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Welcome to the Fair(if you dare).


Love it when time, imagination and some Lindens have been spent to make searching for good stuff more interesting.  This is the Game Over Carnival.  Lots of large tents packed with poses, clothes, freaky things.  A great place to visit even if you can’t afford much as there are rides and games to play and lots of dead corpses to kick.


Nothing says “kiss me” more than gaping wounds.  When I’m in SL I usually like to wear something that adds an imperfection to our perfect AVs because simply no one is that slim, buff, tall, well hung, great hair etc so I usually wear something like my claws or mouth piercing even a blindfold but this is going to be my new favourite.  A simple Tattoo layer from a shop with some gruesome tats and injuries for both men and women.  the Speakeasy LM should take you to the tent but if it doesn’t you will have fun just walking around.

Game Over Carnival

Speakeasy Tent

Speakeasy Marketplace

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Another(Free) kiss.

Another KISS as this is a simple mesh hoodie but with quality texturing and comes with the shirt layer included.  A Group Gift (free to join) for the men and there is one for the girls and I can’t remember what it was (but it wasn’t a hoodie I remember that much).

Orange h

Almost forgot the hair! From Dura and it’s their 3 year anniversary group gift. Again another free to join group and great hair.  I don’t change my hair much as I stick to the same style but this is just the sort of thing I like. A great selection of colours as well a total of 18 so pretty generous.  2 Hair offers for the girls as well. This hair which is pretty unisexed and a much longer curly pony tail one.


Dura Dura

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Cover Me.

Canopy 3

A quick mooching on the MP found these very handy canopies.  A total of 9 colours which are copy and mod for a promo price of only 49Lds.  Makes for a dramatic look.  Only 3 prims each.  Only come with 2 and not 4 poles a small but maybe important detail if you want it to go over a stall or anything like that but tbh easy to make your own poles or have them as intended which is to be attached to a wall, home or shop front as show in the next photo.

Canopy 4

I have to confess that this is a quickie post as I have to rush back to RL but I have also checked out their freebie of Dry Ground Prim and was most impressed so check out their MP some real bargain priced rustic decor items.

Starmark Creations

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Roses Are Red (Yellow, Pink, Peach,Etc)

Get ready for BOOM!  At Xmas I won a prize from one of my FAV Sl shops Boom but since I knew Boom was coming out with new stuff inc a range of clothes for Lola Tango’s I was more than happy to wait and it’s paid off because instead of sending me items Ara Ultra,egaforce (aranel.ah)sent me a store card for a massive amount (won’t tell).  Since Boom clothes are more than reasonably priced for the quality I know I will be stocking up a whole wardrobe.

Zina I TPed as fast as I could but held off clicking away until I saw this great little number. Called…. and it’s very Salsa inspired.  It is also a Sculptie which in my optinion lends itself to this stylised skirt.

CorneredYou can see in this close up that the skirt has an over skirt of netting and just look at those sculpted roses!!! The top is a backless halter top with just a hint of side boob.  A big choice of coloured roses are available 19in total.

As I’ve said this is a Sculped outfit and not mesh so no demo but it is editable and apart from a little tweaking on the bum it was easy peasy to even the novice to tweak so not an issue at all.


Sneaks this one in not just for the dress but the sim.  The sim belongs to …and it’s open to all and sundry to enjoy.  So if you need a place to take a friend for a dance or just somewhere to sit and be unbothered then this is the place.  Lots of sitting areas, dance floors, tree house, check out the big boat in the back ground and the dance floor has a really good Salsa dance hud.

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Flirty Dirty Little Shirty

Sorry about the title but I couldn’t resit it.  OK so all the Couture Whores have been there and filled their fishnets with all the goodies from the Whore Couture Fair so it means it’s not lag hell any more and safe to enter.

Snapshot_006Best off the shoulder little boyfriend shirt I found at dollies, a new shop to me, slightly hangs off both shoulders and is a  great fit and a sexy sweet look.

Snapshot_008And my excuse for buying this top is…sorry no excuse I just love clothes that have that cheeky draped look. Same shop same place less Lindens than the shirt (sorry I forgot how much it cost and I’m not searching Whore again to find the shop).

