’t find it keep walking.

PS Go get those all of those flatties from my “simple Sunday” post!

Malo (Hair)



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Champers and Pancakes. (Oodles of Freebies).

In the UK today is Pancake day which is a day we make emm pancakes, almost self explanatory but if you want to know a bit about the history of Pancake day check out the link and yes I have actually taken part in a pancake day race and no I didn’t win.

Pancake Day

Obviously this post is a bit more than pancakes because as it happens on the Angle sim, Anne Maertens shop Dulcie Secrets and the other handful of shops here are having a MASSIVE 203 item hunt going on.  What you’re looking for are Champagne bottles and because there are so many of them they’re just everywhere so no hunting skills needed.  I TPed to the last LM  and in less than 5 mins I had picked up 12 bottles and each bottle is packed with skin, make up and eyes and possibly even more.

OK I have to be honest and the first 2 skin packs I opened were very not to my taste, but of course that doesn’t mean it’s not someone else style but I persevered and was rewarded by a number of skins which to me are definite keepers.  This one for example, I changed the sim setting to my Nams Optimum Skin n Prim setting, is such a lovely and sweet one, those lips positively glow and even I didn’t notice the bright colourful eye shadow at first. Lots of the skins come with Appliers and some don’t but I also have a feeling that if a skin you love doesn’t have an applier you just simply use the same skin shade one from another pack.


LOL it looks like I’m eyeing up the next Champagne bottle to pick up and I am because I’ve left my AV there and as soon as I log back in I’m going to go click crazy.

If you want this particular skin which does come with only 2 skins but with SLink and Omega Huds then you want to check out the last LM and it’s the bottle number 190.

PS What I appreciate is that these if not all them most of these pressies seem to be Trans, but obviously non Copy, which means even if the skin etc isn’t to your taste pack these goodies away in a folder in your invent and when you find a Noob make their day with a gift of some great skins etc

UPDATE so I’m actually inworld clicking away and MEN there are gifties here for you as well so get yer AV arse over and start snagging and even if you find mainly ladies skins then you can pack them up as a gift for a loved one.

Dulcie Secrets Angel

Moondance Boutique

Dot Be Angels

Dulcies Secret Garden

Free Photostudio@Dulcies Secret

Private Garden Dulcie Secrets

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Free love

Free gifts - top & skirt - lip glosses - teeth- eyes

Got a couple of free gifts for you that I thought Id share before they get removed . NYU, Umboshi & marukin have opened their stores all together on a beautiful little patch of SL. To celebrate they have some gifties for us yay! NYU have set out this darling little outfit, comprising a skirt with braces and a t-shirt to wear underneath, Umeboshi have some juicy lip glosses and eyes (mesh and traditional), there is a group gift there to collect (free to join) of more glosses. Marukin have two poses as a gift, really really cute ones ! Head over and check out the new stores and collect your pressies.

NYU, Umeboshi & marukin

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You know you still would! (Freebie).


First the Freebie, a simple sweet Spring/Summery dress from Aida’s shop Aushka’s & Co. You get a whole colour options, mint, blue, pink, pink with mint, blue with mint, all pink, all black and on and on and of course all of the mesh sizes.

Now that I’m here grabbing the LM I knew it! I knew I had grabbed free goodies from here before and in fact this new Group Gift and all the old ones are still here.  Some other Spring/Summery dresses, a cute bikini, sports top and shorts and more just waiting to be grabbed.  And on the other side of the Sub/Group joiner is some Dollarbie tops and a 10Ld dress.

Now for the icing on the cake because if you walk through to the other main hall and there is a MASSIVE sale on! Everything seems to be set at 75Lds and this isn’t out of season items, loads of Summery dresses, shorts, spring jumpers, pastel colour jeans, tops and upstairs a small selection of SLink shoes and everything seems to be priced at just 75Lds and then even more because you get the FATPACK of colours!


This is how I feel when Spring starts and so does the need to start some much-needed personal grooming.  Actually I have to confess that I rather do love my lotions and potions so I don’t really need much excuse to commandeer the bathroom for lengthy periods of time as I primp and preen myself.

