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Bimbo Beach (Menstuff Freebie).

I went looking for the Bimbo’s but I could only see me!


I did just a bit more of the Menstuff hunt and found this shirt/undershirt combo.  Don’t come as seperates but thats pretty standard.  You will find this at Fi’s and it’s easy to find.  Very pleased with the quality of this so I think I’ll do some more of that hunt but it looks like there is only a couple of days left so I will put the link to the site with the LM’s and hints.

Fe Style

Mesnstuff Hunt LMs and Hints

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You have to love those special times of year when the Menstuff rolls back around to Second Life. There is always, always so many brilliant gifts to pick up from awesome designers both old favourites and ones that you may not have heard of until now. As always, I’ve started sluggishly but I’ve managed to collect a few gifts which, awesomely, have all fit into one picture for you to gawk at.

Let’s start at the top shall we? That magnificent tower of blonde hair you can see there is but a single part of your menstuff gift from KMadd, one of my all-time favourite stores. Called Elcon, it’s one of three funky hairstyles that KMadd is giving away along with five(!) pairs of eyes.

Next on the list is the skin I’m wearing. If you’re a regular reader of these pages then you should be able to recognise an Akeruka skin when you see one. Yes indeed, how cool to be able to grab one of these Neo skins for free and all you have to do is find the Menstuff Hunt symbol. As always with Akeruka, this is a great-looking skin in an awesome skin tone. There’s some subtle body hair thrown in and you get the brilliant looking detail around the muscles that you have come to expect from Akeruka.

Moving on to the ink and this is one of those examples of finding a store you’ve never been to and loving it. B*FLY Tattoos is the store name and, being the fan of tattoos I am, I was very impressed by the selection they have there. I was even more impressed by their hunt gift which is the Autumn Dragon tattoo, a fantastically drawn sleeve tattoo for both arms. You get two styles of the tattoo layers: one for faded ink and the other in fresh ink – both look cool.

Last but surely not least for this go round of Menstuff gifts is waiting for you at Redgrave. The gift I’m speaking of are the gorgeous army shorts you see me wearing above. They are a mesh item so you’ll need a mesh enabled viewer if you haven’t got one already and wow they just look, so, so awesome. The texture and pattern are done really well and I love the details around the belt. There is only one size included of the mesh for this gift but it’s a pretty standard medium I’d guess, judging by how it fits my shape well.

All these gifts are definitely ones I’d recommend you guys hunt down and I’d also recommend you checking out the stores as a whole while you’re there. Every one of them has amazing items for sale and you never know what you may find, that’s one of the reasons I love hunting! If you want to check out all the store SLurls and hints, you can check out the Menstuff website here:

Get the gear here:
Hair: KMadd
Skin: Akeruka
Tattoo: B*FLY Tattoos
Shorts: Redgrave

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Loungin’ Around

I’ve finally paid a long overdue visit to the Menstuff Lounge. For those of you who don’t know, the Menstuff Lounge is a great place to pick up some awesome gifts, run by the people who put on those brilliant Menstuff hunts. There is a huge board in the middle of the room jam-packed with gifts from some super designers and all you need do is wear your Menstuff tag to pick them up. I’ve got a few of such gifts here to show you.

I couldn’t go past SF Design’s gift which is the gorgeous shawl-collared tuxedo you can see above. It’s simple and gorgeous, so easy to wear with minimal prims to fiddle around with and it even includes the shoes! Perfect formal wear.

You can also hit the beach in these colourful swim trunks from Shiki. They absolutely scream summer and look superb. They come with sculpted legs that fit really well along with a cute little string tie for the waistband.

For the last couple of items I picked up, I went with a couple of stores I hadn’t been to and I’m glad I did. The bright pink Fuuu shirt is from [AFFONSO] and definitely stands out in the crowd. Great little design on it and it comes with a sculpted shirt body and sleeves, all resizeable via script. You also get a yellow version of this cool top in the gift. The jeans are from Lash-Wear and are just the kind of jeans I like, dark blue denim with a super texture and terrific creases. The cuffs were also ones to wear right out of the box, no editing needed which always makes me smile.

These are just a small selection of gifts you can grab at the Lounge and, as I said, all you have to do is join the Menstuff group and they can be yours. It’s a good group to be in because you can keep yourself up to date on loads of stuff.

