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Spreading The Joy With Culprit !

Culprit Animesh Companions - they dance, they talk, and more !

Oh My Days are these cheeky guys cute ! Since I got my paws on these adorable little characters I’ve been taking them with me around and about shopping – SO many questions from people as to where to buy them!. Each little Kamidama pet comes with its own Hud which is quite literally stuffed with unique gestures & animations. These are the companion animesh pets so you just add them along with the Hud. I’ve been wearing my pets without the Hud and they still dance around etc ❤ Choose a channel and you can make them speak in local chat. Several types to pick from the ones above are my favs! You can also go the whole darn hog and get yourself a Kamidama avatar!! All these items are for sale at the latest round of Neo Japan – its pretty crowded at the moment so prepare to hustle to get in – Thanks Culprit Team ❤

Neo Japan

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Gacha addiction

NAMINOKE Kigurumi avatar 50L !

Hello, my name is Faithless and Im a gacha addict *hangs head*. I just can’t walk past a gacha machine and not try my luck, so when I saw The Luck of the Irish Gacha Event advertised – I was there in a flashhhhh. There are three stages of machines, with items ranging from mesh avatars to decor – makeup and jewellry – stuff for guys too. My gorgeous mesh avatar was just 50L, isn’t it just adorable? Its by Naminoke and there is a huge amount of colours to win, bunnies & teddies. They even have the a pair of sweet wings that flap awww.

BIC Goodgirl Apron dress 25L ! Cheap & Chic shapes  Nueva Dehli  - not yet released !

I couldn’t believe that this good girl apron dress by BIC was 25L a pop ! Really nicely detailed and a little bit retro. I won the pink colour so was suitably chuffed. Ohhhhh btw, check out Cheap & Chic shapes, a small but growing selection of shapes, priced around the 40L mark and all rather unique. I’m wearing one that’s not yet released but hopefully will be soon ! Its called ” Nueva Dehli” (thanks Matilda <3)

The Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Cheap & Chic Shapes (market place direct link)

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I have a Boo

Boo - light- mesh toddler NEW!

I’ve done a lot of things in Second Life, but only once for a few hours have I experienced it as a child. I’ve been curious, what can you do? Where can you go? What is the world like when you’re so small ! When a notice came out in one of the blogger groups I’m in about trying a mesh toddler, I was in ! I went over to  ND/MD  –   Skins/shapes and took a look at the range of “cuties” and loved this one called Boo, I choose the light version, there is also tan. For the more adventurous there are coloured & drow types too! Sooo…I tried it all on, a really simple procedure for such a big change…alpha on and add full body mesh toddler, voila! In the pack is a diaper to get you started, eyes, and three heights of shape. I scoured this all over, and found it to be well made, I especially loved the chubby knees, the face is such a peach, how can you not fall in love with it ❤ I used a hair from D!VA and resized it very easily.  Btw, their hairs have such an innocent style to them, I loved how they looked.

Boo light toddler - wearing star coverall complete outfit

My next quest was to find some clothing. After epically failing to see three sections of clothing behind me whilst perusing the avatars at  ND/MD (doh) I headed back and snapped up this natty little set for just 79L…bargain deal ! Mesh clogs,hair & bows and of course the adorable overalls – the hair im wearing in the last photo is one that came with this outfit. I nabbed myself a free childs AO from the market place and I was ready to roll.

ND-MD  -   Skins & shapes - Boo light mesh toddler NEW!

I utilised the search bar and used terms such a “Kids,children,play park” and found oooodles of fun places to hang out. Boogers store had some totally lovely play items & furniture to fool about on…and the many parks I visited were well stocked with swings, slides for child av’s of all sizes. It felt different being a child, everything seemed MASSIVE ! I did find that most of my adult poses for blogging were fine for this size child, although some werent wholly appropriate, I snooped the market place and there are sooo many child & family pose stores now, well worth a gander. Thanks for letting me try this out Alea !

 ND/MD  –   Skins/shapes

Free childs AO


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Unhinged Festival – part trois

Oh my French is trois three? Hmm uhm I think so ! Anywayyy…heres another handful of the oooodles of items you can snatch up at the unhinged event…let me say this…and I will try not to babbble on …




Okkk….got that outta the way…now listen up…get yourself over to the Unhinged Festival….drool over these amazing mesh avatars by Skulpritt…dribble down your front when you see the biplane, the hover car & hot air balloon…and then BUY THEM. They are gonna be the most fun thing you’ve had for a longggggg time ! SERIOUSLY !

I can’t tell you how much I laughed scooting around in my little plane and pilot avatar…deadly cute…sooper deelighful…highly addictive. There is a choice of avatars (YES *airpunch* even a pink one) and also wearable vehicles to go with them…if you don’t laugh when you wear these…you are made.of.stone !  The detail is truly amazing…and so easy to wear, I’m told you can also use the avatar wearing your own hair if you don’t wear the cap…but I so so SO loved the complete thing.  The vehicles are in gatcha machines with all sortsa colour combo to win, the mesh avatars you can choose which one you want, perfect! I’m off to buzz around in mine – thanks Eku ❤

Unhinged Festival