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Belle again.(25Ld Tue).

I’d be quick if I was you as I’m not sure if Janire Coba will keep this 25Ld Tue offer out all week until next Tue or it will finish before then.

You have 2 colour choices, pink or beige and this is the beige, both choices cost 25Lds but you do get a small 4 textured Hud for the fur collar…and yes that’s Alex again I told you any excuse to wear one of my fav hairs lol.

Tbh, I TPed over so quickly as I didn’t want to miss this I didn’t even wait for everything to rezz before I clicked and bought this so I don’t know if there is a demo available but of course, this oversized sort of item fits all.

You will also see that again this week there is this coat plus another 25Ld offer which is a Gacha and the theme of the items in this Gacha is “Painter” and YASS I won the 1 item I really wanted and it’s not even a rare, the bag I’m wearing is my prize and it’s stuffed with all sorts of arty stuff……just like my heart.

PS Remember there is some very nice GG’s inside inc amazing boots and only 10Lds to join the Belle Epoque group plus another 10 for the Teleporthub group.

Belle Epoque

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More Primark than TK Maxx (Dollarbies).

I wonder if Primark is just a UK shop or if it’s a universally well-known one?  If you’ve never shopped at a RL Primark what it is is a shop that sells bargain priced clothes and accessories sometimes they can have some really great styled clothes and sometimes they’re DUDS but I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t at least stocked up on socks, undies and in my case most recently wooly gloves.  So this Dollarbie coat from Vitrimi may not be TK Maxx quality and more Primark but it will make a great basic.


TBH once I’d put on a pair of thigh length socks and boots it started to look even better and as I was rummaging in my invent for a scarf to cover up a very basic collar I suddenly realised that this coat is perfect for wearing with hair down.  This is one of my Mina mid length hairs and as you can see no collar poking out and I think it ended up looking great.

You will have to log into the SL Marketplace for this but I think most people are happy to use the MP now.  Hmmm now that I’m looking at all the Dollarbies from Vitrimi I have a sneaky suspicion that I might just have shown you this coat before and if so that was probably last Winter  so sorry if it is a repeat BUT then again this coat pack, you get 3 colours in the pack burgundy, light brown, black, is going to be a good addition and check out the other Dollarbies while you’re at it because I know for sure I’ve shown you the Skater Skirt set as it’s  turned into such a handy basic to wear.


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Unban me!(Mens Freebie)

For some strange reason Faith has her security system set up to eject me from her home! How rude especially since I wanted to give her a lovely bunch of flowers, she will have to settle on a lovely picture of me instead.


OK here is a more “dreamy” picture instead.


See I can be a Deamboy as well as your worst nightmare.  The Freebie is the Jacket and the flowers, Zan has already done a post about the flowers which are still out there at the Creator Collection Box event which looks like it has changed to a Valentines theme now.  So if you want these flowers then time to go grab.  The jacket is a freebie from ::K:: and is a one size fits all mesh.

The hair isn’t a freebie.  I have very few hair styles because I’m very lazy but just lately I’ve been wearing one of Mina’s hairs Bas, With it’s shaved side it’s edgy but wearable.  I’ll repost the picture.  This hair, Mark, can only be found at The Chapter Four Event and is at a discounted price for the moment.  Mina now has a much bigger mens hair dept so if you’ve never been there before it’s time to go.  A lot of the newer hairs are also Unisexed.  Zan was going to show you this hair at first as it really looked good on her and the new suit she had but since we don’t get to show that many mens hair it’s been left up to me.


This is the other Mina hair which I really like and I’ve worn it constantly since I got it.

In case you’re wondering about the mouth.  I just don’t like to be 100% perfect so I’ve always got something which is flawed just like RL people.  Sometimes it’s a bruise or a blindfold, I have a great safety-pin for my mouth and of course my Contraption Jaws.