The caterpillar on my lip is actually from MINA! as far as I know and I don’t really check out mens hair shops that much so I could be absolutely wrong but I have never seen mesh facial hair so this to me is new and fresh.  OK I’ve taken more of a fun shot but honestly people need to try this out for themselves, the picture that comes with it shows how it looks on a much more manly AV than mine and he looks sexy I just look funny LOL.


OMG goodness see how even a “mans” hair can look incredible on a woman AV.  Andre is the Mina hair at the Mens Only Month Event and I just had to try it on and how sexy is this look. This hair and the mustache are only available at the Mens only Month Event stop you from going as often these events have something of everything inc decor items and usually lots of new designs.


Keshie (arkesh.baral) of Mayfly eyes sent me a notice about her new updated user Hud.  Mayfly eyes are the only mesh eyes I’ve actually used and loved.  Again I’m not saying that there isn’t equally as good or even dare I say better BUT I personally think that not only are these mesh eyes are stunning but come with such an EASY to use Hud and so many options packed into a Hud that for the 99Ld price tag they were worth every Linden. Whilst I was grabbing the LM I also grabbed the 60Lds offer of those very bright blue eyes, as well as a pair of Group gifts I’d forgotten to grab.  She has some beautiful dramatic colouring, cats eyes, Neko eyes and of course the much more  normal but stunning eyes.

She’s now updated the Hud so it’s even more user-friendly but never fear if like me you have ooodles of the old Huds right next door to her main shop, I’m hoping the Mayfly Updates LM will take you there, she has set up a room and simple instructions on how to get the updated versions.


AUSHKA’S & CO Sales Dept

Mina@Mens only Month

Mina Mainshop

Mayfly Eyes

Mayfly Updates


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A sorta freebie but since you have to join the group for a fee of 50Lds then not completely free.  I actually just wanted the knitted look leggings esp since they’re mesh as well but the top comes with it so that’s a bonus.  B!asta pops out regular GG’s so although I joined, grabbed and then unjoined (I’m short on Group spaces) you of course can join and reap the rewards each month.  There are also regular offers here such as 60Lds weekends, monthly discounted items etc.


Normally when doing a paid for items I don’t fiddle with the colour so you can get a good idea of what you get for your money esp if there is no demo for you to try  but I forgot “Oops”.  So the colours in these 2  pictures are a bit more darker but if you check out the picture in the main shop it’s a real good representation of the true colour and the last picture was taken in my Nams setting and not fiddled with.


Check out my ball.  Keshie the owner of Mayfly eyes was so sweet and sent me some more of her eyes and also this pose ball.  You add it and it appears at the bottom middle of your screen a simple click puts you into a classic  SL pose and this way you can zoom closer on your new mesh eyes and use the oh so simple pop up menu to adjust your eyes to exactly how you want them.  As we all know though, when you go into the standard SL editing pose it’s like stadium lights have lit you up and if you’re wanting to adjust your face or in this case eyes you can’t do it as that light just bleaches out detail.  This simple pose ball puts you into a standard SL editing pose without that blinding light! What a difference it makes.  Remember you don’t rezz you wear and it appears on your screen.  It’s such a handy item on it’s own.

baist ete

So this is my untouched piccie because I wanted to show off my eyes. These aren’t the New Group Gift ones but at 60Lds for the pack a bargain.  I wander around in Keshies shop and I just cannot make up my mind what eyes I want so I’m so grateful for the GG’s.  She has some stunning ethereal colours and natural rich colours and everything in between. I’ve always been really lazy with my eyes and although I’ve tried out mesh eyes previously Mayfly eyes are not only the best but even though the menu is pretty comprehensive it’s actually really easy to use! and with it you can change so much with such ease.  Although she has plenty of GG’s and discounts out at 99Lds for a pack I think it’s a bargain.

The 60Ld eyes are just inside the doorway to your right when you walk in, the previous GG London Fog is still there so make sure to grab that.  Then go to the “Luminous” department and above all the rows of stunning eyes is a small board with yet another GG and then in the corner is yet another GG and this pose ball.  If you’re even more lucky your initial might just pop up on the Lucky Boards there as well.

There is also oodles of eyes for Nekkos and Petites which is good to see.  Actually there is also a small selection of jewelry and other items but it’s the eyes that mesmerise (boom boom).




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Lazy Mare Again (freebies and non Freebie).

