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Its Bikini weather !

Citrus mesh bikini mix n match NEW!

Sooper glad that Citrus have released a whole Ocean of bikinis for us to get tangled up in . Seriously, there is a massive amount to choose from, patterns, plains and ohmaiiiiiLORD…different coloured strings to tie them up with, shhh I need to lie down and be fanned ! Anyyywayy, here Iam…always the glamour icon huh? I plumped for a flamingo covered bikini…great fit…no gaps…easy peasy I’m ready for the beach. I knowwwwww you’re dying to hear where I found the swimmin hat right? Welllll it was only 5L…and it made me  giggle so I got it…brilliant! It’s also colour change with the biggest array of colours you could wish for…a bargain if ever there was.

Citrus mesh workout gear FREE! Summer sandals with colur HUD FREE!

While you’re there slap up the group join board (its free) and grab yourself this workout set of jogging pants and crop top (there’s even a set for the guys yay!) and also these terrifico woven sandals, nifty little things, no messing with skin tones or alpha layers, feet in and you’re ready to choose which of the many colours supplied in the HUD…simple & perfect, a sure-fire keeper for moi. Thanks Sejher ❤

Citrus store

Citrus market place Store

WarHead swimming cap

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Tiny scraps of pleasure

coldLogic NEW! Bikini waters in tomato 1

In the middle of a frantic week  I received a few little scraps of absolute pleasure…yesyesyes ! coldLogic have released a whole range of delectabubble bikinis.  I’m wearing “waters” above in a deeelicious shade called tomato…it has meshy side ties and meshy back ties and and and….welllll go SEE it…you will adore. Big range of colours too…I tried it with my big boobies and my little ones…it suits both yay!

coldLogic NEW! Bikini malibu in ivory

I also chose this one to share with you today and its name is malibu…what a style statement ! definitely one for milling around a resort in heels and looking all fashionistic (that’s SO a word). Knew Id be skulking about in this the moment I laid my weary peepers on it…gorgeous side sweep to the top…and rolled over edges to the bottoms. This tone is called ivory, other colours available.

coldLogic NEW! bikini seaside-neapolitan tone

Nothing I like more than posing around at the beach, I usually kneeboard but what the heck, surfboard is cool with me ! This bikini is just adorbs, I soo like this tone , it’s called Neapolitan which is one of my fav icecream flavours yummm! The style is named “seaside”, it feels a lil bit vintage which is SO in for the summer. Lotsa shades to choose from or grab yourself a bargain quantum pack, thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog

Izzies Irene skin worn throughout – 70L TDR Fusion event (demo available)

“LoQ Hair” Con Panna Fat Pack – TDR Fusion event – 70L fat pack (1st photo)

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Its Summer…somewhere

even.flow NEW! For Acid Lily

It’s certainly not anything like Summer here in the UK…but I know some of you are in the sun ! I have some more goodies from the latest round at Acid Lily…boy-oh-boy its a great place to score a few bargains….even.flow have a couple treats out for you the first being this deeelicious little denim mini skirt…different tones available. It fits really really well..I cant stress that enough , I’ve bought SO many that just don’t. Sooper belt on it also, all that for just 69L *faint*…Im wearing it with another must-have from even.flow, the new mesh bikini , you can buy these mix n match…lotsa different tops and bottoms…just go mad ! The price tag wont scare you,  at 35L its a real steal , so grab a few while the going is gooooood. Thanks Yingy ❤

Acid Lily



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The Sinner

The Sinner is a most appropriate name for this outfit. New to Etchaflesh, the best place for the tightest corsets for all boobs (in my opinion), is this wicked Domanatrix style outfit but even if you’re not into that lifestyle this outfit has so much style you can wear it alone just to make a fashion statement.  May be a considered purchase at 499Lds but you get a lot for that, in a pack you get ,Underbust Corset (rigged 7 sizes), panties in 2 colour option (rigged 5 sizes), hip hugger in 2 colours options (rigged 5 sizes), boots (rigged 5 sizes), neck corset (rigged 3 sizes), blindfold 2 different plain or studded, gloves and of course the TA-TA cover in all layers. Sorry folks the whip is mine.  But what has impressed me is that they have inc all the alpha layers to give you the choice of how much or how little you want to wear.  So if you want only the corset then you can wear that on its own or the corset and boots etc.  And of course you can mix and match these with items in your closet.   So really you get more than you think.

Just had to show you the neck collar because it’s not what I expected.  Very sinister in a sexy way. I also wanted to try to show of the exacting detail Etchaflesh manage to get into their clothes, the tight draw string at the back the straps that keep on the hip huggers and the folds on the corset but you must try the demo out for yourself to be able to appreciate it all.

Still time to find your “Inner Tart” but you’d better hurry because it will end soon.  What you’re looking for is a pretty blue butterfly.  So a great way to check out Etchaflesh quality for FREE! They haven’t moved it and I’m sure they give out a big fat hint but here’s mine…I love sewing.


Etchaflesh Marketplace

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End of Summer

It’s a glorious day in England…hot, sunny…and probably one of the last chances to catch some rays before some rain comes along to spoil the partay…I found this darling mesh bikini in the Maison Close market place store…just 1L ! There are four to choose from..the one I’m showing is “beige”..I got a great fit with the medium size, however there are five sizes to choose from in the pack…so have a try on , you’ll love them! Sweet styling with the ruffles around the bust and hips…yay!

Maison Close

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bikini babe

Gawd its sooo hot here at the moment…and YES, I have actually broke out my bikini in real life ! CandyMetal have another first for me today…a MESH bikini…mmhmm…a few pretties to choose from…and this butterfly effect one lured me awayyyy from my usual addiction to pink, crikey. I totally love how it fits and moves…and will find it hard to wear layer bikinis again to be honest…I had a feeling mesh swimwear might not be sooooo great…I was wrong!

o.O also…there is a great 10L offer on this little outfit at the store..light denim…racey split sides…and a tube top to cover the nipplage! Thanks Emychan ❤