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The Arcade – in yet?

Scarlet Creative NEW!!!!

Well I haven’t yet been able to make time for the Arcade tp fest – you know how it is, fifty teleport tries – might get lucky ! However I have hit the yard sales fairly extensively and gathered up a few of the pieces on my want list. I can share with you today the rare win from Scarlet Creative yay! This is the Anastasia house and it’s just amazingly gorgeous.  From the outside, yes – pretty – but go inside and you will be blown away! Features galore, rooms aplenty and just when you think you’ve seen it all – BOOM, attic rooms up a flight of stairs! Outfront you can see the gazebo which is another of the wins but there’s plenty more to keep you playing – gilt couch, bed, high back chair, fireplace, cabinets etc, all made with Charlotte Bailey’s eye for quality and charm. Give it a whirl – when you can get in !

The Arcade

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Shiny Shabby

Scarlet Creative Chapel NEW

I’ve always always alwaysss wanted to buy an old church and renovate it in real life, so when I saw Scarlet Creative’s new build for Shiny Shabby I was pretty ecstatic.

Scarlet Creative Chapel NEW!!

Its called the “Neva Chapel” ,  includes 2 sizes, 107LI for small and 127LI for large. (21x22x17 footprint). I used the smaller scale for my photos and it seemed to be perfect and to scale for me.

Soooo from the outside its pretty churchified, one of those old type chapels, made of wood that I used to see in old Wild West movies. If you look up to the roof you can see the first clue its been converted, a lovely window gantry that would flood the interior with natural light.

Scarlet Creative NEW

Move inside and check out the stunning work on the windows, peeling paint on the frames and the odd loose wooden board on the walls all add to the atmosphere and charm. There is a narrow ladder leading up to what Id use as the bedroom – its been railed off with metal poles and guide poles – nice touch. All this for just $249L – deal !

I’ve just been over to Shiny Shabby (7.10am UK time) and its jam-packed and super hard to move around, might be worth leaving it a couple of days before you visit. I doggedly stood my ground to get a few items .

Shiny Shabby

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The Challenge goes Shopping

The Challenge - Shopping Black Tulip NEW!


The Challenge is on ! This months theme is “Shopping” and I have a few of the items that are on offer to share with you. Above is a really neat little store prefab by Black Tulip. It’s so beautifully built and a great size if you’re just starting out with an inworld store. I seem to recall its 9 prims , it has two front bay windows for displays or décor and a lovely spacious interior. At the front entrance you might just make out the security system, this is by 22769 bauwerk, just an added dash of realism for 1Li each – perfect !

The Challenge Shopping - Cleo Designs NEW!

Cleo Designs is also in this months round and has this gorgeous love seat styled arrangement on offer. Each seat has different poses, some for guys some for girls, what a brilliant little piece to place in a store for a refreshing cup of tea and a foot rest. Various colours to choose from.

The Challenge - Cleo Designs NEW!

My favourite item in this months round is also by Cleo Designs, it’s a changing room. Seriously I love to see these when I go shopping inworld. It all adds to the experience, and if a store owner provides them I use them. This little beauty has some lovely features, such as texture change curtain that actually pulls across. Poses in the mirror for males & females – it’s these lovely little details that always win my heart.

The Challenge NEW!

Must mention the range of interior shop décor that [hate this] has made. Absolutely fantastic , quite a few finishes to choose from so there should be something that will compliment your build. Wood, stone, plastic etc. Lots of sizes and variations from floor displays to hanging. Thank to  everyone at The Challenge ❤

The Challenge Blog

Cleo Designs

[hate this]

Black Tulip




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Scarlet Creative – Spotlight Interview from the Home & Garden Expo


Amongst the squillions of creators exhibiting at the Fifth Home & Garden Expo this year,  I had already earmarked Scarlet Creative as one of my must see places. It’s no secret I’m totally passionate about homes in Second Life…and the designs from Charlotte Bartlett had captured my heart. Crisp white lines…freshly mopped wood floors…and the furniture is just incredible. I especially loved the ability to rez items on certain pieces…sushi,flowers,candles etc. I was sooper lucky that Charlotte agreed to answer a few questions I had – thanks Charlotte !

