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Dreaming away the day

Paradisis Budget Outfit NEW! 59L complete - GINZA necklace & earings FREE!  White Bag by DUH Luckyboard free! (other colours just 20L !)

Paradisis has another complete outfit out for us in her “budget” range. Theres absolutely nothing cheap about the quality, it’s just perfect ! For just 59L you will receive the fresh crisp “English lace” strapless  mesh blouse. It’s ever so pretty and really fits well, even around those hard-to-get-right-areas under the arms. You also get five colour tones of the shorts, yes FIVE! Thats not all, there are wooden bangles for both left and right arms, you really can’t go wrong with this. The shorts are not mesh btw, which was really rather a refreshing change, no worries about butt size! I’m wearing a sweet daisy jewelry set of necklace and earings from GINZA, its set out as a free gift in the mainstore right now, so dash over and pick it up. I snapped up a gorgeous pair of little bird earings while I was there for 80L ! My bag is by DUH and was a luckyboard gift , in the pack you get gold or silver chains, pose or no pose, other colours available for only 20L a pop.

Paradisis Budget outfit Dreaming Chloe 59L

GINZA Jewelry


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ArisAris - NEW!

It feels like summer..and all the fashion in SL is getting summery yay! I lurve this sooper sweet new release from ArisAris…the set comprises of a fresh & crisp white cotton blouse top, with a darling floral print and big bow at the front. Also included are the matching white cotton shorts, simple and sweet with a real vintage appeal style. This will keep you looking glamorous and cool all day long !

ArisAris mainstore

ArisAris marketplace store

ArisAris blog

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Post cards from the rainy place

Be very glad youre not here….we have floods..torrents of rain…rivers spewing over their banks..and it isnt letting up ~le sigh~…thats the great thing about Second Life..I might be a drowned rat in real life..but here…its sunny everrrrrry day! Here Iam, in my splendid new kitchen (more about that laters!), drying off with a cup-a-splosh. Just perfect for a sunny day or lounging about at home is the new collection out now at coldLogic…Im wearing the gertz top in salmon and the simple yet stunning breslin shorts in tomato…both tones are new for me, have to say Im looking forward to messing around with these and other coldLogic gear I have..

Something thats definately a little more the wilkinson shirt and skirt…ok so Im sorry…truly..I was going to be all edgy and do colour clashes..there really is SO much choice of shades for these scrummy little pieces..but but but I do so adore this pink. I totally tried and epically failed to veeeer away from the peeeenk…seriously! Anywayyy…how can anyone not like this gentle mellow shade of pink?..dress it up..heels…sparklies…or like moi..flats..pigtail braids..its all good…

Slipped into this next outfit sooo easily…my head was whispering that I really shouldnt mix a floral print skirt with a pinstripe blouse…so I did it anyway…(oh yeah thats the way I rolllll bebe lol) I love the look…was also thinking of those coldLogic Mazza pants in my wardobe that would be a sleeeek look with this top called “ladd”, heaps-o-colours to choose from…I wriggled into the kalili skirt…hawaiin inspired print with a wrap effect front…uber glam ! If you dont come home weighted down with these skirts in ALL the colours..I’d be surprised.

Nother pair of shorts..these ones are named levy and come in some gorgeous subtle shades to mix in with your tee’s & tanks…they have a very dainty sort of check in the fabric…I actually didnt notice it at first…but its right there ! My blouse is called kipp…okokok yes I chose the pink trimmed one…get yer own and you can decide on another colour !

The blouse has a little secret…check out the back…isnt that just delectable? One thing you cant fail to notice with coldLogic’s work…is the painstaking attention to detail…not just the front…or the almost lickable textures..but the creases..folds..crumply bits..the quality of each piece is really amazing…Steve has learnt to recognise a coldLogic item from twenty paces !

Ok one more to share…its always so hard to pick-n-choose which to highlight as the collections are chockablock with lovelies…and I admit..I almost wore the pink version of this top …but..the green (and the blue actually) really grabbed my attention…the blouse is called tripp…super useful little thing that it is…wear it with shorts…jeans…cut off’s whatever…its like bottled sunshine ! The breslin shorts in olive looked to be a perfect partner for them.