Get the gear here: Menstuff Lounge

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Bleh (It’s Not)

Faith did a post the other day about a store called Barn Owl and she took me down there to have a look and we wandered into the Bleh section that is most definitely not bleh at all. The ceiling is fairly covered in an awesome range of free tshirts like the two I’m showing here.

Office Zombie suited me right down to a tee (pun not intended) and besides, it was purple! These shirts have great textures to them and there are so, so many. Some come on all layers, some not and they are all fabulous.

As an added bonus I was able to pick up the Menstuff hunt gift: the awesome Suburb sweater. I love the crisp white colour of this and it comes with sculpted sleeves, a collar and the bottom part of the sweater which are all easy to fit (the collar also comes in a version with a script and one without).

You should definitely head on down, scope out the gear and pick yourself up some.

Get the gear here: Barn Owl/Bleh


MENstuff from Connors ( but girls can steal it too yay!)


I was able to kill two very cool looking birds with one stone tonight. I was over at *Connors* to find their MENstuff Hunt gift but that wasn’t the only prize I was able to come away with. Before I get to that though, let me tell you a bit about their hunt gift.

Connors Menstuff hunt gift

It’s called the Denim Vest in red and is possibly one of the best vests I’ve seen. The pattern on it is amazing, it reminds me a little of some Navajo designs (I could be mistaken though). This vest comes with two sets of prim buttons, upper and lower, that look great. They’re little leather eyelets that hook over the buttons themselves and there’s also a back belt attachment for the rear of the vest that’s a nice little touch as well. Both of these attachments come in two different versions: one with resizer scripts in them and one without. The even better news is..its pretty Faith had to get in on the act too!

Connors denim vest in red

The second item I picked up was *Connors* latest group gift, this funky pink and grey hoodie in the picture below. It’s a very bright top, you’ll stand out in the crowd wearing this one. The sculpted hood and cuffs are a bright yellow and look good with the rest of the top, they also fit well which is awesome because I always have trouble fitting hoods.

You will have to be in the *Connors* group to snag the hoodie but there’s no group fee so hooray!

Go get vested: Connors (hint for the hunt item: The T-shirt hangs from the T-shirt corner.)


Men’s Stuff

SB Menswear Aspen Cardigan - L$0

As many of you would know already, the Make Him Over group is no more 😦 A shame, I know, but don’t be too sad because a new group has sprung up to save the day. It’s called ‘menstuff’ and is run by Rob1977 Moonites and Ivy Maverick. You’ll find that it’s very similar to the MHO group, a lot of the same designers giving a lot of information about their new releases, gifts and anything in between.

Speaking of gifts, I was looking through the back catalogue of notices from the menstuff group and found a couple of gifts for us guys from a couple of cool stores. First up is the ‘Aspen Caridgan’ from SB Menswear. This is just such a brilliant cardigan, I love the texturing on it, it’s very snuggly as Faith would say. The cream and black colours look great and it also comes with a prim collar and cuffs that are no sweat to fit at all.

Style for Him Men's Black VNeck - L$0

 Secondly is a simple black vneck shirt from Style for Him. I’m a fan of vnecks  and I wear them a lot when I’m in the mood for something that looks stylish without going to all the hassle of attaching collars, cuffs and whatever else there may be. This is a great example of the vneck: the neckline isn’t too deep, it’s got great texturing and shading and it’s black! The creases in this shirt make it a great casual shirt to wear about with jeans.

So, there you have it. Two great gifts from great stores for you to have a look around and a new group to join to keep up to date in all the latest from a load of men’s fashion designers (search Rob1977 Moonites profile to join the menstuff group). Pretty good score if you ask me 🙂 Both of these groups are located right near to the landing points but don’t forget to have a look around and see what else you can find.

Get the gear here:
Aspen Cardigan: SB Menswear
Men’s Black Vneck: Style for Him

Oh and since I haven’t had a chance on here before now, I want to belatedly wish our fearless leader Faithless Babii a Happy Birthday for last Friday. She’s been a wonderful friend for a long, long time and is just an amazing person besides that. I’m very glad to have known you for so long and I hope you had a great birthday xx