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The Glasses are Half Full

The Men Only Hunt is heading into its last few days, that still leaves you with plenty of time to get some hunting in and find some of the fabulous gifts. If you haven’t already that is.

During my hunting I’ve found what ranks as one of my favourite all-time hunt gifts: the ‘Retro Military Jacket’ from Kauna. This is a mesh coat and comes in three sizes (medium fits me like a dream) and the details are sensational such as the little tassels on the shoulders, the buttons, cuffs, it all looks so good. The best thing about this jacket is…

…it changes colours! Yes, it’s a chameleon coat. Well, no, not really I just liked how that sounded. Every time you take this off and put it back on, it is a different colour. You’re never quite sure what you’re going to see but I know this: I haven’t seen a colour that I haven’t liked yet.

The feature of Kauna’s jacket allowed me to play around with it until I was able to match it up with my hunt gift from [CheerNo]: the ‘Marley’ glasses. These are very funky, green coloured frames with yellow paint splashed across them, it looks most definitely cool. These come in two styles, the one I’m wearing has a cracked lens while the other does not.

I found a second pair of well-made glasses while I was lurking around Blah, the very aptly named ‘My Red Hot Glasses’. With their large, red frames, rainbow logos and overall great look, you’ll definitely stand out wearing these. They also come with a script so you can change the colour of the lenses from dark to clear and resize them as well.

The tiger I’m sporting on my chest there is Tenjin’s hunt gift – Paper Tiger. It comes on a variety of layers as well as two different levels of colour: fresh or the faded I’m wearing above.

The hairbase and brilliant thin chin strap beard you see on me in these pictures are also a Men Only Hunt gift from Fruk. The hairbase comes in dark or blonde and the beard looks awesome, it seems to kinda hard to notice unless I’m facing the right way and I like that.

The Men Only Hunt will finish up on the 9th so get your skates on and get out there guys.

Get the gear here:
Retro Military Coat: Kauna
Marley Glasses: [CheerNo]
My Red Hot Glasses: Blah
Paper Tiger Tattoo: Tenjin
Hairbase and beard: FRUK

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Men Only…Again

Well well, the Men Only Hunt has begun again. This is the 2nd version of this super hunt, featuring a bucketload of amazing stores with some fantastic gifts to be found. I started looking tonight and struck gold with my first n0t-quite-random cab off the rank. Once I saw what I had I had to take a timeout from the hunt and show you guys.

Gabriel has long been a favourite store of mine, hence it not really being a random choice of places to start my hunting. Their amazing Men Only Hunt gift is every bit of clothing you can see in the above picture! Yes indeed, the tanktop, the jeans and boots are all part of the gift. The tank is mesh and looks brilliant, great texture and I love the splash of colour over the white. It comes in five sizes so I’m positive you’ll find one that fits you. Onto the jeans: the dark denim colour and worn-in texture of these are perfect. They are kind of a set with the boots as the baggy, bunched bottoms are a part of the awesome looking, loose brown leather workboots. Great detail have gone into these and the resizer script makes them all too easy to fit. All in all, I think the boots and jeans make a great combo and look terrific with the mesh tanktop.

This is such a cool outfit, I was super happy to get this and I couldn’t think of a better way to start off the Men Only Hunt for me. I’ll be heading back to it and showing you some more gear before it ends on the 9th of June. In the meantime, if you want to find out more, including hints and slurls, you can check out here:

Get the gear here: Gabriel

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Yeehaw More Mens Only

We’re into the final few days of the Mens Only Hunt and what a good ‘un it has been. I’ve still got some more goodies to share with you though.

This first item from #Before Sleep# has put me in a very country mood. I believe it just may be the first pair of overalls I’ve ever owned in either life.

Here’s a closer look. They are very cool, I love the stitching on the denim texture and the overalls go great with the red shirt that comes with them. The cuffs of the overalls fit very well (as do the shirt cuffs) and I liked the way they looked with my next item.

These tan hiking boots come from Soul Distraction and are absolutely fabulous. They look like they’ve seen quite a bit of hiking already and are still raring to go for more. The details on them, like the buckles and laces, are fantastic. These come with an alpha layer to make them easier to wear and they are resizeable via script.

So you still have time to run out and grab some gifts from the Mens Only Hunt if you haven’t already. The hunt ends on the 17th and I’ll try to get back to show you some more before it’s all said and done.

Get the gear here:
Pictures #1 & 2: Overalls – Before Sleep
Picture: #3: Hiking Boots – Soul Distraction

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Bundle up

We are currently in the midst of one of the coolest starts to Summer in a long, long time here in my part of Australia (and you better believe I’m loving it!) so I thought I’d bundle up in some warm gear from the Men Only Hunt and give you all a look.

First up is this gorgeous tweed suit from Gabriel. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I rarely pass up a chance to grab a gift from Gabriel, it’s an awesome store and this outfit doesn’t disappoint at all. It comes with the jacket, pants and a very casual tank top to wear underneath just in case it warms up plus you also get the black stole which is very easy to fit like all the attachments that come with this suit.

