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3/4 is Enough

I’m back in my blogging shoes just in time to show off another lovely Monday Mania item from SF Design!

Today you can pick up the awesome 3/4 Length Jeans in brown for just L$25. These are some funky fantastic pants and just when I’ve been looking around for a pair of brown jeans too! Great texture on them and they also come with a sweet-looking leather belt that comes in 6 different size and fitting options (including that ‘less hips version that I always rave about) plus you also get the rolled cuffs that come either with or without a resizer script so you are pretty much guaranteed to get everything to fit if you should even need to edit in the first place.

As always, to get these jeans for the special price you have to grab them from the Monday Mania board which is located just inside the casual men’s section of SF Design.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Lucky Shot

I was standing around by my lonesome the other night when it occurred to me that I hadn’t been down to one of favourite stores, Aoharu, in a while so I decided to pay a visit. When I landed, I wondered why it was so packed. Yeah it is usually a busy store but this was something else. Once everything rezzed I saw the reason: they are in the middle of a 50% off sale! Seeing how lucky I was, I almost had an attack of the squeals (but I didn’t… really).

The first thing I treated myself to was the absolutely gorgeous British Tweed Suit you can see above. I’ve wanted one of these for a while now. There are a range of great colours to choose from and it is just such an amazing suit. Shirt, vest, jacket and slacks, it’s all there and looking fabulous. The details are fantastic, I love the rose and handkerchief.

There are a number of ways to wear this suit: shirt and pants only or you can add the vest to the shirt or the just wear the whole thing, it’s very versatile. There’s a handy notecard included to show you what to wear to get each look. I’m ever so tempted to go back and get another one or one of the elegant suits, they are just too awesome.

Aside from the lovely formal wear, Aoharu also oodles of casual coolness as well. Tanktops, shorts, shoes and super cool jeans are all there for you to pick up. The Pleat Woven Shirt and Woven Vest were new purchases for me and look brilliant matched together. I love the delicate shade of blue on the vest but there are also other colours for both. I’m not usually a fan of wholly sculpted vests but this one was so easy to fit with its resizer script.

This is definitely a sale you’ll want to take a look at, half-price on some simply amazing gear, how can you resist? It ends on September 4 so get in while the getting is good.

Get the gear here: Aoharu

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Make Him Over

As you might have guessed, I’ve been out and about, trying to do the Make Him Over hunt that started last week. I haven’t been able to get all the way through it yet but I have found a few goodies to show you here.

The first picture is a mix of a few gifts. The hair is from Shag and is called Black Jack. A wicked little wavy kinda mohawk that you get in two colours: powder and shadow. There is a colour changeable streak that runs through this ‘do and there is a huge amount of tints to choose from. The Stomp glasses are from Kumaki Glasses Style and have a large amount of fabulous options in the menu and there is also a Nylon Belt Watch included in this gift! The shirt is from Sartoria and as you’d expect from them, it is just too cool. Great design, it comes on multiple layers and has well-fitting sleeves and body prim. The jeans are Poison’s entry into the hunt and are fabulous. The Dos70 jeans come in two different waist heights: one normal and one lower plus some sweet looking sculpted cuffs, the texture is gorgeously done and has some wonderful creases around the waist and backs of the knees. You can find all these brilliant gifts by following the links below:

Hair: Shag
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style
Shirt: Sartoria
Jeans: Poison

Next is the hunt prize from Hermony. You get two for one with this gift as it contains both the Oversized Beanie as well as the NRD Tanktop. I was super pleased to get another one of these beanies as I like them a lot, with there being two copies for different attachment points you can wear this with a hair of your own or you can use the tattoo layer hairbase that comes with it like I have. The tanktop has a great look, I love the neon greeny colour of the image against the black of the tank itself. This also comes with a sculpted body part to give it that extra bit of awesomeness.

Get the gear here: Hermony

A couple of more gifts to finish off for today and it seems I found another hairstyle, this time from **Dura**. This is quite a different style to what I’m used to and, to be honest, it took a few minutes for me to get my head around it(it also helped that I finally got it sized right too!) but once I had, thenI started to like it. The MHO Limited Hair comes in a script resizer version and one with no such script. The Bicolor tee is from Acid & Mala Creations and is superbly casual (great for wearing with those jeans I mentioned earlier). It comes on all different layers and features lovely looking sculpted sleeves and the bottom of the shirt.

You can find these two gifts here:
Hair: **Dura**
Shirt: Acid & Mala Creations

I would say that all of these items I’ve shown here are definite must-gets and that’s barely scratching the surface of the massive hunt (there is something like 160 stores to go through!). For a full list of the stores and their links, you can take a look here: http://makehimover2.blogspot.com/p/mhoh6.html


You want Zingy?


If you’re wantin some summer zestiness, Poison has got it in spades. New release the LoL jeans come in heaps of zingy colours..above Im wearing the yellow..great cuffs that needed no altering…and a totally awesome texture on the jeans makes them look soooo strokabubble..

and here’s my second fav the high beam red..you get two pairs the same colour in each pack..one lowwww slung and the other normal..fahhhbulous! 175L per pack..gooo snap em up..

Go get smiley: Poison