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The Free Dove For Guys

FREE for Guys @ The Free Dove

Was so pleased to see that The Free Dove has had a total make over – new store and some new free items ! I noticed these two super items for the guys, I don’t have a male avatar to show you them on but they look hella cute right?! They are by MSN Design and come in standard mesh sizes so you should be able to find a fit for your body.

The Free Dove

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Oh Yeah! Secret Sale Sundays

The weekend sales just keep on giving ! Secret Sale Sundays is on for 24 hours – then you’ve missed your chance till next week. Everything is just $50L and I copped this complete look from Believe. Shorts and bag, top, sandals and some hair scrunchies (not worn). If this isn’t to your taste – they had plenty more items on offer. This weeks round is pretty terrific, lots for the guys too.

Web gallery listed below, but you can also pick up a hud from the believe store that you can reuse each week.

Secret Sale Sundays web gallery

Believe store

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Free $400L store credit & Free pack of Tee’s for the Guys!

A new store for guys has opened called Butterscotch. For a few days the group join is free and you can collect $400L of store credit PLUS a fat pack of Henley Tee’s for FREE ! I popped over and the store wasn’t too busy. head inside and you will find the pack of tee’s to the front of the store. In front of you as you enter are 3 boards, once you’ve joined the group click on board B to collect your free credit – Board A is the group join.


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Always waiting

FLG Guys gift FREE

Poor guys, you always seem to be waiting for us huh? Outside stores, inside cafe’s…such is life…I can cheer you up with a little Saturday free action though. FLG has this brilliant free gift for you, it’s a limited time offer so scoot over and grab it up fast. The group is free to join , and if I were you Id stay in it as the gifts I’ve seen so far have been of top-notch quality. This outfit is called Winsome and comprises a jacket with roll back cuffs, shirt and shorts. The fab bit is it comes with a HUD and you get three choices of colours for the jacket & shirt combo…great huh?! Dash over, join up and get some stylish togs for the weekend. (Oh almost for got – there is also a pair of snazzy sandals in the box !)

FLG Store

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Hopping Mad!

Bad BunnyI have a feeling that I look like someones nightmare in this picture so let me show you another.

HappyWhen I was checking out Coco’s Group Gifts (and there is some new ones out there) I spotted this bunny AV which is free for all. Mesh and because it’s mesh there is so little attachments you need to wear so in a couple of clicks you could become Happy Bunny or Bunny of Doom (depending on Windlight Setting).

Coco Designs

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That’s me failing in yet another hunt.  The way my hunting skills are I may as well search trash cans (rubbish bins if you’re in the UK).

Snapshot_001And look what I found, no not from the bin but a Group Gift from !gO.  It’s called Marta and I have to say I’m happy how the photo has turned out and you can see that this is as usual a shop quality free group gift.  Now I’ve been in the !gO group for so long I can’t remember if it’s free or you have to pay to join but one thing for sure is that each months group gift is worth any joining fee and !gO has THE best free mesh dresses I’ve found.


Check out the MP if you can’t find them inworld but for a Linden only you can grab the freebies.  Again as a Blogger I have masses of clothes and items which get binned or ignored but I not only still have the free ones but I wear them regularly.  !gO is the “Joe Browns” of SL and thats a compliment.  !gO has mens, womens fashions a selection of baby stuff and a lovely warm relaxing shopping area.  The freebies are on the washing line and the discounts are in the greenhouse.

Shame I can’t say the same about my photo of the shoes.  From the front and with the toe cut off they don’t look like much but they’re a lovely simple pair of very high strappy FREENESS.  Comes with both old and new viewer foot hiders and easy to use skin matching hud.


!gO MP

Jetaime Mandy Sexy Heels

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Together time…

Jane & fatewear_005

At last…time to wander and explore together, and fool around with balloons ! We strolled along a windswept beach, perhaps a little toooooo windy…Im wearing one of the new releases from Jane called “Tender shoots”. Yes indeedy the sweet little elf at Jane has had her nose to the grindstone and made bunches of seriously sweet dresses…this one has a double layer effect (which can also be seen in the “carolina” version)..its my personal fav of this set…easy to wear with heels or flats, and has a brilliant fit around the armholes (my bug bear mostly!) It also gives your cleavage a big boost …well so player informs me *winks*…speaking of Player, he’s recently got into guys mesh clothing, so I showed him FATEwears collection. Hog Heaven ! He snapped up the subscribo gift “Carter” which comprises of  some tasty cargo shorts and a greaaaat shirt…and then I treated him to the Andy Jacket combo and the Marty pants…hes wearing the gift shirt here and the Marty pants…

Jane & fatewear andy jacket marty pants

andddd here we are, dawdling in the bedroom, seriously..its SUCH a performance when we go out ! The thing Player loved about FATEwear are the many many variations you get of the pieces, he was boggled by them ..different pant lengths, different fits and more…Oh and yes..Im wearing the tender shoots dress againnnn, this time in a delicate oh-so-girly baby blue….isnt it just darling?

Jane NEW!

Soooo we eventually got out and about… I decide to slip into yet another change of clothes…this time its the “jayden” dress from Jane, in a bright dazzling poppy tone. Big bold flowers loop the loop across the front…and again that lovely cleavage enhancing cut neckline…my hat is from echo and handily matched perfectly.

fateWEAR - Carter shirt & cargo pants - subscribo gift FREE!

Player got all dizzy with my whirlwind changes and had to find a seat…so I took the chance to take an off-duty snap of him relaxing in his FATEwear subscribo gift outfit…the shirt is an awesomesauce fit , you can just see the camo pattern on the shorts…doesnt cost a bean to join so go DO IT ! Btw if you join the Jane subscribo there’s also a gift for the girls, a beautiful little meshy dress..

Jane Grace dress (3 colours) - FREE

Its called Grace….and its a simple classy little frock…you get three colours apricot (which I’m wearing) khaki and navy blue , so slap that subscribo button and get all prettified !  I’ve got a couple more pieces to share from Jane later hoohah! Thanks Janie ❤ Ohhh btw I got to see some fabbo poses from Eternal Dream Poses..the one above is from the beat 2 pack…great collection ! Had a look around the main store, some great offers on, especially for the guys with some 49L deals atm.

Jane (inworld store)

Jane Blog

FATEwear (inworld store)

FATEwear blog

FATEwear (market place)

Eternal Dreams Poses