Check out my melons!

For those of you who thought you were going to see boobies! Shame on you.  Kidding of course but you will have to settle for the one boob flash.

MelonsI was cleaning out my invent and came across a really lovely dress which turned out to be an old group gift from OrsiniSun, that particular dress isn’t available now but as I was wandering around the shop it finally dawned on me that all the melon lollies that are scattered liberally around the place might mean something and they do they mean SALE! Each item which had a melon lolly stuck to it has it’s price slashed to only 25Lds and thats a heck of a discount from the full price.  If it wasn’t for the fact that my invent is groaning with stuff I would have happily clicked away and got  a whole new fresh wardrobe for so few Lindens.  Hatili Ishtari has 2 shops one for the “normal” clothes (OrsiniRed), mesh tops, skirts, dresses, shorts etc all sweet all well textured and all wearable whilst the other shop (OrsiniSun) is for the more fantasy look which this dress is a prime example of. The hair and cleavage flowers are add ons.  LOVE IT. Love the unique use of the flowers to cover, if only slightly, the boobs it makes it a cheeky and yet so pretty dress.  This is one of the 25Lds dresses on offer.

Melons 1Daft (silly) pose but I wanted to get a picture and this posted as soon as possible as I don’t know when the special offers will be withdrawn and I’d hate for people to miss it.  This is a Group Gift (free to join) and both shops have a group gift to match their style so this is from the normal clothes and the fantasy has a group gift of a bandau with a skirt which seems to consist of not much more than flowers strung together sweet but check out the crochet swim shorts and top.  Haven’t had a chance to try it on yet but again with the quality of the items I have tried on then I have high hopes it’s going to be cheeky.

You can just walk from one shop to the other rather than use my LMs.

OrsiniSun Fantasy



Curious Melons

A real team effort we have here. Zan found this pretty bikini from Curious Kitties, Faith took the picture and here I am doing the writing. Well, to be honest, I get the easy part because Zan’s provided the writing as well and so, without further delay, here she is.

I was so desperate to blog this juicy little bikini before Faith got her hands on it.  I’m not usually into cute prim bikinis but I just LOVE this one. It’s brightly coloured, fun and such a good fit and best of all when you move it moves well with you so no bits of yourself come popping out that shouldn’t. There are some other interesting free items to be had. Shoes with a unique flare to them, a black dress which is pitch black in colour, a fuzzy skirt, shoes etc and even a chest enhancer for those of us who are less well endowed(in Second Life).

No matter what your tastes are I’m sure you will either find something to buy or at least have fun looking as it’s a very interesting looking store.

Be Curious: Curious Kitties