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Heck yes!!!! (Dollarbie).

A fantastic Dollarbie from the Meli Imako Marketplace Shop.

This is actually a full perm gift and so you don’t just get this ready to wear version but all the stuff ‘n’ nonsense you need to make this a saleable item. Again this isn’t something I’ve paid much attention to but make sure to read the notes so you know you’re following the rules.

A lovely simple dress so freaking wearable even “Judgement cats”, see my last post, would approve of this dress lol.  If you think you can see a fault in it then you’re wrong as that is a sewn-in pocket!  I’m out of SLing time but I’m really pleased to be logging off and leaving you with this lovely dress.

Meli Imako 

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Burnt Thumbs Up! (Freebie).

Did you know that a lot of SLshops/designers use other forms of social media to help promote their wares so when I spotted this on Pinterest I followed the link and picked it up for FREE from the Melie Imako Marketplace shop.


A brilliant hooded gown with the added bonus of hair which fits snugly under the hood.


Sorry but this was just a beautifully lit sim I decided to go all out and just use that setting with my low face light but you will be able to check out the grey linen shade it really is BUT this is actually a full perm outfit, you will know how to “mesh” for the gown but the hair comes with different texture colours and I did easily manage to change it from the grey colour to brown but chose to go back to the original colour.

The “burnt” part of the title is what I managed to do to my thumb when I was lighting candles and I started off writing this is a good mood but I’m finishing it in a hump with a throbbing thumb LOL.

Meli Imako Marketplace