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Think Pink (Shade of pink hunt).


Not many hunt items out there for men and in this case since everything is Pink themed it is more for the women but I did find this and it’s non too shabby.  You not only get the mesh shirt, vest combo but also non mesh jeans and mesh (I think they’re mesh) boots.

Shade of pink hunt start location.

Blog with prize pictures and LMs

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


cocaI had this demo in my invent for a pretty long time but decided to unpack and throw it out but to my surprise I love it.  Comes from COCO Designs and although cocoro Lemon doesn’t do many items of male clothing what she does do is unique to her.


This is a “onsie” but not in the sense of the sleeping sort, this is a complete outfit only the hat and goggles are separates whats joined is the waist coat, shirt, tie, pants and boots are all in one.  Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the boots but you can just about see the top of them.  Big chunky work mens boots a mixture of  leather and steel toe caps.  A very Steam Punk look.  Comes with Demo and even a suggested shape but that shape was not unsimilar to my own so I’ve just used mine.

Group Gifts, lots of really great ones but sadly only for the girls.

COCO Designs