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Thank you nameless person.(Freebie).

A quick THANKS to the person who sent me the “heads up” about Yasum, sorry I logged in clicked on my notes/notices so quicky and then logged out I don’t know exactly who sent me the info BUT I do know who does this sort of thing and I’m grateful for it.

I struggled a bit to take a picture of this rather interesting outfit but I rather like picture as for once you can see all of the outfit inc those exaggerated flares.  This comes in just 1 fit and so I will assume it’s a Maitreya only, try a demo for one of the full-price ones to check.  This wasn’t actually a bad fit even for my SLink bod.

In the men’s dept as well as the women’s and hunt down the 2 items in each dept which has a smiley face on it and that particular colour has been reduced to 1Ld and once you’ve joined the free Yasum Design group you pay your 1Ld and get your 1Ld returned

PS. Near the LM is a TP system, hop on to it and head to the “Outlet” department.  There the men will find 2 fab Dollarbies and for us ladies is a pair of brown jeans which if I remember correctly are damned good gifts.

Yasum Design

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Love These! (Freebies for him and her).

This is going to be a quick post.

I just love these, deffo keepers.

I got these from the (B)ELLE shop.  There are other Group Gifts and I do recognise some so not sure if I have or have not shown them to you so they may be a surprise or not.  These shoes also come with men’s boots and there are also matching his ‘n’ her outfits freebies, lucky boards etc



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Over loaded with FREEBIES!

Faith must have brought some good luck back with her because yet again I’ve scored and scored so well!

I popped over to Allure and joined their Free group and then found that there is so many Freebies out there I can’t actually show you them all….but I’m damn well going to give it a try.


Leather straps and rivets are not my usual style but this is just great quality and of course mesh you can also wear it with or dare I say without those panties!


Red hot n sexy and that’s the dress not me.  The rose I’m holding seems to be in all of the boxes and inc a 50ld gift card for you to use.  I’m also going to assume its 50lds for each purchase and you can’t lump them all together to buy the one item that would just be greedy LOL.


I found 2 pairs of SLink shoes with different outfits.  These teal green pair come with a black dress but because of my very dark skybox you couldn’t really see it so I just zoomed on the shoes…DIVINE!



You can’t really see the design of this pair of SLink shoes in this picture but again they’re worth snagging.


The texturing on this cat suit is both stunning and scary because it’s so snake-like!  It really stands out.

Now that I’m in the Allure shop LM grabbing it’s a case of OMG as I’ve realised that apart from the New stuff everything in this shop has a Free Version for Group Members.  Check out my next post as I picked up even more and if these don’t tempt you then I’m sure my next post will.

PS in the entryway there is a TP to private changing and unpacking rooms for both men and women so handy if you have to go to a sandbox to unpack.