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You have to love those special times of year when the Menstuff rolls back around to Second Life. There is always, always so many brilliant gifts to pick up from awesome designers both old favourites and ones that you may not have heard of until now. As always, I’ve started sluggishly but I’ve managed to collect a few gifts which, awesomely, have all fit into one picture for you to gawk at.

Let’s start at the top shall we? That magnificent tower of blonde hair you can see there is but a single part of your menstuff gift from KMadd, one of my all-time favourite stores. Called Elcon, it’s one of three funky hairstyles that KMadd is giving away along with five(!) pairs of eyes.

Next on the list is the skin I’m wearing. If you’re a regular reader of these pages then you should be able to recognise an Akeruka skin when you see one. Yes indeed, how cool to be able to grab one of these Neo skins for free and all you have to do is find the Menstuff Hunt symbol. As always with Akeruka, this is a great-looking skin in an awesome skin tone. There’s some subtle body hair thrown in and you get the brilliant looking detail around the muscles that you have come to expect from Akeruka.

Moving on to the ink and this is one of those examples of finding a store you’ve never been to and loving it. B*FLY Tattoos is the store name and, being the fan of tattoos I am, I was very impressed by the selection they have there. I was even more impressed by their hunt gift which is the Autumn Dragon tattoo, a fantastically drawn sleeve tattoo for both arms. You get two styles of the tattoo layers: one for faded ink and the other in fresh ink – both look cool.

Last but surely not least for this go round of Menstuff gifts is waiting for you at Redgrave. The gift I’m speaking of are the gorgeous army shorts you see me wearing above. They are a mesh item so you’ll need a mesh enabled viewer if you haven’t got one already and wow they just look, so, so awesome. The texture and pattern are done really well and I love the details around the belt. There is only one size included of the mesh for this gift but it’s a pretty standard medium I’d guess, judging by how it fits my shape well.

All these gifts are definitely ones I’d recommend you guys hunt down and I’d also recommend you checking out the stores as a whole while you’re there. Every one of them has amazing items for sale and you never know what you may find, that’s one of the reasons I love hunting! If you want to check out all the store SLurls and hints, you can check out the Menstuff website here:

Get the gear here:
Hair: KMadd
Skin: Akeruka
Tattoo: B*FLY Tattoos
Shorts: Redgrave

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Vintage Me

As Faith showed you guys earlier, the Vintage Fair is on and in full retro swing and SF Design is right in the thick of it with this gorgeous 60’s Mod Suit for us menfolk.

I’ll tell you how good this suit is: Faith and I were looking at it last night and we were finding it difficult to believe that this is not a mesh outfit. Honestly, it looks amazing, every texture and every detail is executed really well and works so well together that it is fairly seamless. The single tone in blue is amazing also. I usually like some contrast but here it just works so well.

This suit comes with sculpted bottom for the jacket, cuffs for the suit pants as well as cuffs and collar for the suit and shirt and the tie and they all fit pretty much perfectly. The only thing I had to fiddle with was the tie but that was a matter of seconds and so well worth it. You really have to head down to the Vintage Fair and stop by SF Design’s stall and score yourself some sixties style.

Amazing as that suit is, that’s not the only thing you can score from SF Design right now as the Menstuff Hunt has kicked off yet again and yep, you guessed it, SF Design has a gift for us guys.

Called the Tyler Outfit, this hunt gift is a simple, basic black outfit of a well-made shirt and pants. The capper on this outfit comes from the so sweet turquoise blue vest, tie and matching cufflinks, they really bring this outfit to life. You can wear this outfit in any number of ways because there are a heap of different layers to work with here. For my shot above, I’ve got the black shirt untucked and the vest over the top but, as I said, there are a lot of options here and that’s just the way I like it. With the outfit you get the sculpted, tucked in tie or a flexi tie, collar for the shirt as well as cuffs for the pants and shirt. All this and it’s free! All you have to do to get your hands on it is track it down. Get to hunting.

And as always, you can pick up Monday Mania while you’re down at SF Design hunting. This week’s release is the lovely, easy-to-wear blue Saville suit (it must be a blue moon at SF Design). It will cost you L$25 to pick up, only from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section. Thanks so much swaffette!

Get the gear here:
60s Mod Suit: SF Design @ The Vintage Fair
Tyler Outfit: SF Design

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I’m on the Grain Train

The MENstuff hunt continues to impress me with its superb lineup of stores and high quality gifts to be found. Gifts such as this Grain Train sweater from Aitui. Great colours and creasing on it and with a super easy to fit sculpted body, this is easy to wear and looks great in the bargain. It also comes on multiple layers so it can be worn in all sorts of ways.

