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Right on cue

coldLogic NEW! KoKoLoReS lipstick

Autumn in England is being really weird, one minute lashing down with rain, the next brilliant sunshine and I’m only strutting about in a t-shirt ! I dither each morning not really knowing what to wear, and right on cue along comes coldLogic with some ideal dresses ! Above is “durling”, plenty of choice on colours for this but I gravitated to the sultry staple of granite & black of course. The belt is a separate part and also comes in the full range of sizes – nice touch! YES, I’m still fooling about with the new KoKoLoReS lip colours, this is bright copper if memory serves me well (which it doesn’t often).

coldLogic NEW!

I took this photo, then noticed  how snooty I look ! I wasnt going for the sneer but more serene? Oh well, ignore me and soak up the frock. This is “zach” and wonderful collection of deep rich tones for it. The floral hem is so feminine and the draped sleeves add some extra glam appeal. This also comes in a plainer style called “royer”.

coldLogic NEW! KoKoLoReS lipstick & tote bag !

Last up is “zane”, the classic sweater dress with an add on belt (comes in brown and black for added versatility). This isn’t a chunky snuggly knit, more sleek and soft and clingy. You could get away with this on a night out avec some bling, or flats for the day, it’s a personal fav and will get a lotta wear from me through to next spring. Demos are free and all up on the market place to save your trotters. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

I’m also wearing the KoKoLoReS pumpkin bold version of the new lip creme andddddd my new KoKoLoReS stag bag , which I can’t seem to put down at the moment !

coldLogic mainstore

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog (for all info)

KoKoLoReS store

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

FaMESHed !

hurrah hurrah hurrah! A new round of FaMESHed  has begun…absolutely adore this event as it has all the cool and happenin designers in it…all my favs *squeeee*, soooooo (insert breathless pant here) I can show you one of the edibubble colours of the selection for FaMESHed  by coldLogic..of course I plumped for pink…but but but there’s heaps more options if you’re not a pink-a-holic like moi…the swift top & shorts are super refreshing and tweakably cute..I epsecially love love the top…its a blouson style…so it looks like its got casual folds of knitted fabric around your middly bits…and also has a stripey insert underneath with a halter neck & tie…as always…you buy this…youve got quality..coldLogic items always always are top notch…and perfectly executed… shorts & tops are sold separately so you can mix & match like crazzzzylegs….thank you coldLogic team ❤

Steve is wearing the FaMESHed  gift for guys (free join group) I don’t know much about menswear but..I know what I like..and I like this. It’s by Kauna, I hadn’t heard of them before – but Steve sure got a wee bit excited when he saw this out… Deep burgundy shade…and looks purrrfect on …grab it up guys !

Dont fret pets..there’s also a gift out for you, and boy-oh-boy are we getting spoilt…this amazing zebra stripe maxi dress is by Valentina E. Couture…and is your gift for this round of FaMESHed  ! Just right for a long stroll along the beach…or dress it up for the evening…its mesh and theres plenty of choice on sizing…