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Fit for a Princess

Aphrodite Slippers & Princess crib

My little girl Aurora hasn’t had a new bed for simply ages – so when I saw this new release from Aphrodite I grabbed it and set it up. This is the “Happy ever after” mesh crib. It has a total of eighteen animations, one for the parent the others for child avatars. Of course you don’t have to use it for a child avatar, as you can see my Zooby baby fits in it perfectly – as would any other type of baby. I was surprised by the low prim count – it looks like it was gonna be a LOT more than 9 ! [DAMI] have these sweet chunky cardigans in their mainstore for just $69L, it’s a gacha machine so luck of the draw on the colour I’m afraid, but I scored a lovely lavender, so wore it as my robe !

Aphrodite mesh Her Slippers (Him also available)

Also new from Aphrodite are the mesh slipper. I’m wearing them with my Slink flat feet, but they work for most other mesh feet and of course ordinary feet. In the box you get another pair just to set out as decor too !

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

Aphrodite Blog


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Oh yeah…Skin tight

Oh yummmi…I adore tight exotic looking leggings, they are just SO handy dandy…Leri Miles Designs has some newww ones out and they are pretty scrumptious…Im showing the alligator which comes in this shockingly edible shade of greeeeen ! Gawd you can get a fat pack if you’re greedy that contains Alligator, Bengal, Leopard, White Tiger & Zebra for just 350L or individually 100L a set…

Another bundle of newness is the playful overall’s..I loved the red shade..uhm..I think you should prolly wear a tee under them..but hey..nipples rock! These would also make for sooper maternity wear…I will try them later with my *belly* shape ! Hop over and take a gander..I saw some totally adorb new jackets on display too! Thanks Leri xx

Clothing: LMD


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Bumpity Bump…

After quite a few years Player and I decided we’d like another bebe – awwww…we were sooper surprised by how the babies had evolved..our last ones looking like some sort of cabbage patch dolly back in 2007 ! Soooo I decided after finding that I’m expecting again…to have a mooch around and see how the clothing for maternity was now. Circa 2007, there wasnt much choice…mostly huge frilly tents..or the *let it all hang out* kinda style…neither of which I’m a great fan of. Luckily Id kept hold of the shapes I had made especially for moi…so I could keep the same face and dimensions, cept with the growing belly…Id ditched ALL of my preggers clothes ! Ohnoessss…what to do what to do…So I donned a pair of leggings and a big old tee…and crept out into the SL night for a bit of retail therapy. (stunning pose above by Magnifique-thanks Scarletxx)

Bebotes came up on the market place…and had a few pretty lookin shirts , so I bought one…its called Lila 125 L..I really loved the shape of the sculpt that goes across your bump…even at my stage it skirted over it nicely and kept a great shape. My only whinge is that it’s not modify by using standard tools but with resizers…so…the sweet laces at the neckline kinda go into your breasts, and you can’t grab a hold of them to move them out boo hoo..but all in all…I liked it enough to ignore…very classy…things are lookin up ! Tote and Necklace both by DUH and reasonably priced at a few Lindens only. I teamed it all up with a pair of fitted pants by Jane called “franci pants”…not maternity but still working hard for me hurrah!

Using inworld search I found a store called PS expectations…nice collection of maternity wear, all sorts from lingerie,casuals,dresses and tee’s. I snapped up the “comforted fog” tee for a mere 99L..and trust me its hard to find maternity thats not got bare arms..its winter for heaven’s sake! Gimme something for my poor arms ! Simple one layer …snuggly…I liked it…

I then nabbed another shirt as they were so reasonably priced from this store called “Lilium” in ink..75L steal! Decided to give one of my SF Design tartan skirts a go…and because swaffette gives us soooo many options in her gear..I managed to find one that fitted pretty well over my tummy ! Slid into my Slow Kitchen leggings (30L for three pairs!) et voila! Lovely wintery outfit

Dondi’s doodads was a new store for me..found them on the market place after trying to visit a few other inworld stores which no longer existed *le-sigh*..I decided upon this sweet little outfit , only 50L and you get the shirt plus pants, which is very well textured with creases etc..of courrrrse I had to wear my Argyle Anonymous “pugs” boots with it and the free Exile hair that I found earlier this week…

Last store, as I was getting a little weary was “Posh bebe”, they had an inworld store which was refreshing…and a small but cool collection of maternity wear, from evening to casual. I noticed one dress even had different sized skirts to take you through your pregnancy trimesters awesomesauce! Feeling a bit thrifty I snagged a tee in a glorious Chrismassy red, tossed on my tailored Jane pants, bax boots for a sharper feel and a vest that was just hanging out in my wardrobe…and of course edited MUCH larger!

If you’re also expecting and have some fahhbulous maternity wear finds, let me know!

The Stores: Posh bebe  PS expectations  Jane   SF Design   Slow Kitchen   Dondis doodads  bebotes  magnifique