Faithless: Your homes are very different from the usual type of build I see around in SL..where do you find inspiration for them?

“I am a fan of modern design in RL my home is very much mid-century modern in terms of decor and style and I have a range of decor from the 50s but also mixed with new designers (I spend a lot of weekends hunting down things!). I love newer designers like Jason Miller (and am a proud owner of one of his antler lamps 🙂 ) For some reason my designs in SL have come from various inspirational styles but I always have wanted to incorporate the feeling of light and space but still within the constraint of a defined structure.

I get hooked on small little details that I carry through different builds and then evolve them. My first builds in 2006 always had a glass round window in the roof and later on small thin supports into the ground. The new series which will be the For Series is more organic and softer.”

Faithless: What made you create in second life?

Initially I was in a very different field (non-creative) and wanted to conduct an experiment using Second Life as a platform as a viable creative tool. I was super lucky to meet two amazing builders/artists early in. Scope Cleaver and Maximilian Milosz. Scope created me a custom build (The Bartlett House) and Max created an indoor garden and furniture (ooo and bar!). Scope taught me to build (my first effort was the swimming pool water for the build).

Scarlet Creative was born soon after at the end of 2006 as I really liked what you could do with Second Life. Later on I became a Mole building for Linden Lab, but Scarlet Creative has always been my primary focus in Second Life.”

Faithless: The homes I’ve seen give a feeling of calm & peace..was this your intention or happy coincidence?

Probably a little bit of both. The reason I love SL is it’s my relaxing little space I come after hectic RL. I am very lucky to have a great circle of close friends / creators who always give me construction feedback on style and design as well. I try to build things that have that lightness about them so carry that feeling through and each one I really am passionate about the finished build. I have no idea if I get that feeling across but I hope people get a little bit of my heart when they have one of the houses.” (yes you do!)

Faithless: What sort of home do you live in when you’re in SL?

I have a little homestead that I live on. I love supporting other creators and so have a hybrid of items. I actually live in a glass and wooden structure that is filled with plants and is on a hill surrounding by meadows and my new Kitty from Callie Cline ahhah!”

Faithless: Which home designer do you admire, or has encouraged you?

I love a lot!! I have always loved Barnes (Barnesworth Anubis) purely as his consistent quality and output are legendary. I adore Y’s House and Cheeky Pea is adorable (and I love Isla!). In terms of encouragement Maxwell Graf (my neighbour at RFL Home Expo) is one of the best guys around.”

Faithless: I notice you use mesh…how has that changed (if at all!) the way you create?

” Mesh for me has revitalized my desire to build and so I have 4 houses in the pipeline and all my furniture is being converted over. I LOVE it!! I think it’s great for creators to have a new option and it shows in the quality of the builds now being seen in Second Life. It also, for me at least, has given me ability to now expand my design set. The new build is fully of organic curved walls (Santorini style) and pool. I could never achieve this with prims alone or even sculpts so I love the fact creators can be so original and now have this in Second Life.”

You can visit Scarlet Creative at the Home & Garden expo where she has a couple of beautiful items out as donation pieces for RFL . I did pop over to the mainstore to take a gander at everything..lovely store..well laid out, plussssss I found an item I just couldn’t pass up, the “Scarlet Creative Designer Challenge – Noelle Chalet”, heart went pittypatter…such a fantastic build..I bought the furnished version for just 199L…there is also a shell version for just 50L ! Dont forget to take a look in the central furniture section and play with the food on the tables ! Thanks Charlotte for the interview and the insight into your Second Life

Scarlet Creative : Home Expo

Scarlet Creative: on the market place

Scarlet Creative: mainstore

The Home & Garden Expo 2012 blog