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A late kiss (and some freeness).

I try to vary my post and not have skin following skin but because this FREE skin is Lavender I thought I’d just go for it especially when it includes SLink and Lola Appliers.

purple skin

Don’t worry you don’t need glasses I blurred the main part of the picture but I wanted to show you as much skin as poss so you can see the skin colour.  This was taken in my Nams setting and I think she’s very pretty.

And then I went map hopping and stumbled, finally, upon this.


Another FREE to join Group gift in fact there are 3 of them waiting to be snagged.  I did try on the brown knitted dress and was most surprised that it also was mesh.  A simple, well textured skirt and top combo.

Such a short post as it’s getting RL late.  So LMs given and you will have to join the groups but both are free.




Perfect Geometry

Okkk time for just one more piece of pretty before I hit the hay…this time it’s from Geometry and is their gift in the mesh around hunt…a new store for me…and one I will be returning too, just love this dress ! To be precise it’s actually a skirt and blouse combo…even better , as you can then split and make them more versatile hurrah! Beautiful blue & green tones…and a really sweet ruffle hem skirt…I actually got lucky on the Dark Mouse luckyboards and won the bracelet *squeee*…”midsummer amusements bracelet”, there’s two colours in the box…seriously cute…six lucky boards inside the store..peek outside and you’ll find the sale room


Dark Mouse

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Its a meshy free for all

I am so enjoying the mesh around hunt at the moment…some fantastic finds and new stores to mooch around ! Above I’m showing the “I love dots” mesh top , (along with my fav mesh pants by coldLogic “mazza”)…the totally cool thing is ni night creations have 2 colours of this pretty blouse as their mesh around hunt prize , plussss another two colours out as a group gift ! (The group is free join, double yay!) They are so so sweet, each one has a little motif on the back…I’ll leave them as a surprise for you..they made me say “awwww”…also wearing the mesh around gift from a new-to-me store Leverocci, fahhhbulous leopard boots…totally gorgeous. If you’re liking my skin..well hubbidy hubba..this is a steal from the best darn makeup store in the world “MOCK cosmetics”, a bargain at 59L for a two colour pack *gasp* YES really ! I’m wearing it along with a MOCK eyeliner and a blush…the skin is called “Moira” and I used the skin tone 2 version (paler one in the pack also). Three others are at this price..go check it out!

ni night creations


MOCK Cosmetics


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Mesh around with a little CHIC² preview

omg omg omg I’m sooo excited..I was trudging about looking for hunt prizes to show you for the Mesh Around Hunt…and ohmai..I was rewarded with two incredible gifts..First I stumbled across Ploom’s prize, this darling hair..”daisy”…it comes with a HUD so you can change the color…and is so so SO pretty, it was on my head and fixed there straight away ! Then I saw that my fav shoe designer Mr Gospel Voom wa sin the off I trundled..and found his prize also ! oh…oh…OH….its not only PINK…but its ankle boots..the newwwwwwww ones *faint*…arent they just EDIBLE? Thank you ploom & GOS for being so über generous..and making my day ultra smiley ❤ If you’re wondering where my divine little blue shorts set is from…wellllll its  a sneak preview from the upcoming CHIC² event…mmhmm…gawd its adorbs…mesh puffy shorts..sweet sailor shirt and big ruffle bow…I feel a zillion bucks in it..from Jack spoon and called “saily outfit”…the skin is from {.essences.} and is named Rowena…both of these items will be available to drop into your shopping bags on June 3rd – 24th , CHIC have their 2nd Birthday..and this is a massive collection of designers to celebrate. Each brand will have one new and exclusive (for the duration of the event) item with the theme of CHIC. huzzzah!



Mesh Around blog

CHIC² blog

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Mesh Around Hunt

I love “meshing” this hunt seems to be right up my alley…Ive already found a couple of items to show you ! I was very lucky that Babylee & Tommi at B&T sent me their hunt prize – they obviously know how truly rubbish I am at hunting ! It’s this glam partial mesh dress…the skirt is meshy..the top isnt..I think the two ways of creating work so well together no? My hair is from a new-to-me designer called “[[Loovus Dzevavor]]”, called girls head over and take a look…its hair art ! Some really unique styles…

Now I did actually slap my hunting goggles on and searched out this fab gifty from Cleo Design, it’s a complete kitchen ! The fridge opens, as does the little freezer box inside…theres poses for washing the dishes..and the stool is crammed full of animations ! Adore the big wood table..its a scene stealer for sure…as usual Cleom is totally too generous and I can’t fit all the gifts into this go grab your own..and take a look…

pssssst…while youre there…you might want to find this gift too…its for the Cookie jar anniversary hunt..and its soooooo awesome…a really beautiful study desk..with clutter like pens…book…ruler etc for the top..a wastepaper bin , complete with scrumpled up bits of paper…lovely big chair with heaps of poses..even a little teddy awww..


Cleo Design

[[Loovus Dzevavor]]