WOW am I glad I decided to call into the main dollie shop and not just checked out the smaller Whore one  because even as a hardened mesh head and blogger there is so much stuff here which is FRESH and NEW to my jaded eyes.  New styling, fresh spring colours, a flash of side boob here and lifted jumper there.  I’ve grabbed not only 6 demos to try on later but for 50Lds to join the dollie group I have grabbed a poorly hidden gift (on the tree trunk) but also a total of 8 group gifts.  Can’t wait till I relog in to unpack and check them out…and then maybe treat myself to some of the other clothes.

dollies MarketPlace

dollie inworld

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Goddess In Green


Wow factor times 10.  I took a number of snaps to try to show you the fullness of the skirt but this one of me floating up through the blue tree is my favourite. As you will be able to see in the second photo the skirt is massive and it billows around you like a cloud.  The bodice, part of the skirt and shoulder decorations are made from leaves.  I loved walking along the rocky beach with it flowing behind me.  Quite an impact dress.


This wonderful, non mesh, dress comes from Vero Mondero and is a  special gift. It comes from a smaller satellite shop of theirs situated on a brand new, to me, shopping sim.  This sim is packed with top quality and well-known shops and designers and lucky for us if you join the Avenue Group you can get this show stopper and quite  a few other gifts that have been placed out.  I may blog some of them later but make sure when you have some spare time on your hand get over there and just have  a wander and treat yourself.

This smaller Vero Mondero shop seems to contain all Mesh clothes however the much bigger Vero Mondero main store is packed with goodies and mainly non mesh which can be a plus.   A great selection of mens clothes, swim wear, casual clothes and of course the full length ball gowns that seems to be their speciality.  It is nice to see that there is a lot for men to see as well and that dept isn’t just an after thought.

Special mention has to go to 2 departments that are somewhat related, the Wedding Department and the Maternity Department.  Beautifully crafted special dresses which just give the appearance of being “one of a kind” to pretty sweet or glamorous gowns that have been crafted to create the baby bump that some people love.

Not the cheapest of shops but a big smile came to my face when I saw what the group gift is, a very Voguish dress but that they also have a discounted section for men and women and there is a lovely selection of full length glam for all to indulge in.

Vero Modero

Vero Modero Main shop

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Free, Free and Freer..

Yes I know there is no such word as “freer” but I was so excited to get this sexy little number and the other Freebies my brain sizzled.
First off is CONGRATULATIONS to Etchaflesh for their 1000th Subscribers and in Shaodie Park’s excitement she’s dropped her purse and if you find it in the shop this is what you get.  A tight, sexy bunny mesh corset.  Sadly couldn’t find a pose to show off the bunny tail and I forgot the ears but even without them this is seriously well detailed.  The butterflies on the undies stand out and the lacing on the back is a vibrant colour with excellent tie details.  And wow they have been so generous not only with the outfit it’s self but it comes  with boots and they’ve as  included 3 different Alphas meaning you can wear as much or as little of this outfit that you want PLUS all the sizes so for those ladies who like to have boobs that are “generous” in proportions you will find a corset to fit.  How good is that!

Vogue in name and style.  This is a high fashioned shop however this bag is FREE for all.  When you zoom in on the flower detail you can almost see each little bead.  Lovely shading on the bag not a flat colour and it comes with a carry AO.  Loads of non mesh clothes which don’t stint on the styling.  Casual and elegant clothes.

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to NiNight Creations because it’s their 2nd Birthday and still going strong.  Now if you’ve followed my last Blogg items and grabbed those washing line freebies you may notice that opposite !igO is  NiNight Creations.  A shop stuffed with masses of Meshness. Not only great clothes but great homewares.  Looks like there is a burgeoning shopping mall being created here which will be great as I can imagine that they will be filled with shops that offer unique variety like NiNight and !igO.  So to celebrate their SL Birthday they have a Scrabble Hunt going on and around you will see some really large Scrabble Tiles and some of them cost you 2Lds.  TBH I only bought a couple before I stopped because WOW they contained so much I had to stop and get them blogged. One tile contained almost a whole home in a box (who needs a kitchen/bathroom).  Fully rezzed it’s comes to a total of 87 Prims but how nice that they have also included each piece of furniture on its own, a total of 25 items inc that lovely lighted window, so you can just rezz one or two pieces to fit into your own home!  These are shop quality items as well and I should know as I’ve bought some of these items myself.



NiNight Creations