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Oh back away hunt biatch!


Ohmai I can’t quite believe Zan thought by posting that absolutely horrendous photo of her wearing many/but nothing really was gonna grab her rights to blog that hunt!! You snooze you loose babygirl lol I’m not gonna cover it but as Karin are in it I thought Id share her gift. Karin is a quirky little store and I really do love to visit from time to time. This Fall mesh dress is the gift, standard and mesh body fits. I slapped a pair of woolly tights on underneath but you could also wear it as a top with jeans etc. You’re looking to find a black cat thats hidden inside the store – its sooper easy to locate.


Ohhhhh and you have to go grab the Futuristic moon boots from DUH! Not one of my bestest boot photos granted but ive been pooooorly *whinewhine*. You get a fatpack of eight groovetastic colours for just $40L!! Oh and don’t forget to update your LM as the store recently moved.



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Guilty (Freeness)

It’s those DAMNED GACHAS!!! but when they contain something as cute as this wearable Elephant I think most of use would also find it hard to resist, I even look guilty in this picture.  However the Elephant isn’t free and in fact I’m not even going to tell you where I got it from, unless you really want to know and then you can drop me a note inworld and I’ll tell you, sadly little Nellie flashes, she’s not very stable so is constantly disappearing not sure if this is an issue just with my comp or something that needs to be fixed by the maker.  Such a shame as it’s a much more interesting wearable than the standard hand bag LOL.


The freeness is not just the outfit but the great boots.  They don’t match but neither do they clash and since they both came from the same shop called Agapee I thought I’d show you them at the same time. The dress and gloves come as a one piece and you also get the Mesh Body Sizes as well.  Although the boots come with mesh feet fits you can obviously wear them even without mesh feet.  I should have taken a picture to show you the beige chunky heel which is a really good style touch.

Often when I grab a Freebie I just rush off to try it on and only when I’ve decided it’s worthy LOL and I’m at the LM grabbing stage do I return to the shop and from this visit I can see that Agapee has only been open since december and already has 2 stylish shops set up but not totally packed with stock as yet but plenty of room for expansion.  To one side of the Landing spot is the clothes shop which is where you will find not just these 2 freebies but there is also a pack of the same outfit but with 3 more Christmassy texturing and if you go to the other side which is the pose shop there are also group gifts out there but sadly for us singletons they’re all couple poses.  Of course I couldn’t resist hopping on a few poses and although I was seriously tempted I managed to not buy any but I think when it’s time to update some of my poses this is going to be a place to visit.

PS I almost forgot to say that if you don’t like this outfit as a one piece I did spot that you can buy the skirt and tops but they come with a price tag and it’s the same for the boots.  If you like the style but not the texture and don’t mind spending Lindens then there is a choice of them as well.


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I’m all Mixed up

Neve NEW ! - boots $87L! Elua hair DISCOUNTED!

A new round of The Mix is underway yippee! I love this event and what makes it even more speshul is Neve @ coldLogic are participating. For this round Neve has some fabulous fat packs of skirts & sweaters. Seriously, there is a whole HEAP of various designs, fabric, wools to check out. You can rifle through and snap up a few packs while the event is on for a discounted price. Above I’m wearing the “Espirit dye” sweater that comes in four different tones, and the denim skirt which is in, of course, delicious denim tones from back to light blue. The sooper dooper HUD for the top allows you to take the scarf on and off – brill ! Go take a peek, there’s suede, nobblybobbly wools and floral etc to take a gander at. The Mix is run by a HUD, which you can get your paws on from the market place , linked below.

The Mix

I’m also wearing Elua’s offering “iola2” all colour packs for just  $125L per pack and from the boots “Rosie” in coal, different colours on offer for the low price of $87L a pop. My watch was a birthday gift from Player – I loved it SO much I bought another in a different colour – yes I really did ! It’s by a new-to-me store Muschi, not exactly a cheap trinket but so lush , definitely worth a look.

Our Halloween

If you were wondering what Player and I were up too last night – we hopped around the Grid looking for some spoooooky FUN! We ended up at a very atmospheric Freak show and found this guy to pose with ! Its not all about shopping is it ❤


Neve @ coldLogic


MUSCHI watch

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Sweater Love

Neve - New Sweaters! FateStep Dolores boots - kokolores hat & hair

Thank gawd – new seasonal sweaters from Neve yippeeee! I love this time of year and I love sweaters, doubly delighted that these have added glamour, more about that later. So so so anyway, there’s heaps of newness going on instore and on the market place @ Neve, so head down for a full on gander. I’m going to show a couple of my firm fav’s here. Above is “peek” with added stripes, how yummy. The marvellous thing is – if you turn around there is a heavenly split all down the spine – not enough to make it odd but just enough to make you extra enticing ! I’m wearing the sweater with the Neve zeezee leggings, a colour from the lively pack. Check out my newwwww boots  – picked these babies up from FateStep today, they are totally incredible and awesome. You can recolour (and re texture) almost ever.single.part – seriously go grab a demo and check out the HUD – its massive. I also bought the HUD for the socks, dead handy.

