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I’ve just booked myself a little seaside weekend break and I want my day time to be like just this and to spend my evenings like the second photos but sadly I live in the UK so unless they make thermal bootie shorts and fur lined bras I’ll be wrapped up in woolies.

The message about this cute (Lola Tango Ready) FREEBIE must have gotten out quickly because as I am typing this there are at least 6 busty ladies grabbing not only the green colours but ALL of them  A choice of 3 coloured cropped  tops and 4 coloured booty shorts but why chose? I didn’t and snagged them all.  Perfect for the times you just don’t want to get all dressed up but still want to show of your cute AV.  And to be Tango ready is the icing on the cake but obviously can be worn equally as cute with out the “Gazungas”.


Not free but at a mere 75Lds it is a cheapo to me.  Picked this and a cute Chinese styled dress, same price, but managed to resist the little Mesh Cropped Ruffle tops. A lovely light beige/Creme colour, I like that nude look, with a hint of a net NOT the tarty see through net but s light texturing effect.  A ruffle at the boobs and on the hemline  makes it pretty and very wearable. Called “Lace Me Up”.

Don’t panic if your running out of Lindens because there is a MM Board (Midnight Mania) and some LBs for you to check out.

The shoes I believe Faith has already blogged them as they came from the N-Core sale.  All the shoes to be retired are upstairs and in RL as well as SL you can never have too many shoes and cute strappy ones are always a bonus.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

The Hunt Goes On (SAH)

Earl Perga

Only crashing saved me from spending all my Lindens in American Bazaar, although I have to admit their clothes are a lot more affordable than I thought so I’ve managed to snag a couple of things and I will be heading back there later because I saw some very cheeky and slightly tarty tops that I want.  Until then let me show you their kind offering for the SAH (suicide awareness hunt) and it’s cute and quality.  A mesh dress shaded with pastel colours and a slighty satin sheen.  A bunched up bootilicious skirt and off the shoulder top.  Pretty darn nice. Almost forgot to mention that there is a couple of hunts going on so even more reason to call in and for the boys I noticed a really good mens selection of clothes.


I know that at this moment there are some amazingly big hunts going on but lets not forget that a lot of them have a message of sadness, education and hope behind them and what represents this more than the Suicide Awareness Hunt.  At this time of year when the Christmas Spirit seems to be foisted on us no matter how we feel it can just make you feel worse.  Not everyone is surrounded by love and safetly or even if they ARE surrounded by love and safety they just can’t feel it.  This is a hard time for a lot of people for a lot of reasons, debt, lonliness, ill health, abuse, but the one thing we all share is WE ARE NOT ALONE! We only need to reach out to one person and say “I FEEL” and then to be honest about how you feel.

American Bazaar

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Dare to Flare!

Shall I confess that I almosted binned these because in my world, RL and SL, pale blue flares do not exsist and yet don’t they look good! Teamed with my  so wearable Duh clogs and my Boom leather fringed top I think they just look great.  However the pack doesn’t just contain the MESH jeans for 150lds you get the jeans a blouse, a mesh vest (excellent on it’s own), bangles and earings. Almost forgot to point out and this is my own personal bug bear but this has a lovely neat tight waist which is something that sometimes mesh trousers are weak on.

New shop to me and as soon as I rezzed the first thing I spotted was a wall of Lucky Boards, all items in the LBs are non mesh.  As I stood there clicking away at the LBs I couldn’t help but scan the shop itself.  Wall to wall pictures of clothes but if you wait a moment you will find that on one wall they have mainly and very reasonably priced mesh items and I for one couldn’t help resist but to snag myself a seriously cheeky side boob flashing top and another lovely hippy chick type top.  There also seems to be a hunt going on, sorry I didn’t get the name but there are 10 sweeties hidden, not very well if I could find them, around the shop. Not free as you have to pay but the 2 I clicked on were for 1ld and 10ld so worth a look at.

M&M Female clothes and hair