Head on over to the inworld store and take a browse…its usually quite busy after a new collection has been you could also demo shop on the market place…feast your eyes on the pretties … Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic inworld store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog

Bet you were wondering where my furniture was from hmm? Wellllllll….I was lucky enough to be able to lounge around in the latest release from “Zinnias”, its all part of the  La Gitana range…and you know its spooky because yesterday…I had been searching everywhere for a hanging rack for my kitchen…et voila! Now this is mostly mesh…so youre going to need a mesh enabled viewer to see all the goodies properly…I especially loveloveLOVE the animations…the chairs dispense steaming cups of coffee…plus a folded newspaper for the reading pose…the rug is a real crowd pleaser…such vibrant colours it sort of leaps out at you ! Mosey on over to the inworld store…its rarely a place I leave without new stuffage…ohhhh dont forget to take your gift while youre there…its a sooper lovely cactus print, all framed and ready to beautify your home…thanks Zinnia ❤

Zinnias mainstore

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Fashion that wont break the bank

Im always on the look out for some good quality inexpensive items to show you..and was stoked to find a bag full yesterday..the outfit above I pulled together from a market place store, designer called Yumi Chiuh…some really top gear for around 1-5L…Ive got the pink ruffled mesh blouse on, white mesh shorts andddd the darling mesh pink sneakers….each item is only 5L…15L for the whole look! (other colours available)

I couldnt resist snapping up the matching pink mesh skirt either for sandals are this months group gift from SF Design….very birkenstock ! (theres a few changes for this group so please take note. There will be , from now on, a small join fee for the group of 100L…members will be rewarded with regular discounted items in the future that will only be available to them.)

The sandals are just awesome…as a group member I got the colour change pair as a gift..heaps of colour options for the straps….lotsa pedicures…and a really easy HUD to fit them…there is a standard pair out in black for non group members also, but only for this month…if you want the monthly group gift in future, join up!

michi Yuu Market place store

SF Design

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Everyday Chic at coldLogic

Have you, like me, been looking for that pair of pants that are kinda “effortlessly chic”? Yeah…its not easy to find that…a pair that will go with anything..casual,classy…pretty…well I have some news ! I’ve found my pants nirvana ! mmhmm coldLogic have some mesh newness..and I was champing-at-the-bit  to unpack it and toss it all satisfy even the most hardened of shoppers..there are two styles of pants..I’m wearing the “mazza” ones in crisp ohmaigod-its-almost-spring white…sooper fresh.(250L singles/ quantum pack of six 1000L)..two types of cuff…yummy huh? To carry on the freshhhh theme..I teamed it up with this  zingy lime top called “wright”. (225L singles, quantum pack of four 600L) can wear it with or without the sleeves…I know I’m a mesh hound lately but seriously…when you wear this’ll zoomperv yourself to death ! It’s all the tiny details..the wrinkles..creases..shading..*squeee*…o.O fabbo necklace is by Dark Mouse..I think it totally popped with the green in the blouse..made for project Themeory and just 75L until midnight Sunday…

Onto more pants..and this is the outfit I havent taken off for two days ! Click on the pic..get in reallllll close…and check out that shirt..Iam sooo loving the cuffs ! I was wearing this while working around the resort today..and Steve was stoked by the cuffffs ! The collar also..great shadowing..If you look at the arms, you’ll see how the fabric has been made to look like it’s stretching slightly…pulling as you move..its called “lane” heaps of colour options.(200L singles or six pack for 800L)..snagged it over a pair of the “dailey” pants.(250 singles, six pack 1000L)..pinstriped…of course I was chuffed to find a *truffle* like colour that I SO love !

Last up (for now)..classic pinstriping for me…(Im English and we do LOVE pinstripes- so shoot me!) and another new release shirt..this deep rich red looks scrummy with the charcoal grey pants..”segal” is the shirt name…it comes in some sooper rich jewel tones (SO on trend right now) quantum pack of six shades for 900L, singles 225L  (the fat packs are SUCH good value) Head on over…Ive only had time to show a few items from the new haul…theres plentyyyy more to see… Noticed that coldLogic has a board out for a hunt that starts on the 1st March..I will keep you updated ! Thanks coldLogic gang ❤

Clothing: coldLogic

Jewelry: Dark Mouse

All furniture (apart from the office desk) is from the Lisp 10L bazaar: Lisp bazaar