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Free till 8th January (Guys you too)

Caught up with some of my fav Youtube bloggers last night, one of them is Boston Blaisdale. He was reminding us all of the brill free gifts to be collected at the latest Access event. You do have till the 8th Jan to get them but seriously – DO GO!! I’ve linked the blog showing the guys & décor gifts below.

The thing that stood out to me was the large amount of GOOD male gifties – really cool gifts for you guys. For once I wished I had a male alt! Anywayyy I loved these two body suits from Kaithleens (in mint) and from Elegance Boutique, my bento nails are also a free gift from Nail Plug – they have various lengths included with jewels or no jewels and a ton of cute colours. PS Join the Access free group to claim your gifts.

Boston Blaisdale Youtube channel

Access event

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Unban me!(Mens Freebie)

For some strange reason Faith has her security system set up to eject me from her home! How rude especially since I wanted to give her a lovely bunch of flowers, she will have to settle on a lovely picture of me instead.


OK here is a more “dreamy” picture instead.


See I can be a Deamboy as well as your worst nightmare.  The Freebie is the Jacket and the flowers, Zan has already done a post about the flowers which are still out there at the Creator Collection Box event which looks like it has changed to a Valentines theme now.  So if you want these flowers then time to go grab.  The jacket is a freebie from ::K:: and is a one size fits all mesh.

The hair isn’t a freebie.  I have very few hair styles because I’m very lazy but just lately I’ve been wearing one of Mina’s hairs Bas, With it’s shaved side it’s edgy but wearable.  I’ll repost the picture.  This hair, Mark, can only be found at The Chapter Four Event and is at a discounted price for the moment.  Mina now has a much bigger mens hair dept so if you’ve never been there before it’s time to go.  A lot of the newer hairs are also Unisexed.  Zan was going to show you this hair at first as it really looked good on her and the new suit she had but since we don’t get to show that many mens hair it’s been left up to me.


This is the other Mina hair which I really like and I’ve worn it constantly since I got it.

In case you’re wondering about the mouth.  I just don’t like to be 100% perfect so I’ve always got something which is flawed just like RL people.  Sometimes it’s a bruise or a blindfold, I have a great safety-pin for my mouth and of course my Contraption Jaws.

::K:: (Coat)

RH Designs@Creators Collection Box (Bouquet)

Mina@The Chapter Four (Hair)