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I am the girl who cant say no

Lingerie by Maai - sweetheart - hair by [e] collabor88

Soooo I saw this free gorgeous lingerie on flickr and busted a gut to get over and get my clammy paws on it. Trouble is while I was there I saw some MORE lingerie that I just had to have. Actually there was lotssss of lingerie I loved but this was my purchase. The set is called “Sweetheart” and is by Maai, it comes with appliers, I’m using the Slink Physique ones above. The free to join group also has a scrummy bright pink lingerie set out as a gift, don’t forget to snap it up.

FREE corset, skirt and skirt -

I also joined the lucky chair group (reached via a teleporter in store) and good lord my letter came up – doesn’t happen often ! I won this set consisting of a mesh corset, mesh long skirt anddd….

FREE corset, skirt and skirt - paper cranes collabor88 (1 Li !)

a flexi add-on if you like that kinda thang. My hair is new and out for sale at collabor88 by [e], I really loved the HUD that came with it, you get hair tones plus two tones yay! My set of paper cranes by Dysfunctional Designs is also at the event – the whole bunch is just 1 prim and each grouping of birds has a colour change feature – it’s a real must have. Collabor88 is Eight years old and this round is MAHOOSIVE!



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Run don’t walk! (Freebie).

I’m rushing this post so much that I’m only going to give you the LM to the Freebie and later on when I’ve got more time I’ll pop the link for the Non Free Group Gift and the Gacha win.

The reason I’m being so quick is I can’t see the Free Group Gift from Hilly Halaan on the Group Gift boards but it is in the Group History and since notices only last 14 days time it’s time to go grab it.


A sexy mesh corset which comes with some Appliers and the Lola Tango Applier but as you can see even the “boobless” look sexy.


I’ve dropped Faith a note so when she gets back from her Holidays, Lucky Cow, she knows to TP straight over to Cheeky Pea because like me she is in the VIP Group which if I remember correctly is….nope can’t remember how much it costs but this is one of those groups which pay you back in spades.


A mix of poses, single, couple and sexy..not tried the last 2.  In the first picture the book is propped up on your knee’s as one hand turns the page and the other holds your wine glass.


Promised Update.  Cheeky Pea does cost 500Lds to join but again Isla Gealach the owner of CP is really good at ensuring there is not only a new monthly gift put out but often esp at holiday times she give us whopping big gift cards.  I still have 500 on my account from Christmas time.  So if you’ve got some cash to splash have a think about it.


Hilly Halaan

Cheeky Pea

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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

CandyMetal NEW!

Oh la la…CandyMetal are at The Acid Lily event…with some super steal deals! The new kit from CM is dazzzzzly and fun…two corsets , choice of this red polka dot one I’m wearing..or a lilac colour…coolio mesh denim shorts in light or slightly darker denim…plus some fabbo platform heels …everything fitted like a dream, I was wary of the corset but I shouldnt have feared, like a glove ! You wont believe the prices…the corset is just 59L and the shorts only 65L…oot oot!! Get on downnnn there and grab it all up…thanks Emychan ❤

Acid Lily

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Delicious mesh

Ohlala look what I found to tempt you with today…this divine mesh corset, lingerie anddddd boots…its from a new-to-me store Maison Close…so guess where  will be heading off too later today *winks*. For just one of linden dollars you will receive…the mesh corsets in a range of sizes, the boots, and lingerie, bracelet and necklace…pluss some pasties …isn’t that a steal for your weekend ?!

Close up look of that corset..its so classy..specially love the tops of the gloves and the tiny bows that you can add-on the garter belt…gorjuss! It says on the advertisement that its only at this price for one week…not sure how long its been there for..soooo if you want to get it..dash!

Maison Close Market place store

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The way you touch me, like I was born for your hands

So yeah…some days are hard to handle…and leave you feeling a bit…emotionally drained..and then along comes something…might be big..might be small…a word…a song…whatever…for me today, it was simply trying on these clothes and listening to an old fav song… (easy pleased yayaya i know) The outfit that lifted my spirits is from CandyMetal…actually sold as seperates…but I thought they looked pretty fab together no? The corset has some real shabby chic appeal going on…beautifully detailed..infact…its prolly my favourite of ALL corsets I’ve tried lately…just SO feminine.

The skirt is a shorty…ruffly bundle of cuteness…a few colours & patterns on offer.Both my poses are from a new store for me…called “The Muse Poses” and are part of a new collection called Eupharie , I also joined the group after looking around and found a lovely set of poses set out as a group gift….some really unique poses on offer..go see….


The Muse Poses

oh yeah…the song : You make me feel

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Have waited for ever to try out a mesh corset…and yay! CandyMetal have them in stock and waiting to leap onto your bones right now..stuffed full of funky details…buckles…zips, straps…and only 199L..two versions available…scrummy huh? (demo is there to try) Medium was a great fit for me..but theres plenty of smaller and larger sizes to wriggle into. Cant stop wearing this hair I found at base and high topped it.

I slipped the 2nd style on with some gorjuss new mesh trousers from SF Design…cant believe these are just 130L a pair ! Squillions of colours..the bright red is just you go into SFD look up up mesh goodies are there…also showing my dollarbie shooz from choooz…grab a heap from the 1L section at the rear of the store…to be honest…all of the shoes there are extremely affordable…love love LOVE my new bowler hat lights from LISP Bazaar..just 10L for all three colours..steal !

Corset: CandyMetal

Mesh trousers: SF Design

Hair : Ronsem

Shoes: Choooz

bowler hat lights: Lisp 10L bazaar