Another gift and another full outfit, how awesome! Lotus Noir is another store that’s new to me but definitely worth checking out. Their gift is the Turtle Duffle coat, splash shirt and jeans. The coat is a very dark green, comes with cuffs, collar and bottom section of the coat, all of which fit perfectly and looks brilliant with the grey top and jeans. The shirt also comes with a turtle neck collar if you wish to wear it but I went without it for this picture here.

Last but not least is the casual wool coat from -Quarantine-. As you can see there are definitely some fantastic winter coats to be had in this hunt. I love the texture on this, it just looks so warm. It comes with sculpted collar and bottom for the coat, both of which can be resized via a script plus sculpted cuffs which you can resize the old-fashioned way should you need to.

So there you have a few more items from this hunt that should keep you warm until I return with some more. Go out and get ’em!

Get the gear here:
Picture#1 Tweed Suit: Gabriel
Picture#2 Coat, Shirt and Jeans: Lotus Noir
Picture #3 Casual Winter Coat: -Quarantine-

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More Men Only

I’ve been opening more boxes from the Men Only Hunt and came across a few more items that caught my eye.

The jeans, shirt and tattoo I’m wearing above is all from Spearsong and is an awesome outfit. The muscle shirt is fantastic, I like the way it moulds itself to your torso tightly. The tattered jeans have just the right amount of ripping and they also come with bunched cuffs.

My favourite part of the Spearsong outfit is the amazing Hellbound tattoo. You can wear this with either clothes layers (ie. jacket and gloves) or the whole shebang on the tattoo layer. I told you yesterday I love expanding my tattoo collection and this one is sure going into that. The hat I’m wearing is another hunt gift from [Loud] and is a very cool and well-made Winter Cap, love the grey and black pattern on this. My mouth piercings are from Sour Pickles and are pretty super, I like them even though I don’t generally wear piercings much.

Finally I’ve got this absolutely brilliant top from Ducknipple. It’s called Peno and I simply love it. The layers can be worn separately if you wish and look wonderful by themselves but even better worn together. The design on the Skull13 layer is grungy and great and both tops come with sculpted sleeves, bottom and collar. Definitely one of the stops on this hunt you should make a priority.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Shirt, Jeans and Tattoo: Spearsong
Picture #2: Cap: [Loud] | Piercings: Sour Pickles
Picture #3: Shirt: Ducknipple

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Men Only

Another hunt for us guys has begun, hooray! It’s called the Men Only Hunt and started on the 1st of December and will continue until the 17th. There are many, many awesome gifts to be picked up in this hunt and because missqwerty Pevensey, the organiser of this hunt, was so generous, I have lots and lots to show you quicker than I normally would. To be honest though, I was too excited to take pictures of everything so I have a few things to show you right now.

In the picture above I’m wearing the gift from American Bazaar which includes the black blazer and jeans. I love my blazers and this is a super one that features sculpted cuffs, collar and bottom to the jacket that fit all too easily. Worn casual or more formally, this blazer fits the bill and looks brilliant. The jeans are cool too with a great faded texture and cuffs that I didn’t have to edit at all. Under the blazer I wore the Ju Sweater which is [NV]s hunt gift. As you can see it looks fantastic worn under a jacket but looks even better by itself (see below).

I’m absolutely loving the sculpted bottom for this Ju sweater, the colours are gorgeous. It comes on multiple layers and has sculpted sleeves and collar (which I chose to go without for this picture).

The skin I’m wearing in all these pictures is Belleza’s entry into the Men Only Hunt which is as terrific as you’d expect. I haven’t seen Belleza in too many hunts that I’ve done before so this was a definite must-have. Superb details and look with the hip facial hair included, this is lovely skin and one I’ll be wearing long after the hunt is finished. The ‘Follow This Line’ tattoo I’ve got inked on here is from [DIAMOND], a store I haven’t been to before but one I’ll be checking back with as I always enjoy expanding my tattoo collection.

Last but not least we have this outfit from Be Happy! Another store I haven’t paid a visit to and really, this is one of the best reason to do a hunt, getting an excuse to sample stuff from places you might never normally find. Their gift is called, fittingly enough, the Hunter Outfit and comes with the jacket and jeans you see. I love the jacket with its wicked snakeskin like texture and rounded collar and the jeans aren’t too shabby either, I think the colour of them rocks. The poses I’ve used in all the pictures are also a hunt gift from Art Body Store and definitely came in handy.

So there you have the first little taste of some super hunt gifts. I’ll have more for you in the coming days but you should so get started on this, it looks like a good ‘un. A screwdriver is what you’ll need to find to nab these.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1 Blazer & Jeans: American Bazaar
Picture #2 Sweater: [NV]
Picture #3 Skin: Belleza | Tattoo: [DIAMOND]
Picture #4 Jacket and Jeans: Be Happy!
Poses: Art Body Store