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Momiji Hunt


aww this is such a sweet fun hunt! Its pretty quick to do..and even I found the items *faints*…its all based around one shopping area at Lavanda Square.Youre looking for these teeny tiny momiji dolls…join the group FIRST ! -there is a joiner board when you arrive…when you find a dolly, click it and you’re given a larger version that you wear…youre looking for the ONE dolly that gives you a landmark . The super secret landmark is the prize location..and theres heapsss of beautiful goodies ! I’m showing a small selection of my favs..the outfit is from Indyra, gum & glasses from MDL, the pretty bag is from Bag Lady..and the deeeelightful skin by Modish…I really enjoyed doing this hunt..and usually I find it all a bit stressssy !

momiji hunt

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Amazing Grace

Say hello to “Grace”, the latest release from Hush. I was so so chuffed that they made another line as I was eager to get my sticky little paws on some more … I’ve been wearing Hush skins almost continually now since they appeared on the SL scene…gorgeous skins, great tones…realistic features…I cant get enough ! Grace is superb…soft face, gentle lips…and YES, it passed Player’s nude inspection *blush*…The prices aren’t too shabby either..950L will bag you ~ six different skin tones to choose from .. light, medium and dark eyebrows ..cleavage and no cleavage options.. modifiable shape to achieve the full look…  that’s a whole heap of flesh for your pennies. The fat packs are incredible value, for 2375L you get  all makeup sets , that works out to around 475L per skin *faints*..(while youre there don’t forget to collect this months group gift skin!).Tear your eyes away from the flesh and check out my swimsuit & bag..

both are gifts from MDL..and can be found along with a few other top group treats for free on the right as you enter the store…group join is free ! 

Hush Skins


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beach bum

You know how it is when you get an item of clothing that you just don’t wanna take off? Well that’s been me lately in last months MDL group gift…the deeelicious swimsuit…so pink & daring…once you get into swimwear..its kinda hard to get out of it…right? it and it’s still available in the group gift vendor, plussss…a new gift for August has just been released..this divine denim bag…lovely hold and lotsa sooper details…no join fee for this group…so sign up and grab the goodies ! I also got lucky on the normally un-lucky boards andddd won a great pair of metallic leggings in the midnight mania…investigate them while you’re there…

Go get a life: MDL


Somewhere over the rainbow

ooOOoo girls! MDL have a sooper pretty New Year gift for you to go collect…just join the group and snaffle it up…click the pic for a closer view!

MDL New Years gifty

Its has a resizer script for easy peasy fitting…all you brunettes & auburn chicks try it..go blonde! Pritty pritty rainbow colours yay!

MDL free gift

While I was there I wandered up stairs…lucky chairs galore andd in the corner I spied this cute outfit for 0L ! Beautiful shade of lilac, hoody top with a short short matching skirt…bella!

Go catch a rainbow : MDL



wellll happy saturday ! Traditionally the day to move here in england..and it looks like MDL are following that groove-theyve just opened a new store and Ive been over to scope it out ! Very cool layout-simple to get around and everything rezzed fassssssst! Join the group and snaffle up this sporty little outfit…


Also noticed a table to the side of the group gift board-with a few dollarbies…I liked the cropped denim top- well done texturing..

MDL denim welcome gift 1L

Around the otherside of the group gifts are 3 lucky chairs that were doing a really brisk trade ! But sadly no “F ” boohoo 😦

Go and check it all out girlies ! MDL