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Less gabbing more grabbing.(Freebies).

I always intend on trying not to blab on and on when I do a post and then I fail badly!  Never mind just scroll past the blab and check out the pics.

Vanity shot but hey ho why not but then again since you can’t make heads or tails out of what I’m wearing here is some much clearer piccies taken in my studio and sim setting.

Look at that gorgeous colour and not my bum.

This dress and the shoes in the next picture are gifts from ZD(Zhora Design) and although this shift dress is a classic SL style and I know I have shown you many in this style before but the 8 colour Hud you get with this dress just doesn’t strike a bell with me.  It’s not often that I like all the colours in a hud esp the blues and bleurgh purple range but check out this colour!  In the top picture I’m wearing the brown shade and there is black and I normally stick to the save colours but love these and yes it’s a keeper for me.

Once you’ve joined the ZD group to grab the dress  then join the SL frees and offers group right next to it for the shoes.

I am about 99% sure I have already shown you these shoes but I couldn’t walk past them and not grab them.  Sadly only SLink High.

Thank Goodness for coming back inworld because I forgot I had originally come here for a small hunt that’s going on here.  What you’re looking for is a small flower which costs 1Ld but there is also a picture and you can see what each flower contains.  I have to say a nice little mix of items and a couple of them for me are worth hunting down.  Plus there is Lucky Chairs here as well.

PS How good is the hair!

ZD(Zhora Design) If the LM doesn’t take you to the GG then when you go in through the doors it’s to your left and the ZD gift is there but look a little bit along and you will find the SL frees and offers and another freebie group gift(which I have done before and is a really sweet, simple, spring dress so well worth the grabbing).

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Failsafe (Freebie).

Yup poor Faith is having a super busy RL with her “wrinklies” & work and that RL stuff but at least Dad is on the mend.

So as always as soon as the notice came through for a completely failsafe shop and their latest GG I was off like a shot.  FAC (FA Creations) is the shop and I do believe I’ve shown you every group gift they have ever put out as they’ve all turned out to be top quality and this is just like the rest 100% top quality.


Such a good outfit, the drape of the skirt, texturing, fit on and on can’t be bettered.

Ignore the lighting, because this was such an easy find and a treat to take a picture of, I spent a little time playing with the windlight setting on our sim because God knows were not going to get any sun in RL and I rather liked this setting.  So I just pulled a few poses.


Comes in all standard mesh and fit mesh sizing plus 2 mesh body sizing but not my SLink Physique one, not that that is an issue because with all those fits you’re guaranteed to find a great fit.  Add to all of that this come as separates! both the top and skirt go so well with each other but have lots of potential to go with other items of clothing and thats such a bonus and I’m keeping these for sure.

Didn’t manage to do my usual walk through the FA Creations shop to check out any new stuff but there usually is something tempting.  So make sure to check out the rest of the shop once you’ve grabbed this goodie.

PS The GG’s is to the side of the entrance wall, em not explaining that too well but when you get there just head to the right to go behind the wall in the entrance and it’s there.  As it happens the “wall” is usually where the new stuff is but I was in such a rush to grab this I forgot to even pause to check that out!

FA Creations