Peppermint Flavour

The other day I was looking for my uber cool & simple dimple pose HUD for outdoors pics..I had got in a free pack of clothing from peppermintblue..then Steve wanted one..so we popped over as it wasnt transferable…and wow…the store is just crammed with goodies…and its ALL free ! I collected up a few packs and the photos are from what I found in them..

Each pack contains ooodles of gear, from lingerie as above,skins,eyes,shapes,sometimes even  hair & hats. Usually there’s a face light..and a pose hud…dont stress about inventory overload! Sort through and choose what you want to keep,delete the rest!

Also you might find jewelry,belts and other accessories in your outfits…I’ve got sooo many bits and pieces of these packs that Ive held onto over the years and still use today…the workmanship of these collections is really nice…theres also a small section for the guys hurrah! Take a wander around, you’ll find dresses,coats,casual jeans & tee’s,shorts,shoes,boots  and and and HEAPS more! Wont cost you a single penny but if you’re so inclined,drop a few Lindens in the pot on your way out…

Go get minty: Peppermintblue