Also in the Aitui gift you get this funky little tattoo called Inhale (for obvious reasons). I’m wearing it here with one of Alphamale’s hunt gifts. There are six pairs of these gorgeous cotton boxers included, I love the texture on all of these but for colour, I had to go with dark purple. There are also two pairs of swim trunks in their gift as well so you are well sorted for underwear and the beach when you find the Alphamale prize.

I was surprised and very excited to see that Redgrave were in the MENstuff hunt as they have some very cool clothes to go along with their line of skins. This shirt and vest combo is absolutely gorgeous, I even like the look of the drawn-on collar which is unusual for me. The vest is my favourite part though, it just looks awesomely real, so good.

I had to do a quick change of skins here so you could get the full effect of these too-cute tattoo layer freckles that you can score from Adjunct as part of their gift. There are three different types: a light spray on the nose or more severe freckles on the nose and cheeks.

Adjunct have also thrown in these wicked camo fatigue pants that come with the leather belt, rolled up cuffs and pockets for the sides and back. The green camo pattern looks sweet and they are just a great pair of casual shorts all over. That’s not all Adjunct are giving away though as you also get a set of two shapes: Brandon and Josh so you can see this is definitely a well-packed bag of goodies.

So there you have a few more bits and pieces from this tremendous hunt. Get on out there and track ’em down.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Aitui
Picture #2: Alphamale
Picture #3: Redgrave
Pictures #4 & #5: Adjunct

You can also view the hints and SLurls to all the stores here:

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Lace up for the MENstuff

It’s that time again, time for another edition of the always awesome MENstuff Hunt. As always there is a huge number of brilliant stores involved, well over a hundred and well worth the time to visit them all.

As is my thing, I’ve picked up a few items from some of my favourite stores first to show you all (and to get my feet wet for the hunting to come).

First off, in the picture above, you can see the terrific gift from SF Design: the Lace Up Sweater. One thing I really, really love about this sweater (aside from the absolutely gorgeous knitted texture) is that it’s tintable which means that this sweater can be any colour your l’il heart desires, attachments included. If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t worry because there’s a notecard with instructions included. The cuffs and laced collar look super and fit perfectly right out of the box. Also included is a Jeep cap that matches the sweater and colour change hair.

Next is this sweet full outfit from *Connors* which features the Rasta Sweat jacket and the ultra wonderful Buckle Back Jeans in ivory camo. The top comes with sculpted sleeves, collar and the bottom part of the jacket and they all fit with minimal fuss. The jeans come with cuffs and the buckles for the back of them (of course!) and I adore the colour and pattern on these, some really very cool stuff.

Here is a close up of the beanie I’m wearing which is Kal Rau’s cool contribution to the MENstuff Hunt. This is definitely a funky lid but personally, I think the best part about it is the HUD that comes with it that allows you to resize and select the colour of the beanie. Not just a selection of pre-determined colours either, no, you can change this to whatever colour you’d like it to be. Makes it a winner in my book.

So there is your first appetizer for the MENstuff Hunt from us. There is plenty, plenty more where they come from so get your hunting shoes on and go and find some of those little blue t-shirts.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: SF Design
Picture #2: *Connors*
Picture #3: Kal Rau

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The Men Stuff Keeps Coming

Fore! There are still many amazing gifts yet to be found (for myself at least) in the MENstuff Hunt so I’ve been out and picked up a bunch more.

First up is this neat outfit from Tres Beau. Fittingly enough, it’s called ‘Golf’ and you can see why. Featuring a gorgeous white sweater, checked pants, visor and sunglasses, this is definitely an outfit that will have you looking cool on the links. The trousers come in two different lengths: full length and the shorter ones I’m wearing above and both come with sculpted cuffs. The sweater also comes with two different sleeve lengths and the shorter version has sweet looking rolled up cuff attachments as well.

Above is the ‘Thief in the Night’ outfit from Geezer Garments. Blend into the shadows wearing this leather jacket, jeans and beanie. You also get a cigarette in the gift as well as a hoodie for your jacket and all the attachments fit perfectly. I’m liking the texture on this jacket a lot. Steal away with this one.

Oh yes, another complete outfit. This time it’s the Urban Cowboy from [hate this]. Comes with an awesome maroon t-shirt with prim sleeves and a shirt bottom that looks fantastic. The jeans have a great denim texture to them and come in either boot cut or regular with cuff attachments.

What Urban Cowboy would be complete without a pair of boots? These come with the outfit and are absolutely gorgeous. Great stitching and texturing on these and you can also change the colours. The finish off this look wonderfully well.

WatAnabe is offering this fabulous blue floral polo shirt for its gift. I love the design on this, it reminds me of a Hawaiian shirt and you know how much I like those! This top comes on multiple layers and it also features a well-fitting black prim collar.

Fly the flag in the Americano tanktop from Boye. This top boldly shows the stars and stripes and comes on all top layers with a sculpted hem part that looks wicked.

