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Having a blast.(10Ld Marketplace offers ‘n’ Dollarbies).

It’s pretty darn windy here in the UK but oddly mild.  So I’ve rescued the recycling bin from the middle of the road, moved the broken branch off my Lilac tree and keeping my fingers crossed my greenhouse remains standing.

Somehow I ended up mooching around the MP(Marketplace) and found the Mehandi Henna hand tatts I wanted and just as good they only cost me 10Lds.

There was nothing wrong with the ones I blogged a couple of posts ago but they were black more like tattoos rather than the reddish brown of Henna.  You get the Omega Applier and System Layers.  Although you can’t see it I am wearing the “Daily Eyeshadow Pallette” which is pretty good and only 1Ld.  I also bought the “Swan Eyelashes” which again for 10Lds are pretty good but they were too dark for this more natural look.

Ottilie (Marketplace only).

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Hold onto your knickers, I bought a Tattoo!!! (10Lds Gifts).

My last mooch of the day took me to a small “expo” and on each stand is a gift for 10Lds.  The usual stuff ie some jewels, eyes, and then I saw this Indian Mehandi Henna Tattoo and I grabbed and ran.

You will know by now I steer clear of fripperies such as jewelry, hats, and nearly all tats but I LOVE this Indian style of hand staining called I believe “Mehndi” and although that’s done with a stain called Henna and that colour is a dark red/brown and this is more like an ink tattoo I still love it.  In fact, I might go shopping and gulp actually buy a hand tattoo but until then these are going to be keepers.

Anyhow this Tatto is an Omega applier, remember you will have to use your mesh body applier and hand applier, and cost me just 10Lds and you will find it on the Juna or is it Juno but you get the idea of what it’s called.

The Expo Fair, Gift on the Juna stall.