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I dont know what Im talking about BUT its fun !

bitch Maxwell Graf for WE 3 RP NEW!

I got chatting to Maxwell Graf this morning about his clothing etc, and it turns out that he’s just released some role play items for this “WE ❤ RP” event. Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I’ve not really got into any form of role play at all. Its something I’ve always fancied but never got the guts to do? Anywayyy, when I saw what he’d made I got sooper excited to try it on ! Above I’m wearing the chain maille doublet top, its mesh and comes in various sizes and colour tones. It’s also made in the new materials mode, which makes it extra fab to look at. You can wear this on its own, or with a set of the arm bracers that are sold separately and in various materials.

bitch. for WE 3 RP - chainmail sleeved doublet and armour arms rigged & non rigged NEW!

Have to say, I enjoyed the look, and after touring around the event I was sensing a need to spend a lot of cash. Theres so much variety of role play represented. From Gor to fairies, mermaids, elves, and more ! Go take a peek, it’s a pretty place to mooch in and the shops are spread out in separate builds amidst the trees. Thanks Maxwell ❤


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


Bitch FREE! HOC denim mesh skirt NEW!

I went to Rustica this morning, to uhm…check a new product *squirm*…something of an adult nature…anyhoooooo the owner of the place rocked up, Maxwell Graf ! Always nosey, er I mean curious…I profile perved him and found that not only does he create quite possibly the tastiest furniture & decor  & builds everrrr…he has also added a clothing/fashion store ! Off I toodled for a peek and was sooper surprised to find some top notch dollarbies, all laid out.

The cap is one of them, two versions for chicks and the guys, also modify which is just brilliant ! Ohhhmaiii a big fat selection of glasses too , all for 1L. I’m not shy about snagging stuff like this, and boy-oh-boy these shades are SO worth hanging onto. Absolute classics, real little gems that you will wear and wear. A few choices on style, and each comes with varying lens shades. (also a selection, same price, for the guys) I got the bitch tee in a box with some wedged shoes I also purchased (havent made up my mind about them yet, as they aren’t my usual sorta style) Ohhhh btw, my mesh denim mini is from HOC…gawd its fantabulous! Superb fit and the HUD gives you oooodles of colour options, only 175L ! One thing I totally love about it, is you get a wide choice of alphas, top marks HOC !



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