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OLD BAG (Dollarbie).

OK I sneakily enjoyed titling this post as it’s often I can’t SHOUT Old Bag.

bag use

I know it’s frequently said but it is really meant, sometime when you’re taking pictures or searching for items to blog you get a notice or note and because you know the quality of that shop you drop what you’re going and TP over to grab it and this is what happened with this bag.  It comes from Apple May Designs and I had tried to get a picture of me wearing some of their clothes so you can see exactly the sort of quality I’m talking about but the reality is I couldn’t get a decent enough pose that allowed me to show of both outfit and bag so you’re just going to have to go there to check em out yourself.  The bag has a very subtle crumpled old leather look to it.  Excellent holding pose and a copy has been left in both the men’s wear shop and ladies wear (men when you rezz turn around and go to the shop behind you ladies go straight ahead).

Have to say when I rezzed this and then checked the prim count because sometimes bags, hats, brolly s etc make great decor props but this bag is a massive prim count (and yes I forgot to make a note of it but if Faith had come in world and prim checked our sim she would have passed out) so basically don’t rezz wear lol.

Apple May Design (AMD)