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Bring it on! (The Homeless Hunt).

Homeless Awareness Hunt Poster Final

I’ve been waiting for this hunt for ages and now it’s finally started. I did write a whole load of stuff about how frighteningly easy for any of us to fall into the poverty/homeless trap but then I read this on the Skittles In The Pit blog site and I though this is better.

“A blog that provides information and caters to mental health awareness and the ending of stigma that comes with the illness and disorders. Hunts and events are used to educate the general public on mental health in order to help decrease the stigma so in return people who show signs and symptoms on various disorders, seek help without feeling judgmental of themselves. Feeling stigma stops many from getting the help they need.”

Organised and run by the amazing Joshuan Banx (anyone’s name I’ve missed out I do apologise) and WOW has he pulled it off big time with this hunt. Sponsored by some of the biggest names in SL and the list of shops who have donated are guaranteed to have donated great goodies.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be sent a few examples of whats on offer and I’m grinning.

What your looking for is a little brown box however to make this a kick ass hunt the shops are allowed to re textured and change the size of the box and Boo Hoo no hints! But follow the link and just look at the shop names and it’s going to be worth it.  Also special mention is that MEN are equally as catered for which is really good.  A lot of packages have both male and female items in them so boys get hunting but since this is a month long hunt plenty of time to mooch around.

Here’s an example of whats on offer, picture only but the next post will have all the details and much more.

Mars skinshapeFollow the link to a great meet up place but also the LMs for all the shops involved.

Skittles in the Pit

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A Blue Man.

ShirtSadly our resident Male Model/Blogger/Gofer has had to return to RRL (Rotten Real Life) and now can’t blogg for us anymore.  One day he may return and will be welcomed back with open arms until then meet ME!  Yes that’s me the lovely luscious and womanly Zan but in male form.  I dug up and old male AV and cleaned him up treated him to a better shape/skin/hair etc and even a D*ck but in my defense it came as a package with a shape I bought and shall remain dusty and unloved in my invent.  So he is me and I’d like to think that the goodies I find will appeal to both male and female and all those in between.

However my first foray into Hunts for male freebies has been a sad event but finally redeemed by this shirt and a brand new hunt that has just started.  Called The Blue Man Hunt, what you’re looking for is a blue tie and for a token Linden you get a prize and in this case it’s a Mesh shirt. I will give a hint because at first glance this looks like and is a woman’s shop but don’t be a DUMMY it is there.

PC Creations

The Blue Man Blogg

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It may be raining outside…(free stuff)

In SL it’s still Summer.  Didn’t think I needed yet another simple cotton summer style dress till I tried on the Demo from !gO and I had to have it.  Just sweet and young looking Summer Dress with a lot of adult clevage showing.  This is one that is hidden in with the other colours and is set out at half price of 111Lds and not the 222Lds that the others are priced at.  !gO’s is packed with “no fail” clothes and to me no fail means great texturing, great pricing, great fit and almost as important clothes which will last a long time in SL’s ever changing styles.

UrbaneaThe hair comes from from Mina.  Called Laura it is a simple swirled bun on top but the colour of this one is so reminiscent of an old fashioned chew we call Fruit Salad in the UK.  Check out my next post for a close up for the streaks.   As always Mina hair comes with a great selection of shades in a pack and an easy to use hud but it’s the colours that make her hair stand out, even the standard browns have strands of shading in them.  This was one of her hairs from the Hair Fair which has now closed down but I will give the LM for her main shop as it’s packed with equally as good goodies.

IGOThis is !gO’s latest GG which if I remember is not free to join but it’s one of the best, along with Sn@tch and Mock they never forget their client base and the monthly GG are shop quality goodies. If you don’t want to join the group (foolish) then if you check out the racks with these crochet tops on it then you will fine the grey one is one of the half priced offers.

IGO2The texturing is so REALISTIC! but don’t take my word for it check out the demos available.  Once you’ve grabbed your goodies then walk outside and check out the washing line and greenhouse.  !g0 has some of the best freebies available and I should know because some of my fave dresses came off that line and I still have them and still wear them.



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His ‘N’ Hers

I was so impressed with the Apple May hunt items I dragged a male friend along and for a few Lindens he got some great top notch mesh clothes.

