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Now I get it! (Freebies/Cheapies).

I’ve read about this Marketplace “hunt” a few times but I’ve never really understood what it was about, what you were looking for, which shops were doing it and on and on until now.  Just like an inworld hunt a number of shops have hidden amongst their goodies a gift and all you have to look for is the box it’s hidden in and this is exactly the same for this Marketplace Hunt.  Something in the shops list has this treasure chest icon on its picture and that one is either Free or a Cheapie for you and now that I’ve found a list of all the shops involved in the The Marketplace Hunt what a fun thing to do if you don’t have any SLing time but plenty of surfing time.Box

If you’ve never marketplace before “are you CRAZY”! It’s so easy and since it’s a Linden Lab site then you sign up with your SL name and password but it’s 100%safe and once you create an account, log in and start shopping for some weird and wonderful and yes also some serious crap and then when you get inworld you can work on your OCD and relax unpacking, trying on keeping or bining to your heart’s content.

I’ve had a mooch at some of the items and there is definitely a mix of “weird, wonderful and even the crap” but already in the 3 random shops I checked out the one thing I’ve noticed is that they all have some bargain priced items and I’ve just popped some oversized baubles for just 3prims and 14Lds into my basket.

So here is a very handy link to the list of the shops involved in this hunt and you don’t have to have an account to go looksee but if you get tempted then this is a good time to log in and try the MP out for yourself.

The Marketplace Hunt List