I get most of my Mina hair for free, yes I am a lucky mare, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t actually buy this hair in any case.  As soon as I saw this hair, Iris and tried on the demo in Mina’s main shop I had to have it and I bought it for myself.  What I liked best is its simplicity the way it frames my face and shows just enough ears to make it look natural.  I picked the light brown pack but of course the whole range of colours are there for you to choose from.  Make sure to try the demos though before you buy as I usually just go to dark brown but in this case I thought the light browns looked so much nicer for me (lighter in the first picture darker in the second).


Think about joining her VIP Group.  It may cost 200Lds but knowing Mina and since I’ve already got the VIP Group Hair that you get on joining it alone is worth 200Lds and will work out cheaper than buying it off the shelf in any case.  As it happens since Mina’s hair packs are only 250Lds each they’re as standardly priced as any hair shop in SL in any case.  The nicest touch in the entrance are large boards showing you the hairs you can purchase often at slashed down prices and you can use these boards to TP to the event themselves.

You men may also want to check out Mina’s as her male hair department is starting to grow.  Also I have to confess I’ve never really mentioned that Mina also has smaller make up/appearance section, older hair style section and shoes and boots section.  I might just beg some free make up as I have to pay my tier fee today so I’m back to being poor again LOL


I only had a small time in SL this morning but in my notices I came across “Oneword” which is a bi monthly event and this one is very cat orientated.  The dress, nails and poses I’m using were all sub gifts from shops here. The pose is from the Elephante shop and I’m surprised I haven’t subbed to this pose shop before as I know I have poses from this shop but what the heck 3 free useable poses are always handy.  The dress is the sub gift from Gato and there are 2 sets of SLink nails Huds to get one at Bella Elephante and

I was slightly surprised that the dress was actually non mesh and I wasn’t going to try it on but the fact that this is a non mesh dress means that the Lola’s and Phat Azzes it comes with will make a lot of big boobed and butted ladies (and men) happy.  The bottom of the dress is your system trouser layer but and it rarely happens but I’m most impressed with the mesh panel as although the pose I’m using doesn’t show it but the match in texturing and fit is as snug as it gets.


Vanity shot and there is a reason for it.  Last night I was desperately trying to take a close up of my new FREEEE eyes.  I rarely do eyes or even make up for one simple reasons close-ups are a pain in the rear end.  The camera usually ends up buried in my head, too far down, too far up, too far away and on and on and then I had a Woo Hoo moment and managed to snap this.  I was sent some samples of these Mesh eyes and with them comes a mahosive menu which basically put me off and then I actually tried them and they’re soooo easy to work I’m almost embarrassed that I’ve never bothered trying out Arkesh Bara’s eyes before.

All of this is inc.

28 preset sizes for easily-sized, perfectly-matched eyes
– Adjust either eye individually, or both together at the same time with the Link button
– 5 In/Out adjustment settings
– 15 cornea reflection choices (variations on our original Deep Sky and Liquid Light reflections)
– 7 shadow options (shadow appears across the upper half of the whites, no shadow + 6 values)
– 3 pupil sizes
– Full Bright toggle
– 2 optional glow settings
– Mirror setting that flips the texture so the reflections and shadows come from the other side
– Get Settings button to send the most important current settings to your chat
– Irises are 5% smaller than on our original Deep Sky and Liquid Light eye

You simply wear the eyes with the Alpha over your system eyes.  Best to hop on a pose ball  to do the rest, then just click on the eye and a menu comes up which allows you to change so much and I managed to get this FREE London Fog pair to fit beautifully and so EASY!!! The only problem is there are so many stunning colours I wouldn’t know which ones to choose but since the standard price is ONLY 99Lds more than affordable.  Arkesh also has special offers in her shop but again this FREEBIE is so pretty and gives you a chance to play with the menu to see how wearable these are.  Don’t worry if mesh is an issue she also has non mesh eyes and they look pretty stunning as well as the Nekko eyes.  Such a tempting shop I’m so glad I finally pulled my finger out and tried on these eyes.

PS forgot to mention I of course have tried mesh eyes on before and the one thing I noticed in all the faffing is that sometimes they don’t move very well with you’ve AVs head movement but with theses the eyes moved perfectly with my AV.

Mina Hair

Oneword Event

Mayfly Mesh Eyes & More