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Wrap up

Neve plaid coat - KC shoes - Sweet tea tights

I’ve been enjoying a little bit of “dress up” this morning, fiddling about with the new Neve coats. I got a bit stuck on blue and pinks lately so I thought Id try the plaid coat & dress on in this scrumptious sage green. I’m not a big wearer of green but this really floats my boat! The great thing with these coats is you get a complete look plusss heaps of options. The dress can be removed completely and there are six texture options for it too, four colours of the coat included also ! Ohhhhh almost forgot the buttons come with six colours – that’s a whole lotta fiddly for your dosh. The coat costs $350L, now let me do the maths *thinks*…that’s $87.5L per colour – wow. I’m also sporting a pair of KC shooz, brilliant value for money at $125L with a HUD that gives forty colour options for the heel, main body,sole and detail section, you can also loose the back of the heel for a daintier feel to the overall look.

Neve plaid coat NEW!

Little closer view so you can make out the buttons, cuffs etc  and below the all important HUD.

Neve plaid HUD

Don’t forget that Neve clothing supports the following mesh bodies, plus of course the standard mesh sizes: Maitreya, Belleza & Slink , I am wearing my Slink Physique btw.

Neve market place

Neve store

Neve blog

KC shoes market place

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Itsssss Fifty Linden Friday !

FLF Valentina .E complete outfit $50L ! elikatira Miya Hair NEW!

Oh ohohohohh you so have to go grab this adorable outfit from Valnetina E. Its all one piece so no faffing about required. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique mesh body, so as you can see its a great fit. In the box is a Slink size, a fitmesh size and the usual standard mesh crew . Other colours are available at full price, this beautiful grey is the fifty Linden offer. Newwww hair too! By Elikatira and called Miya, you can nab this at the latest round of Shiny Shabby – over and out, off to the shops ❤


Shiny Shabby

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Ahoy there

Chez Moi NEW!!

Just look at those naughty seagulls, so plump and probably filled with stolen goodies from tourists! This is part of the new range from Chez Moi called “Navy Bar”. You can grab the whole set or as separates, which is handy. The deck that you see in the background is also part of the set, hop on it and its stuffed full of poses for singlepringles & couples. Deets:

The dock has 62 animations (fishing poses, diving, kisses, caresses and more) and ROOM for up to 4 friends.
♥ 37 individual animations
♥ 5 animations to play in the water
♥ 10 animations for couples in love (10 x 2)
♥ Props: glass with drink, sunscreen lotion, fishing pole.

♥ Control by menu
♥ Functionality SWAP
♥ Adjustable Poses

Special gift: Pier Lamp to light up your beach.
Touch the Pier lamp to flash the light.

Specifications and content:
♥ Dock: 17 LI | 24 Prims
♥ Pier Lamp: 2 LI | 4 Prims

Chez Moi NEW!

What I absolutely adored is these nifty little barrel seats. Such pretty washed out colours and of course full of unique poses. At only 2Li you can certainly scatter a load around ! The table behind me is a multi-scene item, which means it does ooodles of stuff! It rezzes food and nick nacks via a menu that you control. Deets:

Half-barrel seat fully interactive and perfect for outdoor decoration and to hang out with friends on the balcony or on the beach.
It has 54 poses:
♥ 24 individual poses (12 female and 12 male)
♥ 10 activities
♥ 10 couple animations (10 x 2)
♥ Props: bubble blower, guitar, book, plate, cup with drink and others.
♥ In the colours: blue, yellow, red and green

♥ Control by menu
♥ Functionality SWAP
♥ Adjustable Poses

Specifications: 2 LI each stool.


Chez Moi New release !

Just a couple of the dishes that the Barrel table rezzes above, scrummy nosh and drinks ! You don’t have to leave the food out , you can clear it away when you’re done partying, which helps with prims. Deets:

♥ With décor: 7 LI | 10 Prims
♥ Tray with Prawns: 11 LI | 15 Prims
♥ Tray with appetizers: 9 LI | 14 Prims
♥ Fries dish and croquette: 11 LI | 16 Prims
♥ Empty table: 3 LI | 2 LI

Thanks Nanda ❤

Chez Moi Store

Chez Moi market place (select newest to find these easily)

All clothing new from Neve

Hair by Argrace

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My Spring time place

Aphrodite Sunny Spring Set PG & Adult versions available NEW!

