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Free like a Dove (Free Stuff n Stuff).

Free Dove is a place that has been in SL longer than anyone else I know and that inc me and Faith.  I know both Faith and I have done a post about it previously because this is such a good place to go as everything is FREE, clothes, skins, hair, shoes and now it had mesh as well as non mesh items and they’re FREE to all.

Lets be honest here not everything will make a hardened fashionistas heart sing but even I found some real nice goodies and just as good I had a fun time on my platform unpacking and trying stuff on then a quick TP to one of my fav sims a couple of snaps later a lovely way to spend a rainy day stuck indoors.


This dress is a gift from the shop called “1 Hundred” I have to say it’s been a while since I’ve popped into their mainshop so I might do that later today after doing the Hunt Faith has just done.  She seems to have had a lot of fun and for some reasons thinks the spooky prizes are right up my street.


And this dress is one from Sage.  TBH I picked up so much stuff from the boxes set out for us to hunt prizes I’m not really sure if these were just freebies or hunt items.  As it happens whilst I was LM grabbing I checked out the ages of the people there and there was so many people who were long-term SLers and not just noobs so it just shows we all love a bargain.

PS although everything is Free feel Free to make a donation if you feel like it.

Free Dove


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Through the keyhole

coldLogic tyree top kost pants NEW

Another new bundle of gorgeousness from coldLogic today, this is the “tyree” top and the “kost” pants. I hadn’t noticed when I first tried the pants on that they actually have a really subtle pattern over them, ever so sweet and just makes them that little bit more interesting. Also loving the knitted waistband which gives a more casual style to lounge about in. This is the sepia shade , I thought it looked almost pink’ish , prolly why I pounced on them !

coldLogic NEW

The tyree top is heavenly, here’s a closer look for your peepers, its softly draped and has a wonderful little pocket at the front and a rib effect at the bustline and chest – so on trend. Beautiful range of colours in both and free demos on the market place and in store. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

coldLogic store

Sky Shoes

Hair by Truth

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It’s a Wash.

I’ve been a bit of a RL snivelling wreck thanks to a cold so I’ve been taking it easy in RL and SL but I stumbled on some cheapies/freebies that did make me smile and so here is some of them.


The Wash is back and it just gets better. Since everything is priced at 10Lds I went a bit wild.  So many SLink shoes, this pair came from the Petite Mort stall.  I’ve cropped this picture so close any flaws would be glaring but as you can see cheap in price but not cheap in texturing.

OK confession time, when I pick stuff up to blog I tuck it all into its own folder and date and name it and then file it away but I’ve lost all my The Wash items LOL.  I blame my cold so I popped back and grabbed another pair of shoes and this.


A tiny little Inch Worm LOL.  This is a full perm item which I haven’t looked at the details of what you’re allowed to do with it because I simply wanted it for my own use but I’m going to assume that you may repackage this and sell it but check out the TOS if that’s what you wish to do.

As always everything at the Wash is only 10Lds.  They’ve changed the stalls and now they’re boards, you will see what I mean when I get there, which actually makes it less fussy to check out whats on sale and it’s a great way to kill some SL and RL time.

The Wash

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Is this all! (Freebies).

I’ve been MIA in Sl for a few days but just before I logged off I popped over to !Soul. Shannon Byron had sent a notice out with a picture of 2 beautifully coloured dresses, 1 bright red and the other green.  So very Christmassy and although its way too early to be thinking of Crimbo I thought it would be a good idea to pop over and see whats new at !Soul.  The shop is newer and bigger since I was last there which means more stock but I got side tracked by the wall of FREENESS.  Now I’m 95% sure that to join !Soul was a token 60Lds but it now has been changed to FREE.


Somehow  even though there was so many freebies I actually managed to grab only the 2 items before I had to log off so that’s all I’m going to show you this morning but because I still have in my invent a couple of other items from here which are up there on the Free Walls so I will dig out those pictures.which are on offer.


