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T*ts n A**

Mars skinshapeIf you want T*ts and A** and free then you can’t go wrong with this shape and skin from Mars.  Another  generous The Homeless hunt gift  (small box is what your hunting for).  A big thank you to Mar for making the shape mod because no matter how lovely the shape everyone has their own taste but I have to say that I simply adored the generous butt n boobs look.  Perfectly proportioned shape it’s so nice that the only tweaking I did was I made the lips a tad thinner and that was it.  For those who like their ladies with some curves this is perfect.

Of course I am writing all of this as I’m stood in ℳÄℜ (Marietta Washborne) shop and it’s small but omah it’s busy! A few people were grabbing the Group Gift and another was plonked on the Lucky Chair and the rest just looking.  Downstairs is skins like the one above and also fantasy skins and the Vampire ones are particularly sexy but check out upstairs as she has more fantasy skins which are more extreme, yet equally as sexy, with horns and hooves. So basically she has everything from the curvy and sexy to the wicked and sexy.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Doll Face (SAH Item)

This was just a tester photo to see what the pose looked like at different angles but I ended up just loving it so what the heck I’m using it.  A SAH Gift (Suicide Awareness Hunt) from Mar.

I also love this photo as I think it shows clearly why this skin is called Doll.  It’s very china pretty with blushed cheeks, pale skin, glossy lips and oversized lashes (prim)  The skin comes from Mar (Creative Studio). The tag line on her skins is “built for beauty” and they are.  These are strong  skins with dramatic shadings and colours.  Fierce is the type of woman who would wear these skins no wishy-washy here.  Lots of demos to try on and I loved everyone I did try.  Small selecetion of clothes, eyes and lashes (bought myself a pair of pearly wispery ones which look so good on) but loads of skin demos.  But make sure to check out outside because she has some shapes on offer of 25Lds and although there is no demo they look like good shapes and for that price worth a try.

Mar Creative Studio