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Limited PROMO with Dollarbie action thrown in

Well well wellll – heres a nifty jacket and top combo you wont want to miss! This is “Inspired” by ArisAris – I’ve long been a big fan of this store, I just adore the textures and fabrics used. This is no exception and is currently on offer for a limited time at just $99L! You get the jacket and the bandeau style top, mesh body sizes for Slink, Belleza & Maitreya included.

The Hud is exceptional ! It means you can wear this all year round, with leathers, florals, neutrals – the whole shebang! I had a really good play around with all the options and wore it with capri pants, jeans, skirt and shorts – a real contender for my keeper jacket for the year! This is only available on the market place at the promo price. My sunnies are by Swallow, you can grab them for just $1L with a giant sized Hud for lotsa colour fun. I had actually forgotten that Player bought me these Lapointe & Bastchild capri pants – gawd they are pretty fantastico. Now at $599L for a gigantic fat pack its a considered purchase – howeverrrr – you would.never.need.another pair ! All denims, colours, colour change for the belt, buckle, even plaids for the cuffs if you like – I will be wearing these till they rot from my chubby little legs from now on!

ArisAris offer

Sunnies by Swallow

Key of Love necklace by Swallow

Friendship Key earrings by Swallow

Capri pants by Lapointe & Bastchild

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Arisaris NEW!!!! Imagine jacket & Shirt The Garage Fair - Essential Skirt NEW!

Ohmai its burnin hot here in England – time for plenty of ice creams? Anyhoo…ArisAris have two new releases to share. The “Imagine” jacket & shirt combo, plenty of options contained in the HUD to keep the most demanding of diva’s happy, plus the handy-dandy “Essential” skirt. The skirt also comes with a HUD with six colour options and three options for buttons. Pack contains the following: – 5 Standard Sizes,- Sizes for: Maitreya, Slink. -1 Fitted Mesh .-1 Hud customizable. -1 Alpha , New Materials ready. (The skirt is 50% off atm, limited time only)

ArisAris HUD'S

Here are the HUD’s.

Zenith belt necklace -FREE @ Fameshed

ArisAris Imagine jacket & shirt @ The Garage Fair

ArisAris Essential skirt 50% off limited offer

Hair – Tableau Vivant

Shoes (Rome wedges) by Shey

ArisAris store


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Cat Lady

ArisAris Balloon shorts suit NEW!!

New bundle of stylish is out at ArisAris, and it’s on a special promotion  @ $199L for the first fifteen sold (normal price will be $499L) So what do you get? Heres the deets:

Most original outfit, very complete with jacket, pants and shoes in a classic fabric, but with original embroidered pompoms

-2 sizes for Shoes – Maitreya and Slink
-7 sizes for balloon Shorts (freya, isis of belleza and 5 standard sizes)
-5 sizes for Jacket (standard)
-2 Alphas
New materials

I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique mesh body and its a great fit, although I found with my shape I needed to wear the Medium shorts and small jacket – your mileage may vary! The bodysuit is not included btw – it’s an old one I tossed on sorry!

ArisAris market place

ArisAris Store

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More for your cash

ArisAris complete outfit NEW!

Ah yes, after Christmas day we all start to count the cost huh? Well, if you’re looking to make your Linden Dollars stretch further, grab this little beauty from ArisAris. A complete look in one easy touch, skirt, sweater, shirt and jacket ! Love the glove shaped pockets and feathery collar .

Aris hud

Soooo just to make it that extra bit more flexible, you actually get five, yes FIVE versions of this outfit for the price of one ! Heaps more splash for your cash .  I’m wearing mine over the Slink Physique mesh body , a size specially for it is included plus five more fitted sizes, so you should be able to get the purrfect fit.

ArisAris Store

ArisAris market place

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Petals & showers

coldLogic NEW!!!!
It really can not decide here in England whether its Spring or winter – we get showers, hail storms, then sun ! I had no trouble finding a Spring time place to take some piccies in SL though. Here is a new release from coldLogic called “healy”, a strapless little number in what looks to me like a mid weight linen type of fabric. The material has folds and pleats around the bust and waist making it ever so realistic on your body. It also comes with a thick stitched leather belt – it looks lovely with or without it btw. I chose to show it in the “sunset” tone – which has some sweet colour mingling going on – check out the other colours instore too. My hair is by Truth – haven’t bought any Truth Hawks hair for a while but this caught my attention @ Uber. Named Armelle, it’s a hat and hair combo deal – you get the hair and you get the hat avec chapeaux!

coldLogic NEW!!!

I also got all loved up on “lukonen” another new release from coldLogic. Again such gorgeous detailing  with the folds of fabric, makes the dress hang just perfectly and stretch much more effortlessly as you move. The bust area also has a wrapped effect , the main dress area is decorated with a wash of flowers – beautiful ! A few more colours in this plus a plain collection for those not enamoured of floral things (who isn’t?!) My hair is also new, by Olive, I’ve bought quite a few of Olive’s hairs lately, well worth checking them out. This is called “Steffi”, I so so adore the style, it’s also @ Uber in various colour packs. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


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On and off….On and off…

coldlogic burset strawberry NEW - SAX Shepherd Designs necklace FCG - Pink acid lip tattoo - nantra poses shes so sweet (comes with bags) Cosmopolitan sales room

coldLogic had a summer release before I went on holiday and I’ve been rummaging through it since I returned. My favourite look so farrrr is this outfit. Above is burset and I’m wearing the dress on its own. The sooper cool thing is, it’s actually a complete outfit ! You get the dress (available in various colours), you get the jacket, and you also get the whole thing all-in-one, brill huh?! As you can see it fits superbly over my Slink Physique body as well as with my usual SL body. My glossy lips avec toothypegs are courtesy of Pink Acid, love love LOVE their lip glosses ! The pose and bag are from a set by Nantra, bag is colour change and a fabulous price of just 70L for the whole set at This round of Cosmopolitan Sales room.

coldLogic rocha ivory - jacket & dress -

Heres the plainer version called rocha, same as the patterned one above but looks so very different somehow. I dress it up with a long scarf from miel and a hat hair combo from Clawtooth which I just adore and keep on wearing.

coldLogic rocha ivory - dress worn separately - clawtooth hair glamazon

Heres rocha without the jacket, its such a pretty little dress with its gauzy layers at the bottom. All materials and mesh, demos freely available on the market place or instore. I’m still wriggling in and out of the  rest of the new release, so more later ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

pssssst btw, check out my necklace its newwww and gorgeous and I will be blogging it soon.

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

collabor88 (clawtooth hair)

Cosmopolitan Sale Room


Pink Acid

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Challenging Times

The Challenge - Sways Walter Park Bench (2 prims) Home grown pot plants by ChiC Buildings ( 1 prim)

Silly me going on holiday when SO much has been happening ! I’m just totally swamped with goodies to share yay! The Challenge has a theme of “Vintage / Retro” and that suits me just fine. Above is Sways Walter park bench. It’s so homely, just like the ones in my local park area. They are only 2 Li and come in two colour packs containing three colour variants . I’m showing the blue from the colours pack – the other pack is naturals. They have 8 single animations, 10 friends animations (also usable as 20 single animations) and 7 couple animations. If you go grab yours now you will also get a hefty 25% discount (valid until the 8th August). Also sneaking into the photo are the lovely pots of uhm “home-grown” flowers by ChiC Buildings, low prim and two versions included , rusty and shiny ! For all other participants in this months round please see the web blog !

The Challenge blog


ChiC Buildings