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Hand on heart (n Free Stuff).

Must confess I have a sneaky feeling that the fountain, flasks and wet wipes have been blogged before I know the washing machine certainly has but the bowl, ladder,  boxes and sinks are definitely new but each one really needs to be blogged or reblogged because they’re that good.


Visited Monaya again for the first time in a while and I’m pleased I did because it reminded me that I had this small fountain/water feature in my invent.  Wood and stone with a metal tap which turns the water off and on and comes with sound.  The enamel bowl which you can see a peek of was a LB win but it only costs 20Lds so if you can’t be bothered to wait it’s pretty cheap.  As it happens I also won a plant off the LB as well.

LadderNow I know I haven’t blogged these before because I would have had a number of them in my invent and rezzed around my home because not only are they only 1 prim each inc the pile of boxes but they’re free.  Even the pile of 3 boxes in only a single prim and with those you also get a choice of colours.

FlaskBlogged before (maybe) but one thing is sure is that I have them in RL.  I adore the retro look and that flask on the left is almost identical to the one I have.  Freeness and each one comes with 3 texture changes.  2 Prims of excellence.

Wet wipesAdmit it we all need wet wipes occasionally even if it’s just to clean our hands. Free again and so low primmed. 2 Prims closes 3 prims open.  Must mention the fantastic washing machine and we definitely have blogged it before because we offer this as a Dollarbie Gatcha on our sim so follow the LM and feel free to pick one up because the whole washing machine is only a single prim and you can even have the lid off or on.  As I say feel free to wander around the whole sim we have plenty of lovely sitting areas etc feel free to even use if for photos if your a blogger and  you can even peek though my home (or wander in I don’t mind) but please respect Faiths home because she and PD like their privacy (house on the hill).

SinkLastly but not least these great sinks.  In the UK we have a thing about old butler, enamel sinks which we either use to wash our dishes in or put our plants in.  If I could get these in RL I would be so happy.  2 prims and not free but so cheap at 20Lds each.  Great texturing right down to the plug hole.  Perfect for standing plants in or using as a sink in your home or greenhouse.  Oops almost forgot the step/small bench in the back gound yet another freebie.

Small shop on a big and really interesting sim.  I’ve picked up some quirky stuff (check out the small shop through the door) a nice amount of LBs scattered around and all laid out on a nice sim.  A lovelyway to kill some time and not have to spend to many Lindens.


Fridge (Our Sim)

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

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CoffeeApart from SL coffee is my only addiction and like most addicts I keep my supplies close to hand so to get something like this for my SL addiction is super cute and super cheap at 29Lds BUT if your quick and pop to the in world shop Laurent83 Waco, owner of Follow Us Designs has set a certain amount out for sale at only 10Lds for group members.


This is the Subscription Freebie.

I love shops like this where when you first walk in it seems so small which is a shame because what you see you like but as you continue walking through the shop it just gets bigger and bigger and is packed with such bargains.  Now at first a lot of things seem to be high primmed but thats because everything has been accessories to perfection which means you can get a whole look in one box.  At this moment I’m sat at one of his dining tables and it is 35Prims but it is groaning under a dinner set, linens, food, coffee set etc and it looks great you just wouldn’t need to shop else where to set your table up.  Same as shelves, perfectly accessorised  with ornaments, books etc

NuggestsThis is the Group Gift Freebie (Free to join)

MirrorJust to show you how I couldn’t resist the bargains I ended up buying all of the above is one go.  The mirrow comes in a rezzer and it rezzes the mirror, shoes and dress.  The travel trunk comes with poses inc an ipad one, the mirror doesn’t have any poses.

Special mention has to be to the fact that a lot of items are “tweaked” to suit either male or female AVs so for example a coffee table for a woman has some make up on it and a purple fan whilst the male one has a baseball bat and an Ipod amongst other things.  It’s this attention to details which makes all this furnishings stand out.

Be warned the MP shop is packed with his goodies and I can’t bring myself to look at it because there is more I want.

Follow US (MP)

Follow Us (inworld)