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Hello boys.(Freebie for the men).

It’s sad that there are so few quality freebies for men although now I hardly go looking for any so I might be wrong.  I did use to use a male Alt just so we had the ability to show off any freebies for men, no that’s not the other bloggers listed ie PD (Faiths OH) or AustSteve Forster (now retired from SL) but in the end there was just so much good female stuff and SLing time is limited so I retired my male Alt.

But when I saw this in a notice I just had to grab and hoped I could just pop it on over my female form…nope you can’t.

This comes from a shop I don’t often visit in fact I think it’s probably been years since I was last over to AITUI and that’s probably because I do believe it was or is mainly tattoos and men’s clothes but again since it’s been years I could be wrong.  Now that I’ve done my daily post when I am back inworld I will be having a look around the shop properly.

You get this 1 colour and I think it’s coffee and 3 I’m gonna assume, main MEN’s mesh bodies inc SLink.  It’s just there inside of the door and the group is free to join.

So it’s nice to be able to find something that maybe any of our male (Moz) followers or if you have a significant other then you can send them or drag them to the shop.

PS I might just one day log in with my Alt and see if I can dust him off but the poor soul will be so outdated I will probably just give him an SL burial.


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I’m sorry (NOT!).

I’m not sorry this isn’t a freebie because for 99Lds you get a lot of bang for your bucks.


This outfit is simply divine all that’s missing is a spritz of perfume on your neck and hair and you’re good to go.  A super silky grown up sexy romper AND you not only get the shoes (SLink High) but also the sweet necklace and earings.  Usually the jewelry added to clothes packs are just like after thoughts but these are just as delicate and well detailed as the outfit.


I actually had such a hard time in Love18’s shop called Rose Marine simply because I just couldn’t decide what to buy.  I’ll recheck but certainly from her Marketplace shop Love 18 seems to keeps her prices down to just 99Lds a clothes pack and I was stood in front of the wall with the new outfits and I couldn’t decide which of them I wanted and as I was running out of SL time I just grabbed this one.

Now because I’ve not been able to pop back to the shop to check but I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a demo available for you to try and since I like to show paid for items as much as they really in SL in my Nams setting so here is a simple picture of the outfit taken in my Nams setting so you can see for yourself the exact colouring.


Just as delicious in my Nams setting but this outfit is different from the one above but only in the fact this is the Fitmesh option.  You get all the standard sizing as well as the Fitmesh which means certainly in my case I can bin the rest of them, wittles down my invent count, as the Fitmesh fits perfectly.

I’m not going to put a link to her Marketplace shop because you need to not only see her new Releases but there are discounted clothes packs, Lucky Chairs and a MM board which sadly I was too late to slap and it was closed down.  Plus there is what looks like an equal amount of Mensware as well and they too come as full clothes packs and again worth every Linden.  I may even get Baylen in to buy a pack but if it’s the same quality as the womens stuff he’s in for a treat.

Rose Marine & Polo Paul

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So little time so much to wear.  Faith was so busy setting up her new Scarlet Creative home she completely ignored me so I took this opportunity to take a quick snap  of one of the new Spring collection items from FATEwear.  It’s just the shorts that come from the new collection but the shirt, called Edward, is of course one of Damien’s classics.  The shorts are called Gus and are in the main entrance along with the rest of the new collection.  I couldn’t help but think that the Void colour would suit the shirt to make a casual office look but there are much more colour options from this dark grey to pink and all the shades in between.  The one thing I did notice when I spend time trying so much on is how well you can mix and match ALL of his range so when I’m next inworld I’ll definately be brightening up my look and showing you more of his excellent texturing and styling.

Popping back in because I forgot to mention that these shorts come with a belt as well which is a small and yet important detail because it just finishes off the look makes the shorts go from plain shorts to stylish shorts..back to RL now but remember Demos for everything so worth spending some time trying them all on.


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Breaking the rules.

Faith doesn’t have many rules but the one which I am breaking is blogging something that is a demo, but my excuse is I’m waiting for the FATEwear, FATEplay and Cold Logic 48 hour sale to start before I start to grab as many of the brilliant Damian Fate’s clothes that I can afford.

FateSo I’ve logged off standing in Fatewear because it is Monday and when I relog back in I should be right in the middle of the sale and I have my shopping list all prepaired.

As I’ve said this is just for 48 hours so don’t be late.


FATEwear Blog

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Always waiting

FLG Guys gift FREE

Poor guys, you always seem to be waiting for us huh? Outside stores, inside cafe’s…such is life…I can cheer you up with a little Saturday free action though. FLG has this brilliant free gift for you, it’s a limited time offer so scoot over and grab it up fast. The group is free to join , and if I were you Id stay in it as the gifts I’ve seen so far have been of top-notch quality. This outfit is called Winsome and comprises a jacket with roll back cuffs, shirt and shorts. The fab bit is it comes with a HUD and you get three choices of colours for the jacket & shirt combo…great huh?! Dash over, join up and get some stylish togs for the weekend. (Oh almost for got – there is also a pair of snazzy sandals in the box !)

FLG Store

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Guys !


Caught up with Player last night and noticed he was wearing a really cool outfit, apparently it’s from a store called  Splendeurs, and is a complete look in a box kinda thing. The outfit comprises of mesh jeans, mesh jacket and a shirt with collar up. The jeans are a really nice shape on him and I loved the tone of the denim.


You can also purchase the boots He is wearing right next to the outfit…natty Union Jack faded pattern on them and a superb leather look texture make them a real winner…I know Guys often say they find it hard to choose a total “look”, so this takes the worry out of it…buy it all-in-one! Had a mooch around the store and noticed a few other items worth a look at…complete outfit is just 450L and the boots 300L…steal !


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I’m not over this coat

SF Design Wool Overcoat Final

I know on Mondays I usually do SF Design’s Monday Mania item, but tonight I thought I’d do something a little different. Tonight I’ve got one of the newest releases from SF Design to show you: the brilliant mesh wool overcoat.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of coats: cardigans, leather jackets, peacoats, you name it and chances are, I’ll like it. This coat from SF Design is no different, in fact, it’s a whole lot better than no different, it’s awesome. For one thing, the texture is fantastic, you can almost feel the wool when you’ve got this on. Secondly, the detailing is magnificent, I especially love the belt at the back, the way it hangs just looks fantastic. Last but not least, this little mesh beauty is colour change!

Yes, that’s right, you heard me. I said colour change. The wool overcoat comes with its own HUD that allows you to pick and choose the colour you want your coat to be. You can either choose from a set of a few pre selected tones, or you can play with the colour palette and see what you can come up with.

So this is one of the new items you can pick up at SF Design right now, a mesh wool coat that fits perfectly and can match just about whatever you want it to match! What else can you ask for? Head on down to SF Design and snap it up!

Get the gear here: SF Design