Another tank! This time from [arnadi]. Cool and camouflaged this top gives you multiple layer options but the best part of this is the two different types of sculpted tank bottoms. The one I’m wearing above is kind of twisted and flared out while the other hangs straight down, each giving the tank a different look.

Yet another wicked haul of gear from the MENstuff Hunt and I think my prediction of this being the best hunt I’ve been in is panning out, I’m absolutely loving the quality of the items and I’m finding a bunch of new stores to visit regularly.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Tres Beau (hint: Freebies, Freebies, Everywhere)
Picture #2: Geezer Garments (hint: It’s not upstairs nor downstairs really.)
Picture #3 & 4: [hate this] (hint: It’s dark and dusty behind this…)
Picture #5: watAnabe (hint: No need to pull the shirt out of the Cap… it’s just outside)
Picture #6: Boye (hint: Praise Lesus)
Picture #7: [arnadi] (hint: Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.)


Final Week

Even though there’s only five days left to go before the end of the MENstuff Hunt, never fear. There’s still plenty of time to get running and find some of the great gifts this hunt has to offer. To help with that, I’ve picked up a few more to show you.

The first, in the picture above, is the ‘Aviator RWK’ shades from Kalnins. Kalnins sunglasses are brilliant, I think the first pair of sunglasses I owned in Second Life were from there. The options with them are tremendous, you can change the colour, transparency and reflection of the lenses, they come with a built-in radar (that you can turn on or off) as well as the ability to change where they sit: either on nose as normal or up on your head. As Faith demonstrated to me when she picked these up, the Aviators look fantastic on women too.

The next items are the ‘Old Gold Fedora’ and ‘Bonaparte Sexy Pipe’ from [Kustom] and sur+ respectively. Both of these items are well made with amazing details. The textures on the fedora are gorgeous. The hat fits well, I would have liked to have been able to make it slightly bigger though. But I can forgive that because it’s a great looking fedora. The pipe is just something fun to wear and it gives you a chance to appreciate how well made it is, even the smoke looks good!

One of my favourite stores, Valiant, has contributed this next item the ‘Ripped n Rolled Pants’. As always they are great looking pants, a nice white with grey and white striped unders showing through the many, many rips and tears in the pants. The white rolled cuffs look good as well. You can also choose to wear these pants on the pant or underpants layers for more choices.

Last up for today is the “Treble Cleff Armband’ from Concrete Flowers. A cool little accessory to wear with all the other clothes you’ve picked up during the hunt. The treble cleff charms on the armband are nice notes indeed.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Aviator Sunglasses – Kalnins Fashion (Hint: The Roman God of Speed)

Picture #2: Fedora – [Kustom] (Hint: Small place, so not so difficult to find)
                      Pipe – sur+ (Hint: Sew, you’re looking for a shirt?)

Picture #3: Pants – Valiant (No Hint listed but not hard to find)

Picture #4: Armband – Concrete Flowers (Hint: you are looking for a shirt)


Then There Were Nine

Oh dear, only nine days to go until the MENstuff hunt comes to a close. I’ve been running around trying to get to as many places as possible before the end and I’ve managed to grab another batch of items to show you all today.

First up is this outfit from Tres Beau Designs, called ‘Checkmate’ in brown. It’s a versatile outfit as you can choose to wear either both tops as I am above or just the darker brown ‘under’ sweater and the attachments are included for both. The checks in different shades of brown are a nice and different touch as well.

Duh! always have great shoes and their addition to the MENstuff hunt is no different with this lovely pair of tasseled loafers. Beautifully designed (especially the tassels themselves) and easy to fit with their script, they are some wicked looking footwear.

Next on my list is this shirt from Pig. A new store to me but one definitely worth going back to judging by this shirt. It’s called the Southwest Corner in faded blue. It’s got a very casual look to it with top and bottom buttons undone and little skin-showing gaps. That’s usually not something I look for in a shirt but I liked the look of this one on me very much.

Last but not least for today is this pair of boots from Deco. Again that’s another store I hadn’t been to before and reinforces my opinion that this is what makes hunts so worthwhile. These are called the *Newsprint* Test Boots and while it’s a little hard to see in my picture, there is indeed newsprint on these boots. I don’t wear longer boots that often and looking at these, I wonder why because I absolutely love these ones.

All four of these items are definitely ones you should grab if you haven’t yet. I’ll be showing you some more of the gifts as I pick them up before the hunt comes to an end.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Complete Outfit – Tres Beau Designs (Hint: Shed a little light on the subject)

Picture #2: Loafers – Duh! (Hint: Behind the pink door (men’s section))

Picture #3: Shirt – Pig (Hint: Hampuddle)

Picture #4: Boots – DECO (Hint: These boots were made for walkin)