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Horror & Fashion

CIRCA & Pinkcherry NEW!

Yehyehyeh,…who says you can’t do horror and glamour together?! I don’t really get into Halloween, for me it’s not a very English tradition, however I am rather fond of a good cemetary…weird I know but I find them a fantastic source of social history and ever-so peaceful. Sooo here I am, visiting the grave of some long-lost relative. The open grave scene is by CIRCA, and blimey its pretty damm good. With its sleek raven perched on the spade, slightly open coffin and brill headstone, it’s a winner for setting an atmosphere. This can be found, along with other spooktastic items at the Horrorfest Event that runs until the Nov 8th. If you peek really really closely, you might see my new outfit from PinkCherry…

PinkCherry pencil skirt dress - pesca shawl - FREE D!va hat with fur pompoms

If like me your eyes aren’t that good here it is ! Simply divine, the pencil dress, split up the thigh with a saucy leopard print insert, I love it heaps. My shawl is from pesca, I don’t recall what event I snapped it up at but it is available in the mainstore now, comes in a few pretty tones and at just 85L its a steal. My hat is a group gift at D!va, still there, group join is free also. Its got sooo many options for colour and furry bits your head will spin !

PinkCherry knitted cardigan & boot cut pants outfit NEW!

Another new release from PinkCherry is this knitted cardigan set, gawd I lurve this, it’s SO moi. Beautifully styled cardi / jacket sits on top of a bootleg cut pair of pants. The buckle on the jacket is especially lovely, as is the texture on the pants. (This and the pencil dress) does come in other colours, go see go see !

Pinkcherry knitted cardigan outfit

Here is a long shot so you can see the trousers a little more, love the shape of hem, and it sits so easily over boots yay!

Circa @ Horror Fest





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Cupcakes & Cuteness

CandyMetal new  Kawaii Collection Dress Mesh  pink stripes png

CandyMetal always has such a vast range of styles to tempt you with…and today I’m going both ends of the spectrum. Above is one of the sweater dresses from the

Kawaii Collection…this is the pink stripes one, very delicate baby pink..which I adore…simple design…great for wearing as a dress, long baggy sweater etc..

CandyMetal new  Kawaii Collection Dress Mesh  cupcake

I also just loved this one “cupcake”, grey marl shade…sweet print and a perfect fit…whats not to like?!

CandyMetal Ling Dress

Also released this week…and its going from cute to sleek, is this mesh dress “Ling”, oriental flavour..clinging silk, with a fantastic dragon print …slits both sides and WOW..check out the butt detail (NO, I’m not showing mine !) Quite a few colours in this, I just loved the red ! Thanks Emychan ❤

CandyMetal Store

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Sixty Linden Weekend

ohhhh I had to quickly fit this in so you don’t miss the deal! I’ve not followed the Sixty Linden weekend thinger much…but I spotted this wee darling…and wanted to share it…its by !Glitterati! by Sapphire (not to be confused with the sooperdooper pose store with a similar name)…called  “Nima” and comes in two choices of colour..the green/mint floral I’m wearing and also a truly lully purply tone. Especially love the waterfall shape of the skirt…great way to mix mesh & non-mesh…you could get extra mileage by using the mesh skirt with other summery tops, and vice versa…the price tag is just 60L…thanks Sapphire ❤

Glitterati by Sapphire