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High heels & Sweaters

If you’re looking for some summery bright high heels….Ive found them ! Mayden Coutures group gift are the oh-so-jolly Nicole stilettos…zesty shades wrap around your feet…great HUD for nails & skin…20L group join fee…fahhhbulous! Go into the store further,look to your right and you will find a discount room…which is where I snapped up this snuggly sweater with a neon pink heart logo and slouchy chunky collar…just 10L ! There are some lovely dresses, and guys..lotsa gear for you…mostly only 10L…

Go get heeled: Mayden Couture       Photo taken on location at The Pixel Bean coffee House– great place to flop and yap !


Tootsies !

ooOOoo Phoebe , one of our group members let me know about these prim feet that are currently on a *profile picks* gift at Mayden couture…heres the pic  (I sadly can not add the pick no room left in my profile boo!!)

Mayden Couture profile picks gifty

 Phoebe  says they are well worth the 24 hour wait to collect– go gettum! Thanks for the tip Phoebe ❤

Get tootsies : Mayden Couture


Schwarz & sad skins

Ive never really tried out skins that arent just, well you know….”normal” Im the classic girl-next-door sorta chick…butttt Schwarz sent out a note about a promotion on a *sad* skin, 10L with or without cleavage shading..soooo I tohught Id give it a go ! Im SO glad I did…its actually very pretty in a sadddd sorta way lol. Here it is along with a few other special offers from schwarz…click the pics for a larger view!

Schwarz - Annie Special sad-promo 10L

I got jailed for uhmm…”Extreme shopping fetish* whats a girl to do when locked up? Try on their shopping yay! Luckily I had my schwarz packages handy so I occupied myself seeing what they were like until Player came to find meeee, heres the capri set & pasties 10L

Schwarz- Capris & Pasties 10L

oh GOD…where is he…Im banged up ,had my one call *sigh* I guess he’ll be along soon ,getting desperate for some coffee in this joint..ah well next outfit is the Schwarz-Ruffle Dress incl. net shirt & string, verrrrrry sweeeet 10L

Schwarz-Ruffle Dress incl. net shirt & string 10L

yay the coffee’s arrived…with cookies yummm.(coffee set available at F.A.B for 65L only 6 prims!)..things are looking up…the ruffle dress also comes with a rather smexy net shirt & thong..

Schwarz-Ruffle Dress incl. net shirt & string

OOoooo I found an outfit in the bottom of my bag from Mayden couture (thanks for the tip off from Beta Gothly!) *Mayden couture* Special Selena gift 1L for the gorjusss gold lame dress

Mayden couture Special Selena gift 1L

*frowny face* its getting dark and Im still here…help!

Taxi to get the looks: schwarz

Coffee set : F.A.B

Mayden couture for gold dress