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Clean Lines meets Fantasy

kusshon The Mens Dept.

I really enjoy decorating my spaces in Second Life…mingling together different styles and items to see how they look…Zan found this skybox and left it out for me to play around with. So when I was lucky enough to get my paws on the latest set for The Mens Dept from [kusshon], I headed inside and to have a try out. The totally great news is, that although this couch is in the “Mens Dept”, it’s not just made for the boys…it contains plenty of adorable couple poses and single poses that will suit both genders. It’s essential that you read the info note or you’ll miss out on some of the features ! Great smoking poses, with wearables, lap top to wear, with trans versions to give to your friends yay!…absolutely adore the clean-cut lines of the couch shape. The wood has a texture change, light (as above) medium and dark, so no problems fitting in with your existing decor. If you touch the mobile phone it plays a sms sound…so realistic it made me jump ! Two colour versions are available, I plumped to show you the grey…there is also one with more blue.

kusshon table detail

Heres a close up look at the table that is also available to go with the couch at The Mens Dept. I love how Beo does these pieces..always plenty of detail and so so classy…great looking table with a magazine, photography glossy and a beautiful china cup & saucer …low prim too. Thanks Beo ❤

Zinnias Woodland Flowers Mirror NEW !

Did you notice the stunning mirror on the wall? I had to girly up a little ! This is a new release from Zinnias….the blooms make me want to reach out and stroke their petals…nice contrast with the dark grey wizened wood…I wonder what the glass is reflecting…it makes me curious. It’s certainly a piece that will bring light to your home…and will brighten up a space… I feel it has an almost ethereal feel to it…divine. Thanks Zinnia ❤

[kusshon] at The Mens Dept


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Fisherman’s Friend

Mens Department January 2013

I paid a long, long overdue visit to The Mens Dept and I’m so glad I did because the gear they have up for grabs is just as good as it ever was.

It was a difficult task not to just grab up handfuls of stuff and sort it out later, but I managed. What I just could not go past though, was this gorgeous turtleneck fisherman’s sweater from {Sleepy Eddy}. Just look at the texture, how fantastic does that look? Every little bit of the knit just stands out so well and the design is awesome. The mesh comes in three sizes for men and three for women (yes ladies, you too can rug up in this sweater!) and there is a cool range of colours to choose from as well.

Sweater in hand, I also snapped up the funky little pipe you can see me chewing on in this picture (not lit of course). It’s a cool little accessory for when you need a little extra something, it’s got a great look and I especially love the little silver design on the sides. The smoke effect can be turned on and off by clicking the pipe but you also get a version of this pipe that doesn’t smoke, but is a bubble-pipe instead!

These are just a couple of the items that you can pick up this month down at The Mens Dept. If you haven’t been yet, I definitely recommend heading down there before the new stock comes in and you miss out.

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept

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Stock Swap

The super awesome Mens Dept has swapped out its stock again (it happened a while ago actually, I’ve been slow). As usual there are some amazing bargains to be had from some equally amazing designers. Loosening my purse strings, I grabbed a few to show you.

When I saw Belleza had one of their skins there, I couldn’t very well go past that now could I? This skin is a special edition Ewan and as you can see, it’s a very handsome skin indeed. A very strong, intelligent face and a great-looking, defined torso. It’s really well done and if you’d like a better look at the fabulous details, you can see it in its glory in my post from Monday because I’m wearing it there as well.

The mesh pocket polo shirt is courtesy of [Sleepy Eddy] and is just fantastic. Check out the texture on that, you can definitely feel the roughness of it right? The buttons, the pocket, all the other details are cool and it fit me perfectly. There are five sizes of the mesh for guys and five sizes of a female version as well!

They may be a little hard to see in this picture, but the eyes I’m wearing are also on sale at the Mens Dept. They are made by the tremendous eye-maker Poetic Colours (just about all my eyes come from there) and they are just beautifully realistic. You have to zoom in on yourself when you get these, check out the details such as reflections on the surfaces and slight red tinges at the corners – gorgeous.

There is  a host of other fantastic items on sale at the Mens Dept so fill your wallets guys and head on down before they bring in the next load of awesomeness.

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept.

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A Good Shave

I’m loving the Mens Dept. Every month it seems there’s something – and more often than not somethings – awesome to grab at superb prices.

The pick of the litter this month is without doubt this brilliant DeWitt Shaving Set from POST. This is an amazingly detailed set that would look just perfect in any man’s bathroom. The marble top of the table is gorgeous and equally good-looking are the little items that sit atop it, such as the shaving bowl, aftershave and straight razor along with the fresh, clean towels that sit waiting for you underneath the table. The shaving mirror not only looks great but it serves another function as well. If you touch it, it gives you a straight razor which you wear to play a cool shaving animation, the perfect capper to this set.

I’ll say it again: the Mens Dept is absolutely worth paying a visit to.  The prices are so good and there’s always something cool to grab, with new items appearing each month. Head on down there today!

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept

POST Mainstore