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An oasis of calm

CIRCA - Cyprus Oasis Canopy Bedroom Set

A beautiful new bedroom set is available at CIRCA in their mainstore , it’s called the “Cyprus Oasis” Canopy Bedroom Set”. I absolutely love these colour tones, so restful and very on trend at the moment. The stunning canopy bed is designed for the single ladies, having forty animations for sleeping & lounging about, you shouldn’t get bored! I’m not showing the whole range, there’s more with items such as an Ottoman and bedside tables etc.  The chair has 28 animations and the Ottomans have 9 each, for both the ladies and gents. Go take a peek and have a bounce about on the bed at the mainstore right now. Thanks Cherelle ❤ I want to also mention the window in this photo, it’s a new release by Half-Deer @ collabor88 There are other variations of this and in the pack you get three options of how the blinds are. Really perfect for adding some light into a home, I zipped over there right away because it’s SO low prim and super handy. They are reziable and the prims don’t go up very much, I stretched mine quite a bit.


Half-Deer @ Collabor88

All clothing by Neve

Shoes – Mewsin Heels includes HUD with 30 colors, mesh body compatible, demo available, 195L. @ Tres Chic

Peacock – old gacha prize (sorry!)

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$50L – one day only!

Funky Junk $50L !

Oh oh oh Funky Junk have a cracking item for this weeks round of Fifty Linden Friday! This is the recycled Garden Cottage – 9 x 14 and complete it’s just 51Li. When I rezzed it I did notice some elements were not hard-linked – meaning you could get this cheeky little build for less prims if you removed some of the flora & fauna . I was really surprised that it came with the footpath, flowers and butterflies – super pretty! Not just beautifully made on the outside, the shabby theme runs inside also. Don’t miss it, its at this price just for today.

Funky Junk

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The Farm (The Challenge)

The Challenge - 22769 bauwerk & barn

A new round of The Challenge has begun and it’s really a fantastic theme this time. “Farm” is the theme and I’ve got some great garden type treats to share with you . Above is the Farm shed from Black Tulip, 100% original mesh and really low prim (uhm 27 I think) The doors open to reveal a spacious interior, so plenty of room to fill up with your gardening and ground work gear.

The Challenge - 22769 bauwerk - cleo designs

22769 have some adorable vege beds to scatter around, cabbages, carrots, beetroots & lettuce plus an empty one incase you’ve got your own vegetables. Just 2Li and so realistic – I know I will be using these in my SL garden for sure! Little teaser above of the huge amount of pieces from Cleo Designs. I adore the little tray, probably because I just LOVE french cheese.

The Challenge - Cleo Design

Cleo Designs has released this collection for your garden / farm. The bench is super comfy and ever so pretty with its casually tossed blanket over the back and plump cushions to rest upon. There is also a hen-house with chickens, couple outside that are not linked so you can place them wherever you wish, and some inside with a nest of cracked eggs. There’s baskets of fruit, freshly collected eggs in a tin carrier and of course a small cold-frame with some plants getting ready to be planted outside.

The Challenge - Percent  Makeshift sink - animated !

Last but certainly not least is the “makeshift sink” by %Percent. Its simply gorgeous to look at, and its also animated yay! Lovely poses to wash your hands from a days hard graft in the garden plus others. The tap works and also drip drip drips, nice touch is the dripping sound – dead cute. Li of 9 and soft linked – which means you can mess around with the parts and position them as you please.

The Challenge Blog (features all participating designers with url’s and photos)