::K:: (Coat)

RH Designs@Creators Collection Box (Bouquet)

Mina@The Chapter Four (Hair)

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Wrap up warm

coldLogic new new_003333

I just popped to the local shop and did so in my SLIPPERS – omg, despite the sun shining brightly its sooper icey cold. So take a hint and make sure you put on something warm, your tootsies will love you for it. I slipped into these sweet snow booties from DUH!, such a great price for a stylish piece. I bought the fatpack of four shades (the basics pack) @ 50L it’s a steal. You can also buy them individually. I seem to recall a free pair in hmmm purple? beside the display. My jumper and jacket is new from coldLogic, all one piece, its called “carpenter”. I think it looks kinda apres ski – Lovely colour range in this, will definitely brighten up the day.

coldLogic new new new new

Here is “nicks”, I plumped to show it in the rather fabulous melon tone. It’s a cardigan over a sweater look , and I so so so like it. Casual yet classy, I’m undecided if the buttons have little faces on them or not? Check it out and let me know !

coldLogic new new

Last up for today is “wallis”, I’ve gone with a new colour called tiffany. It’s a gorgeous jade – blue shade. I must mention the hoods on all of these – they are brilliantly designed ! They lay quite flat and don’t interfere so much with your hair . Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


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Essential coat

ArisAris NEW!

Tis the season to buy new coats! Isn’t that how the song goes? The Frozzen fair is now open, lots to see, lots to buy and heaps of gifts. ArisAris has their new essential coat up for grabs, you actually get two coats for the price of one. The black has an almost velvety feel to it, the white is more faux leather look. A HUD is in the box to make switching between the two simple dimple! ArisAris also has a dollarbie out, a lovely hounds-tooth check coat , plus a pair of white high heeled boots – get yourself along and check out the goodies.


The Frozzen Fair



Surrender to Pink

coldLogic grohl coat NEW

Ok, I finally couldn’t bear it any longer. I had to slide myself into something pink from coldLogics new collection ! I know I know I’ve been on the pink wagon for hmm…uhm…almost THREE whole days, but but but pink is so me, so pretty – I finally caved in. This is the new “grohl” coat, a traditional style with a colour twist. It makes you feel all safe and warm and cosseted from the November chill. Other scrummy colours available, however I vote pink as the bestest . Lovely thick turn back cuffs and jolly peg style buttons, with a cord to attach. I really liked the subtle piped edge too, also has a neat hood at the back that doesn’t interfere with long hair-do’s.

coldLogic grohl coat, Knight leggings, boots, D!VA hair NEW!

I’ve been lounging about a lot in the new coldLogic leggings called “knight”, super easy to wear and go with SO much. Its kinda hard to resist them to be honest. These are the chocolate colour other shades are available in store or on the market place. Thanks coldLogic team ❤ My boots were a fantastic Fifty Linden Friday offer from, if you’re not signed up to the FLF group do it so you don’t miss out on the deals (its in my profile if you want an easy way to join) The laces, metal bits and socks are all colour change, you can get them at full price in the store. My newwwww hair is from D!VA at this round of collabor88, and I adore it. I’ve bypassed the last coupla styles they had at collabor88 as they seemed a bit samey to previous ones. However this one is to.die.for !

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


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Just perfect

coldLogic coat NEW - Argrace beret hair

I’m still rummaging through the latest releases from coldLogic and I found this, its such a scene stealer and so feminine. Do I detect the light touch of Janie Marlowes hand in its design – I reckon so ! Its elegant but adorable at the same time. Classic cut, it wont ever go out of fashion. This is a timeless piece, if it were a real life buy, it would be an investment garment. Id SO buy it ! Its called Koby and comes in some sugary pale colour tones. This is the blue, so you can see its the merest wash of colour. (Do you have any idea how much its killing me not to show the PINK one!)  A little nod to the military styles that was so prevalent last season with its rows of buttons down the front. You get a lot of options with this, a shirt and skirt insert to wear with it if you wish, or just the coat on its own. I’m wearing both inserts so it’s a complete look without worrying what to wear underneath – yes, I’m lazy.

coldLogic cot NEW! Agrace hair & hat

Look at the rear, the detailing is carried round with two straps to pull it a little tighter, but not overly – this coat isn’t about a cinched waist. Finished off with perfect fitting arms and epaulettes, and a sweet pleated vent . Something about it reminds me of my childhood, you know – that “coat for best” that your mother bought you? You can buy these in single colours or a fantastical quantum pack of all four tones. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

Hat by Argrace