These 2 dresses come in the same pack.  Lovely colours and you not only get the 2 different styles and all the sizes but a normal or bright version and Im wearing the bright colour which basically is a little bit more zingy.  I did also grab another great absolutely stuffed skin/applier pack but I’m not wearing it, of course this is a PumeC skin:-).  Must confess though I did have a bit of an issue with the skin matching on my SLink hands, however esp if your wearing sleeves this isn’t a major issues and it’s only because I’m taking photos that I spot things like that.   So really don’t let that put you off esp if you don’t even use SLink because it comes with the Lolas, Phat Azz, baby bum, Cute Azz  etc as well.


I’ve rummaged through my old piccies and although I couldn’t find my LBD (Little Black Dress) picture I did find my dirty flirty dress.  This shows how good they are because I still have them both in my invent even after all my clearing out I’ve still kept them.

Shannon  keeps her prices at only 60,90 & 99LDs and since most of her clothes come in full outfit packs ie dress, shoes and bag, or trousers, blouse and hat etc so basically a whole look for a more than reasonable price.


 !Soul Marketplace

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Groupie gift

FREE outfit !

Almost September and CandyMetal are ahead of the pack with the group gift out already! Handy mesh shorts and a cropped Tee, one thing I noticed is the design on the shirt varies across the sizes. I wore small and this design was on it – BUT! I then tried the medium on and got a glittery pink one – yum ❤ Group is free to join .

Dollarbie mule shoes for Slink high feet

You might wanna grab these gorgy mules that are a dollarbie also. You get two pairs, one with a silver zip, one with a gold – these are for the Slink high feet. If you havent bought into Slink yet – go check it out. I found it so simple to use the feet, that I also bought the hands and then of course the body . I rarely, if ever remove the slink body – and I’m wearing the group gift outfit over it – dead simple to use. There are free demos for you to take away and fiddle about with – trust me – you will LOVE it all !




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Thrift Store

Citrus - Aitui - Mina

It’s that time again ! Yes yes the Thrift Shop is open for business . Citrus have these scrummy ripped mesh jeans, floral in a heap-o-colours. I got a super fit which is always pleasing. Theres also a side tied tshirt that co-ordinates plusss some snazzy sneakers that are not for slink feet – should make some of you happy ! My hair is by Mina and I snapped up this multi tone pack for just 70L at The Dressing Room Fusion event. Lastly my uber coolio beach bag from Aitui – an Arcade gacha item that I picked up from one of many of the yardsales springing up around this time. I paid 50L for it, which I believe is the price at The event also.

Thrift Shop

The Arcade

The Dressing Room Fusion

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Be sociable (freebies).

This is a sneaky freebie because in fact it’s the  demo for the Bella knotted tank to but So.Vintage hasn’t emblazoned it with the word demo(yet) and so basically this is a really neat knotted t shirt which is just plain great quality. I mean just look at the swirling around the knot.  Of course if you want any other colour than this off white then you will have to pay for it but this is a definite keeper for my invent. BUT the demo is the label hanging from the nude version of this shirt not the white one on the rack so be aware of that.

Make sure  to join her free group because she gives out weekly Group Gifts.  I managed to grab last weeks GG which was an excellent mesh dress but it’s now changed to this sweet lacy skirt and there is still a pair of boots waiting in the group notices, not tried them on yet.  So if you want the top and skirt and weekly great gifts then no hanging around TP now!


And now for something completely different.


Normally this sort of shortie Chinese tunic dress is the last thing I would buy not matter how good the texturing but check out this……


…Ta Daa, I Did not expect something so naughty from this shop but of course like me you could team it up with a pair of panties, not included, or of course be totally outrageous and shocking especially since you don’t expect this dress to be so open. At 125 Lds a bargain and although there is a choice of colours I loved the blue even though blue is one of my least fav colours but it’s so crisp and pretty and then naughty.  Lots of demos set out so pop over, join the group and grab all the gifts and demos.

A couple of lovely shops set on a skydome, stuffed with shorts, tops, skirts etc and I tried on so many demos and all are such good fits and pretty

Social Vintage

Social Vintage Marketplace