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Yes Sir.

TeacherIn celebration of “back to school” time Apple May Designs have slashed the price of so many items of clothing for men and women. Everything with an apple attached to it is slashed to 25 Lds.  A whole range of clothes for men and women.  Shoe, tops, pants and on and on. The top is called Harvard and the pants are Preppy a total of 50Lds for such a great look. Must mention that you do have a colour chose as well.

BreakBreakfast with a view.  The Jammy bottoms are another Apple May Design offer and there is a ladies version as well. They were the perfect thing to wear with Follow Us  new Fast Dinner Table.  A floating shelf loaded with accessories, tableware, coffee maker etc. As always packed with excellent poses and Animations, I’m using one in this picture because they’re that good.

Break3Multiple choices of food everything from breakfast to desert with the cutlery and Animations to go with them.  The food is so damned realistic I’m hungry just looking at it.

Break4As always everything is linked apart from the stools so you can move your position.   Sorry forgot to get a prim count on this but I did check the prims of the rezzed food as that is extra and they’re so low primmed.  Enough space and 2 stools means you can have company for breakfast/lunch or dinner.  Called Fast Dinner and is to be found in the entrance way as well as the new bathroom sinks specifically designed for men or women.

Make sure to check out Laurent83 Waco’s MP shop (Follow Us) some great bargains and it’s sooo tempting.  All Apple May Design demos are available on their MP but not the discounts.

Apple May Design (AMD)

Apple May Design Marketplace

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Follow Us Marketplace

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


Sadly yet again SL is being screwy with poor me.  Fortunately I grabbed these pictures a few days ago so now I’m in a land void of mesh I can still look at what I had.

DamnSad little ole me eyeing up cakes that I can’t eat in RL or SL.  We all have our fav shops in SL and this is another one of mine.  It is what I call “idiot proof decor” (I  also inc EoD in that description) which to me means that if you don’t have the time, vision or money to wander around SL shopping for your home comforts  then let someone else do it for you and Laurent83 Waco and his shop Follow Us has done all the hard work for us and with just a couple of clicks you can have your whole home set up and look gorgeous.

Damn2Everything is linked apart from the chairs which come with such decent poses that I’ve even used them in the pictures.  You have the coffee toolbox, napkins, forks,  pots of jam, cherries etc etc it’s a real spread which will appeal to both men and women.  Now it does add up prim wise but it’s all there all set to go.  As I’ve said some people love to be forever moving and changing, adding this removing that others want to unpack and go and as a hardened SL home owner I for one would think you had great taste if you had this in your house.

TrayBoys this is the best way to a girls heart, or a boy if that’s your choice, hot chocolate, buttery croissant and a lovely fat rose on a tray will get you more than just a good morning/night kiss.

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