Neve new sweaters! Fate Step Dolores boots - kokolores hat & hair

Ok my OCD about wearing stripes overtook me so here’s another colour in the peek range and another colour of the zeezee leggings anddddd another colour from my magical HUD in the Dolores Fate Step booties!

Neve NEW - FateStep Dolores boots & socks - elikatira Miya hair NEW!!

This is the peek ombre sweater, it’s a bit more delicate and sheer, and kinda has (OMG!) a striped effect happening all over. Again at the back there is a lovely split to expose your spine, super glam. The leggings are another colour available from the zeezee lively pack btw.

Neve sweater NEW! Elikatira hair Miya NEW!

Just a sneaky peeky at the rear, I took this photo and then realised I look a little awkward and clumsy – oh well – real life following into my second life I guess ! You can see what I mean though, it’s not overtly open, but just enough open to give a whiff of flesh – love it. Thanks Neve Team ❤

Neve @ coldLogic store

Neve market place

FateStep Dolores Boots

FateStep store


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Its all in the Mix

Neve NEW!!

If you’re out & about looking for some stylish additions to your Autumn wardrobe – hop over to coldLogic and check out the new collection from Neve. Of course I gravitated towards the striped version of the “embrace” dress, gotta love me some stripe action ! Gorgeous colour palette on offer for this item, and the same design comes in two other options – a plain & a sort of colour wash effect.

neve NEW!!!

There is a scarf that comes along with this item, use the HUD to make it visible or invisible – easy peasy. Unusually for moi, yes I’m showing the rear – just so you can see the lovely scarf, it really adds a dash of glamour to the whole look. Ohhh btw, the boots are new too – I popped over to Fameshed this morning and snapped them up. By JD and called Polo boots, great range of yummy Autumnal colours plus PINK *squeeeee*.

neve NEW!!!!

Here’s the plaid version of the new “acute” dress, so eye-catching and sleek. Two more options for it on sale is the lively & neutral. The HUD allows you to alter the belt colour and whether to have it on or off – brill!  Neve supports all the major mesh bodies plus of course the standard mesh sizing. I am wearing all clothing over my Slink Physique mesh body.

My new hair is by one of my all time fav hair designers and I HAD to have it – its at Fameshed, is called Claudette , its made by Elikatira – sooper pretty!

All new Neve releases on sale now at the main-store . ! The Mix isn’t a location based event, but you can get a HUD that helps guide you around each and every designers store that’s participating, link below.

Neve by coldLogic Store

Neve Blog (shoes all variations of the new releases)

The Mix HUD


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Brrrr !

Neve zeezee lively - campus stripe NEW! DUH! Stitched western boots $40L !

So alrighty ! We’re dropping into the Fall arena pretty swiftly and there’s heaps of new gear around for the season. Neve have released another bundle of goodies with some really unique fiddly bits. Above I’m wearing the “zeezee” leggings, this scrumptous teal colour is from the lively pack, now the coolio thing is with these little darlin’s you will never need to stress about that old “legging – boot” scenario again hurrrah! In the HUD, is a wee bit of trickery that allows you to alpha out for boots of different lengths. I didn’t have to use it with these stitched western boots form DUH! – however I did try it out with other pairs and it’s SO brill. I’ve teamed the leggings up with a gorgeous new Autumnal sweater called “campus”, various packs of this in store, this is the stripe version. The HUD lets you remove the undershirt and recolour it, you all know I adore a bit of versatility.


These western boots by DUH! come in a whole heap of colours (I’m showing just a few here), they came out a while back but are so darn handydandy I use them a lot. Only $40L per colour, fat pack available too.

Neve zeezee floral - Breeze neutral NEW!

Another version of the zee zee leggings, a rather delicate tone from the floral pack. Over the top Im wearing the “Breeze” top, the HUD allows you to recolour the insert shirt also. There is a lattice version of this that’s ever so pretty – go take a gander and grab up a few free demo’s .

Neve zeezee neutral - campus neutral NEW

Here I am pottering in my SL garden and wearing the breeze top in brown from the neutral collection over the zee zee leggings (also neutral) This sweater is more organic and sort of nubbly. I thought it was just perfect for tottering about outside in no?

Duh! Boots (many colurs available)

What you can’t see above are my fabulous boooots from DUH! Gawd I love these and I don’t know how I didn’t see them before in the store. These are the combat boots, such a lovely array of colours to choose from, because I’m so deadly dull I of course chose beige . Just $50L per pair, basics pack $100L, fat pack uhm…$200L I think. Nifty touch to resize function and you don’t need mesh feet for these – nice !

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve Blog

DUH! Store

DUH! Blog

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Chunkies. (Freebie).


Very quick post as I literally stumbled upon something called Famous Station, a real quaint shopping mall set out as a train station with the small shops on the side of the platforms and on platform 1 you will find the Arisaris shop and 2 gifties.  A long summer dress and these non SLink but mesh boots.  With a built-in resizing menu all it took was 2 clicks to get a nice fit.  Good n chunky and free.  I did see another Freebie on one of the stalls but I just haven’t had the time to have much of a look-see and because I think it’s over in the next few days so I thought I’d get this posted and then go back to have a proper look.