Its been so sunny here, yes – England is having a heat wave ! Aphrodite have just the most perfect set out at the latest round of Cosmopolitan, it’s called the “Sunny Spring Set”. As you can see it does come with its very own whitewashed deck , so you can easily place it above the shoreline. There is an adult version with oodles of naughtiness, cuddles, kisses & activities, or a PG version. The furniture comes in an attractive white rattan texture with a delightful floral fabric on the upholstery.  Little pots of flowers and candle lamps scattered about give it a real cottage garden feel.

Aphrodite Sunny Spring Set NEW

Closer view of some of the cushion covers, so charming and fresh for the Spring. Every detail is perfect to brighten up your space. This isn’t just for couples, single pringles can have heaps of fun and find relaxation with friends amongst the plump cushions and comfy seating.

coldLogic Theissen jacket & shirt - traux pants- Ingenue explorer sandals

I couldn’t resist a quick sit down, I’m wearing the new “theissen” jacket and shirt combo from coldLogic – really gorgeous dusky blue and a contrasting shirt, all teamed up with the new “traux” trousers in midnight. (Other colours available). I also treated myself to yet another pair of “explorer” flats for slink feet at Ingenue – adore these simple yet stylish little pumps.

coldLogic theissen jacket & shirt - Elysium - Emily skin - chai 70L inc appliers & freckle option

Must mention my brand spankin new skin ! I picked this up at The dressing room fusion – new round just started. Unbelievably it only set me back 70L ! You get two versions , freckles and non freckles, plus boxed with it are all the appliers you could possibly need. Three skin tones to choose from – I’m wearing “chai” – but pssssst, I also bought latte as it’s really lovely for summer. Called Emily, and such a great bargain – don’t miss it !

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

The dressing room fusion



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Fence sitting

coldLogic NEW release

Say hello to “harris” and “case”, two new items in the latest release from coldLogic. The new collection is huge ! Lots of trousers and sweaters to dribble over and play around with. Harris is super versatile, its a three-in-one kinda deal. You can wear it as I am above, all three pieces together – scarf, sweater and under layer, or fiddle about and make it your own. I chose the case pants to go with it, very easy to wear (over a mesh body or not as you wish). Lovely details along the seams, the sort of pants that you will find yourself reaching for time and again ! (I even removed the “knight” leggings that had become welded to my legs for these) As always demos available in the market place or instore, plus squillions of colours to choose from (or a big quantum pack) Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

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P & Q

Dollarbie mesh dress

Its been really lovely the last couple of days in SL for me, I’ve had time to explore, time to relax…and time to look around for some really lovely inexpensive bits n bobs. I was sooper chuffed when I found this gorgeous mesh dress for just 1 linden. Its timeless and classic with a floral print and a sassy tied flex bow at the hip. You can just about see how the dress is split up along one thigh – just gives it that extra “o.O” appeal ! Its by Dolce Cleo Italian Style, if you’re not at all lazy – Like I am- you can actually get it for FREE if you visit the mainstore.

Dolce Cleo Italian Style market place

Dolce Cleo Italian Style mainstore

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This is Magical – Dont miss it ! (Freebies)

North Pole Village - Hunt !
For the last few years I have gone to visit the North Pole Village. It’s just amazing. All created by DarkDharma Daguerre, a superb build with SO much to do and see. Make sure you allow yourself time to explore and of course, do the hunt ! New gifts this year, and although I only found a handful, they are truly unique and wonderful. When you tp in, you’ll arrive at the top of a blustery snowy hill, follow the signs down to the village and enter the huge red gates. Your eyes will grow wide, it’s a festive riot !

North Pole village hunt - FREE gifts!

Touch one of the hunt signs for info about how to find the gifts, and I warn you – this is no easy feat, but well worth the struggle. I found this snuggly Teddy armchair, a Santa Teddy, plate of Christmas food and cookies for Santa ! There are twelve gifts to search out in total, I will go back and see if I can find a few more .

North Pole village - 1 prim snowman 75L - Clawsit Monster FREE mesh outfit  with boots

Last year I treated myself to two of the brilliant animated reindeer, this year I couldn’t resist the 1 prim snowman, he’s gorgoussss and sooper cute . My outfit is a free gift currently on offer at Clawsit Monster. Really neato mesh harlequin patterned dress, with a mesh belt, which is really more of a corset with its lacing at the back. You also get the little boots! No group to join, so grab yourself this jaunty outfit.

North Pole Village & Santas Workshop

Clawsit Monster