Baylen UseHoodie and jeans and much much more and because this is in the mens hunt there are less decoy apples so even my friend managed to find them all.  This whole look only cost 2Lds so if you have a BF, BBF or even a Noob then drag him along and get him all tarted up.

Apple May Design



Scrumping is an old English name and it’s usually kids gathering apples off trees (usually not theirs) and that’s exactly what you have to do at Apple May Designs (AMD).  Lots and lots of apples have been placed out, a total of 16, 8 for men and 8 for women.  Each priced at a measly Linden but watch out because there is a lot of Decoys set out as well.

Apple UseLavish in name and Lavish in texturing and fit. I had already tried on this demo and wondered if I should buy it and put it in my “wish list” folder so to get it for a mere Linden has made my SL day. The fit is divine, no gap at the boobs, no tearing of mesh when you walk and the colour is deep and deliciou.  A brilliant offer from Apple May.

apple Use`I’m wondering if this is the same purple as the first dress but if it is you can see how deep the colouring is.  Lower your eyes from the Boobies (lola Tango outfit) and look at the waist line. You can see the creasing, when a designer/shop/person uses texturing that is so detailed you can see ruffles, pleating and creases you know this is good stuff.  Lola Tango ready as well as a few other tops I picked up before I logged off.  Of course looks equally a lovely without the tangos of course.

I still have clothes that I purchase from Apple May years ago because the quality and wearabilty means they have lasted but it’s nice to see that they have now got a foot firmly planted in the mesh dept but also equally as good quality non mesh clothes.  A big skin and shape dept also but I’ve not tried any of those demos out which I may do when I pop back to see what else I can grab for free.

Apple May(AMD) Ladies

Apple May (AMD) Men

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I Lied!

Only about it being the last photo of a boat.

SaluteA final salute to my little blue boat that bobs so sweetly but just imagine this, 3 of these little boats is almost the same prims as my lovely new boat.  So time to pack it away.

And the check out my sexy outfit.  YES I really did have to buy a sailor outfit to go with my new boat but my denfence is I saved money on the shoes because I already had them.  An outfit from Boom non mesh with sulptie skirt panel and puffy sleeves and a rich royal blue colouring.  Made even cuter with the hat which sadly doesn’t come inc with the dress but makes the outfit look just extra special.

I’m giving you the MP as well as the inworld main shop because I wandered around but couldn’t find them in the main shop but I know that this is one of their newer designs so they have to be there but check them out on the MP if like me you can’t locate them

BOOM Dress Marketplace

BOOM Hat Marketplace

BOOM Inworld

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Meandering Pays

SkirtSeem to spend most of my time rushing from one special offer to another but occasionally meandering really pays off.  I popped to a lovely, new to me, shopping sim called Raspberry City.  Nice open shops, simple and well laid out streets (massive amount of pose potential) a bar, cafe and this cute little waterside cafe for you to pose to your heart’s content.  There is a new furniture shop there that looks very interesting so much so that I’ve joined it’s inworld group before the shop has even opened for business, so I’m hoping to bring you some fresh new decor items soon. Then I found La petite fleur.  A small shop with some lovely simple to wear mesh clothes and this sweet little outfit of mesh wrap over skirt and jumper which is only 25Lds!  Wear separately or together and she,YUKI (yukineko.jewell), has included all the Alphas you would need to wear it as seperates.  It’s just plain lovely and so easy to wear.  A choice of colours available as well all in suitable mute tones.  She has priced her clothes to make them so affordable and yet not skimped on the quality.

NOM use

And then I went looking at her main store and scored so many free shop quality gifts from them and you don’t even have to be in their group so I indulged myself.  Not that a 100Lds for this is a big expense plus it comes with a colour changing hud which allows you to change the colour of the collar, top and bottom, but this is a complete dress and not 3 seperates.   The combination is endless.  All in light pastel shades

She also has some Gatchas out and they “gotcha” me because there is an interesting chair (great poses) which is half a car and some other items well worth the few Lindens they cost.  FUN.

Raspberry City (lovely shopping sim)

Chocolat (free boots)

La petite fleur (group gifts)